20 Fun facts about sex

As much as you may think that you know a lot about sex, the chances are, there is still a lot that you may not know. For instance, did you know that semen contains a huge range of minerals and vitamins such as zinc, potassium and vitamin B12? Or that orgasms are much similar to sneezes, in that they are one of the few bodily processes that are completely involuntary and cannot be prevented once they are started?

We are still learning how our bodies function and the real ways in which sexuality works. Each passing day comes with discoveries; some are weirder than others.

Fun facts about sex do not just end with fluids and functions, some of them have to do with the sheer size of our junk. For instance, the clitoris may appear tiny. However, that tiny visible bit is just a section of the huge concealed area of the clitoral tissue around the pelvis and vulva that contains numerous nerve endings. And this fact is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 20 more fun facts about sex.

  1. Sex is Good for your Heart

Sex undoubtedly gets your heart beating. However, this is not where the heart health benefits end. Recent research found out that sex can reduce a man’s risk of having a heart attack. Men who had sex at least two times a week or more have lower risks of succumbing to a heart attack than men who had less sex. The researchers also found out that there is no link between the likelihood of dying from a stroke and the frequency of sex.

  1. You are less likely to get Grossed out while having Sex

Sex can be quite messy since it involves lots of fluids and smells. Nevertheless, when you are in the heat of the moment, none of these usually does seem to matter. This is because mostly sexual arousal tends to override the body’s natural disgust response. To prove this fact, some researchers asked some women to watch either a sports video, a neutral movie or an erotic film. After watching the videos, they were to perform a series of unpleasant acts such as taking a drink out of a cup with a bug in it. Those women who had watched the erotic films found the task to be less disgusting and they were also able to finish their drinks. This research was also seen to have the same impact on men too.

  1. You Feel less Pain During Sex

Have you ever wondered why things such as pulling the hair or spanking go from painful to good pain while having sex? This is because the threshold of your pain can rise during sexual arousal. While you have an orgasm or arousal, the hypothalamus in your brain releases the oxytocin which is also known as the feel-good hormone. This outpour of oxytocin helps women to experience less pain, particularly during their menstruation. Also, this hormone helps to cut pain perception in men by half.

  1. Elderly People have a lot of Sex

Recently, older people are experiencing the biggest spike in sexually transmitted infections than those of the younger age. Three-quarter of men above 70 years are still able to impregnate a woman. Therefore, it means that about a third of women above 80 years still enjoy sex with their partners. Also, a one-quarter of women and one-third of men over 50 years have performed oral sex over the past year.

  1. Sex Boosts the Immune System

If you and your partner have been trying to have a baby, having sex even on those non-fertile days can lead to the enhanced immune system. This will help you reduce the likelihood of contracting infections.

  1. Orgasm Improves Sperm Quality

Having frequent sex not only improves the quality of a man’s sperms but also reduce DNA damage to the sperms and increase fertility. Men who ejaculate daily or had frequent sex, tend to have more sustainable and higher quality sperms after a week than men who did not have sex.

  1. Cuddling After Sex can Increase Satisfaction

Caressing, affectionate talking and kissing after having sex is important to both your overall relationship satisfaction as well as intercourse itself. This may be due to the release of the oxytocin hormone that is released while having sex and continues to be released even after sex with prolonged skin-to-skin contact. Partners who engage in before or after sex cuddling tend to have a reinforced bond.

  1. Men have a G-Spot

Men also have an area on their body which is similar to the sought after women g-spot which when stimulated it can lead to extreme pleasure. This area is well-known as the prostate, and it is found right under the bladder. The prostate can be stimulated by inserting a finger inside a man’s anus and gently moving it in a circular motion.

  1. Sexercise is not a Myth

Surprisingly, sex counts as a form of exercise. An active 30-minutes of sex can burn up to 200 calories. It is an interesting exercise where you get to have an orgasm while working out.

  1. Nipplegasms Exist

As weird as it may sound, add nipplegasms to your list of crazy orgasms that you probably can only dream about. Here is how it works, stimulation of the nipple releases oxytocin which causes uterine contractions that are linked to intensified orgasm. The stimulation increases blood flow into the genitals thus leading to an orgasm. Studies report that most men experience an intensified orgasm when they practice nipplegasm during sex.

  1. Shaving your Hairs makes you more likely to Spread a Sexually Transmitted Infection

It is assumed that since your pubic hairs act as some sexual hockey goalie, having them shaved will also make it likely for you to receive STIs.

  1. The smell of Pumpkins can Stimulate Erections

A recent study found that certain smells can increase blood flow to the penis thereby helping a man get firm erections. Surprisingly enough, these smells were not the kind of scents one would associate with sexiness such as a woman’s sweat, musk, vaginal secretions or smell of the bed sheets; rather they are down-home, comforting scents. The two scents which showed a major increase of 40 percent in penile blood flow were lavender and pumpkin pie. The other following scents that were not particularly sexual either include the scents of doughnuts and black licorice. There are no records that show exactly why these scents create sexual excitement.  However, the scientists think that it probably has something to do with the fact that these scents evoke psychological associations of intimacy, comfort, and safety.

  1. More Work, Less Sex

People who have less sex tend to overwork themselves to compensate for their lack of sexual satisfaction. According to a study, about 36 percent of men and 35 percent of women who have sex only once in a week tend to plunge themselves into their work. Therefore, the more work they did, the more stress they had thus resulted in less sex.

  1. Faking an Orgasm is not always a Bad Thing

In most cases, it is assumed that most people do fake orgasms because they are not enjoying the sex or they want it to be over. However, in some instances, faking it and putting on a big show contributes to the enjoyment. Sex is all about action, and it is always fun when both parties are carried away. Also, did you know that men can fake orgasm too? Well, yes! They often do it for the same reasons women do.

  1. Sex can become an Obsession

There is a reason to that smile that comes on your face when you think about that special girl in your life. MRI scans show that having sexual thoughts send blood rushing to the pleasure center areas of your brain which are responsible for obsessive-compulsive acts.

  1. Period Sex is Enjoyable

Although you may think of it as a taboo, having sex while a woman is on her period is far more common and fun than you may have been made to believe. While this can be quite messy, the extra lubrication from the period makes sex feel better. However, always ensure to use protection as it is still possible to conceive when the woman is on her period.

  1. Sperm is Fast

While sperm may seem quite stationary when ejaculated, they can swim pretty fast when inside of a woman. Sperm can swim up to 5mm per minute which if scaled up to a size of a salmon it would be swimming at a speed of 500 miles per hour.

  1. Women have Two Types of Orgasms

While for men orgasms are quite straight up, with women orgasms are a bit more complicated. Women can have two different forms of orgasms which include clitoral and vaginal. Whereas both of them are enjoyable on their own when incorporated the results can be glorious.

  1. Oral Sex can make a Penis Grow Longer

This may sound strange, but according to research, a man’s penis size was reported to measure a little bit longer after practicing oral sex for some time. The reason behind this is bacuase of the vacuum that you can create in your mouth, it’s the same vacuum that help men increase their penis size with vacuum therapy.

  1. Size does not Actually Matter

Some men may desire to have a larger than average penis size, but the truth is that most women like a penis that is more fun-sized. However, as much as size does not actually matter, having big manhood is far much preferable since it serves as an automatic turn on for ladies. It also increases the level of self-confidence in men.

Bottom Line

There you have it! Twenty interesting, fun facts about sex that will blow your mind away. It is safe to say that by now, most of us have learned a thing or two from these fun facts.


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