Inter/Act is the first and only intersex youth leadership and movement-building group in the world.
Inter/Act allows young people born with intersex traits to overcome isolation and secrecy, collaborate, express themselves, and unite their individual stories to develop a voice for a new generation – and this voice is being heard!
Beginning in 2010, Inter/Act’s membership – ages 14-25 from across three continents – has made huge strides by:

  • Collaborating on the creation of Inter/Act’s Blog which receives more than 2,500 unique visitors per month.
  • Publishing AIC’s Summer 2012 Newsletter which was read by more than 1,000 people.
  • Producing What We Wish Our Doctors Knew and What We Wish Our Parents Knew. These powerful documents have been distributed to over 2,000 people and introduced at conferences all over the world.
  • Creating the trailblazing Second Wave Video Interview Series in which they gathered the stories of intersex elders and movement leaders.
  • And, on March 15, 2013 AIC’s Youth Leadership Coordinator Pidgeon Pagonis became the first young intersex person to give expert testimony at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights!

2014 was another year of firsts!

  • Alice Alvarez became the first Inter/Act member to join AIC’s board. This set a new precedent for youth leadership in our organization.


  • In February, when Fox News blundered when discussing intersex issues Inter/Act recognized it as a teachable moment and wrote an open letter to the network. The host eventually apologized on-air after other media outlets offered overwhelming support for Inter/Act’s initiative. The momentum garnered from this public success propelled the group into the summer.


  • In July, Inter/Act hosted the first ever intersex youth retreat in California. Members built deeper relationships with one another while they received media advocacy training and planned Inter/Act’s next steps. The retreat concluded with the youth facilitated a best practices workshop for a room full of clinicians at AIS-DSD Support Group’s annual Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference in San Francisco.


  • On August 8 Inter/Act member Emily B. teamed up with Pidgeon to co-facilitate a workshop on improving care for teens coming into the Gender & Sex Development Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.


  • Finally, this summer Inter/Act was consulted by the writers and producers of MTV’s hit teen dramedy “Faking It.” AIC recognized Faking It’s goal of “conveying positive messages for LGBT[QI] youth audience as an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness about intersex; linking the show with Inter/Act was the logical next step.” Inter/Act member Emily Quinn expressed “thanks to MTV for giving intersex youth a main character like Lauren who is dealing with issues they can relate to.” AIC is proud to work with Writer/Showrunner Carter Covington, and MTV, and anticipates this groundbreaking storyline will continue to increase public intersex visibility.


Thanks to a generous grant from Liberty Hill Foundation Inter/Act is growing and providing more young people born with intersex traits an opportunity to:

  • break the barriers of shame and isolation,
  • project intersex youth voices into the national and international discussion of treatment of intersex children, and to
  • inject meaningful intersex advocacy into the vocabulary of young queer activists.


Please support Inter/Act and their historic work today!