Best penis extender 2020 – Are they still king of penis size gains?

best penis extenders

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enlarge your penis without the fear and cost of surgery? Well you can and it’s actually not that hard – All you need is a penis extender and some time. Let’s take a look at some of the highest rated best penis extenders of 2020. The Best […]

Best Pussy Pump 2020 – The Ultimare guide

Best Pussy Pump

This isn’t a Garfield comic panel, but we all surely don’t mind going the extra mile to keep our kitties happy! To be honest- regular sex only lets us explore the tip of the iceberg that sexual pleasure is, and not everyone is satisfied with it. Thanks to adult toy sites though, we’re now free […]

Top 10 Best penis pumps 2020 – The ultimate guide!

best penis pumps

Penis pumps are an amazing tool if you want to improve your sexual performance. Some of the best penis pumps will be able to help you get stronger and harder erections in a matter of minutes. But not all pumps are created equally, some are built really well and some won’t last you more than […]

Riley Reid Fleshlight Review 2020

Riley Reid porn star

If you have never fantasized about hooking up with a pornstar, you should stop reading this Riley Reid Fleshlight review immediately! Now that’s almost as useful as the age-check warnings we’ve all seen while browsing porn sites. Because guess what? If you’ve found your way here, you sure are looking to experience what some steamy […]

Fleshlight Ice Review 2020

Turbo Thrust BlueIce

Women said that sex toys would replace real sex when hell freezes over, and then came the Fleshlight Ice. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely tired of sticking your dick in boring pocket pussies. Well, what good is lone rangering if your ride isn’t adventurous enough? You’re a true king who deserves nothing but […]

Fleshpump Review 2020

Fleshpump review

Every man is a big supporter of the #sizedoesntmatter movement, until they get their hands on something that even remotely guarantees penile enlargement. And if you’re reading this, you’re also probably wondering whether the FleshPump is a safe and reliable option to enhance your manhood. Quite frankly, penises aren’t Build-A-Bear toys, so you shouldn’t have […]

Best Strap-On dildo 2020

best strap ons 2020

Strap-ons are the most versatile sex toys in the business, that lets you do your thang, even without the real thing. Apparently, they seem like something meant for same-sex female couples only, but guess what? Men, too, can participate in the frolic. We agree strap-ons look a little daunting at first, with a faux leather […]

Best Penis Sleeve 2020

best penis sleeves

Remember watching Spiderman 3 in the early 2010s? It was so surprising to see how just a suit transformed a depressed Peter Parker into an absolute beast that could take on the most dangerous villains in New York! So, have you ever wondered about getting a similar suit for your little Peter? By suits, we […]

Best Onahole 2020

Best Onahole

Onaholes are undoubtedly one of the best masturbator toys for men as they can offer hyper-realistic feel without demanding the least bit of commitment. So if simulated sex sounds dope, read on and explore some of the best options available on the market right now. Obviously, it’s not the real thing, but it’s a great […]

Sex toys for men – The ultimate guide 2020

sex toys for men

Sex toys for men has had a limited selection for years but we’re right in the middle of a golden period with lots of innovation in the sex toy space. This combined with new technology and are more open mindset has produced a lot of amazing products that the world has never seen. The list […]