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Max Out Jelq serum is as the name suggests a special serum to increase your gains from Jelqing. Bathmate is behind it and they are known for their high-quality products which is also the case with the Max Out serum.

I’ve included Jelqing exercises after each penis pump session to increase my gains and this serum has made that a lot more effective.

And yes, it works with other penis exercises as well!

Bathmate Max Out Review

What I like about it:

  • It’s very easy to use
  • Increases effectiveness of other methods
  • I love the peppermint smell
  • Save money with a subscription

I recommend trying Bathmate Max Out if you’re serious about your penis exercises and want the most gains from them.

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Full Max Out Serum Review

Bathmate recently released their new Max Out serum which is a product that enhances your Jelqing exercises and increases your gains.

Let’s see how it performs and if it’s worth the money.

What’s in the Box?

The Max Out bottle came in a small box with no indication of the content which is very nice for privacy reasons.

It contains a bottle of Jelq serum (93ml/3.1 fl. oz.) and an instruction guide on how to perform the Jelqing exercise. The instruction guide also in some general information about Jelqing and how to use the Max Out serum.

Bathmate Max Out instructions

How to use Max Out Jelq Serum

The instructions have a nice guide on how to use it but let’s walk through the guide and I’ll give you my personal tips for each step.

  1. Get your penis to a slightly erect state – It should not be hard at all just a little bigger than flaccid.
  2. Pump out a single squeeze of Max Out Serum on one hand or your penis.
    Max Out jelq serum instructions
  3. Spread out the Serum on your penis in an even layer.
  4. Make an “Ok” sign with your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis.
  5. Squeeze your “Ok” sign slightly and pull the fingers towards your penis glans but stop right before.
  6. Each “pull” should take between 2-3 seconds.
    jelq with max out serum
  7. Make another “Ok” sign with your second hand before you take off your first hand and repeat the process. You can add another squeeze of Max Out after 50 reps or a tiny bit of water to your hands if it starts to feel a little dry. This will reactivate the Max Out serum.
  8. Do 100 repetitions 3-5 times a week and you’re on your way to a larger penis.

How does the Jelq Serum feel?

The first thing you’re going to notice is the pleasant smell of peppermint and the texture; It’s like a thick sticky white cream.

The peppermint gives you that cooling sensation on your penis and you can feel it working a long time after you’re done Jelqing.

How long does one Bottle of Max Out Last?

Bathmate recommends performing Jelq exercises 3-5 times a week so let’s go for 4 times a week. I got my best results using 2 squeezes of Max Out serum each time. So that’s a total of 8 squeezes each week. I measured each squeeze to be around a ml. and the total volume was 93ml. So, you should have enough for around 2 and a half months.

That turns out to be around $16 pr. month if you’re on a subscription or $19 if you make a one-time purchase.

Should I buy a Single Bottle or a Subscription?

I would personally sign up for the subscription and choose to get a new bottle every 2 months. You can select between getting one monthly, every second, third, or every half year.

You can cancel your subscription anytime with a link in your original “Confirmation” email or email customer service.    

It’s great to see that they don’t force you to subscribe to a specific amount before starting.

When Should I Perform Penis Exercises?

If your only doing manual penis exercises like Jelqing then you can do it whenever you feel like it. If you’re also using a penis extender or a penis pump then it’s best to do it right after each session for maximum results. 

The Max Out serum would just be washed off during penis pump use (If you use a water-based one) and you would have a hard time mounting a penis extender to your penis covered in slippery Max Out serum.

Max Out + penis pump

If you’re after a more comprehensive penis exercise program to follow then I would suggest taking a look at the Phalogenics exercise program. You’re in really great shape if you sign up for that program and get the Max Out Jelq serum.

Is There Any Great Alternatives to Max Out?

No, it’s pretty much the only product in this category so there are no great alternatives. You can get the same feel if you use a water-based lube for the Jelqing but that has no active ingredients that’s going to increase your gains.

It is a fairly expensive product so I get why you would want to find an alternative but there is simply nothing.

My Final Thoughts About Max Out

It’s always nice to see innovation in the sex space and this is yet another innovative move from Bathmate. I like how it feels to use and I’ve included it in my daily weekly routine after each penis pump session.

Jelqing in itself is not the most effective way to enhance your sexual abilities but Max Out is certainly a great way to increase the effectiveness.

I recommend trying Max Out Jelq Serum if you’re serious about your penis exercises and want the most gains from them.

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