About Aiclegal

Our mission statement

Aiclegal’s mission is to inspire and help people rediscover the joy of playing with toys.

We love to share our knowledge from over a decade in the sex toy space with you. 

Let us guide you to a more exciting future in the bedroom and beyond.

The Aiclegal Team

charley CEO of Aiclegal


I’m the main author on aiclegal.org, This is my website where I share products I like and think the world should know about.

I work in the adult sex toy retail business where I started in late 2008.

I’m the link between the manufacturers and the retail business, hence the reason why I know where the sex toy trends are going.

paige is the women behind the sex toys for her guides


Paige is our dedicated reviewer/tester and write most of our guides for sex toys aimed at females. 

She has a strong passion for sex positive thinking and you might see her at a sex positive movement protest.

Austin is our MD urologist at Aiclegal


After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded staustinreview.com in 2015.

The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand.