17 Easy Ways to Last Longer During Sex

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most exasperating afflictions that can happen to a man. It can be embarrassing, and can turn what is meant to be one of a man’s greatest pleasure into one of his life’s highest disappointments. No man wants to have to say sorry at any point during, before or even after sex. A study found that 35% of all men experience premature ejaculation in some form during their life.

However, it is important for a man to be aware that while yes, premature ejaculation can be quite frustrating, it is also very common. PE is a health complication that can affect any man at some point in his life. A man is most likely to experience premature ejaculation between his twenties and forties. As many as one out of four men of all ages claim to have experienced it at some point in their lives.

premature ejaculation

Knowing that you are not alone dealing with the problem can be comforting, however, unfortunately, it is not going to change the fact of how it affects your sex life. If you wish to begin lasting longer during sex, then you need to do something about it. Here are 17 easy ways to last longer during sex, leaving you and your partner pleasantly satisfied.

Lets take a look at ways to last longer

  1. Masturbate before Sex

Masturbation before having sex works. If a man gets a few minutes for a quick masturbation session, he will enjoy the paybacks when it comes to doing the deed. In case he has already ejaculated within a few hours of having sex, it might take him longer to climax the second time around.

  1. Reduce your Thrusting

There are many easy ways to enjoy sex and last longer without thrusting. One of these easy ways is massaging the tip of your manhood into your partner’s clitoral area. Other than focusing on how deep you can get, you can instead focus on the vaginal entrance. You can also press your manhood against her G-spot or even throw in a little thrusting. However, if you feel like you are about to reach your climax, there are other ways to cool things down without leaving her frustrated.

  1. Unclench your Butt Cheeks

Another easy way to physically relax and last longer in bed is to unclench your butt cheeks. When you relax the butt cheeks, your body automatically spread your arousal and pleasure to the other parts of your body. This way you will not be focusing the arousal directly to your penis. As a result, you will lengthen the amount of time it takes you to orgasm.

While it might be weird to think about unclenching your butt cheeks during sex, the fact is that your butt is what controls your climax. Therefore, relax your butt cheeks and anus and let the pleasure dissipate and radiate throughout your whole body.

  1. Try Switching to Different Positions

Avoid sticking to one sex position from the beginning to the all-too-soon ending. Try switching up to different positions and various types of stimulation to provide continued arousal. Therefore, if your woman takes pretty long to achieve an orgasm, she can gear up to the climax gradually so that you can last longer.

  1. Employ the Squeeze Technique

Squeezing the penis when you are about to ejaculate will help you to reduce the impulse to do so. With time you will be able to distinguish the urge to ejaculate thus lasting longer.

Here is how to do the squeeze:

  • Moments before you feel like you are about to ejaculate, squeeze the head of your penis.
  • You can either place your thumb above or under the penis.
  • Maintain the pressure for about 10-20 seconds or until you feel like the urge to ejaculate has passed.
  • After releasing the pressure, wait for about 30 seconds before you can go ahead with the stimulation.
  • It is normal for your penis to become less erect at this moment.

For the best results, practice this technique several times before you allow ejaculation to occur. You also carry out this process while you are masturbating.

  1. Take Advantage of the Refractory Period

The refractory period is the interval of time between ejaculation and a man’s ability to achieve and maintain another firm erection. Research studies show that a young man of about 18-year-old have a refractory period of 15 minutes while those who are above 70 years take about 20 hours. The average refractory period for all men, in general, is about half an hour. This period is a great opportunity for a man to turn his attention to pleasing his woman. A returning erection not only mean a second round but also since most men are less sensitive during an encore performance, sex is likely to last longer.
sex training toys

  1. Intercourse training toys

You can train your body to last longer, this can be done with any kind of masturbation device, such as a pocket pussy, penis pump, or any kind of sex doll. Try to relax as much as possible and don’t think about that you have to perform the best you can. This is much easier because you don’t have to feel bad about that fact that you only lasted for 30 seconds, the sex toy does not care!

  1. Condom Control

Condoms can help you last longer during sex if you are struggling with premature ejaculation. They help in reducing the sensitivity that leads to premature ejaculation. You can buy them in any pharmacy, the once in my local one is called “Durex extended pleasure condoms”.

  1. Pay Attention to Her

Mental relaxation is a major component when it comes to lasting longer during sex. Most men mainly focus on themselves during sex to a point where they forget about pleasing the woman. This is a bad mentality since the woman needs some attention to achieve full sexual experience. Also, this selfish mentality is more likely to lead to premature ejaculation since your mind is entirely focusing on yourself.

  1. Try a Penis Ring

A penis ring helps to provide a sustainable amount of pressure to restrict backflow of blood. The ring is placed at the base of the penis to keep it harder for a long time thus delaying a man’s orgasm.

  1. Do not Forget about Foreplay

Sex is not always about actual penetration for the complete run. In some instances, it is good to stop and go back to oral or foreplay getting back to penetration. As much as your secondary focus is to last longer during sex, it is also important to consider the benefits that come along when you start to slow down. Sometimes sex can be brought to a whole new level by just changing your speed. You can stop for a while to revel at the moment and then return to the hot, steamy action. Also, it is known that delayed gratification is one of the best ways to increase the intensity of your orgasm.

  1. Be Active

You do not have to exercise together if you do not want to. However, it is important for your sex life that you and your partner stay healthy. Regular exercise helps to keep your blood flow properly to every part of the body. When both of you stay in shape, you get the bonus stamina and endorphins to mix into your intimacy.

  1. Get Comfortably Numb

Another nuclear option that can enable you last longer in bed is to use a product that is designed to desensitize your penis temporarily. Most condoms available in the market contain 4-5 percent of benzocaine. This is a numbing agent that helps to reduce your penis sensitivity and enable you to last longer before ejaculating. Therefore, if condoms are not your cup of tea, you can desensitize your penis using a numbing spray. Apply one or two sprays on the head of the penis, and let it absorb well so that your partner will not experience residual numbing.

  1. Medicate

Sildenafil also popularly known by its brand name Viagra can be used by men with erectile dysfunction to achieve and maintain firm erections for long. Research has found that sildenafil is very effective and safe to treat premature ejaculation. It can also shorten the refractory period up to an average of 11 minutes in men around 35 years old.

  1. Distraction Method

Distract yourself by biting your tongue, thinking about your siblings or lawn chairs will help you to delay your orgasm. Also, the best part about it is that no one needs to know you are doing it. However, the shortcoming of this technique is that it will take you out of the moment and being mentally present during sex is essential.

  1. Communicate

Always ensure that you openly communicate with your partner and let them know what works for you and what does not. Having an open attitude towards sex will help you to relax and lessen the nerves that lead to rapid ejaculation.

  1. Limit your Alcohol consumption and smoking

Have a drink or two especially if getting high gets you in the mood. However, anything more can ruin your sex life. Alcohol is a depressant and consuming high doses can put you at the risk of delivering a poor performance. Also, a healthy vascular system plays a major role if you want to have a reliable and strong erection.

The best way to avoid premature ejaculation

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