9 Best Anal Beads 2022

A string of lousy bed partners must be compensated for with a string of hot anal beads because the latter will actually leave you satisfied.

Obviously, there are a lot of options available online, but you don’t want to be stuck with something that fails to live up to your expectations. That’s why we went on a spree and looked up for the top performers in the role.

And guess what? We ended up with 9 best anal beads that can rock your world from behind. So, get ready for some intense orgasms with these naughty playthings itemized below.

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The Best Anal Beads reviewed and tested:

best anal beads

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#1 Deluxe Vibro Balls

Looking for some unparalleled booty thrill? Get busy with the Deluxe Vibro Balls that can pleasure you like no other. Our first entry is an exclusive toy that will bring alive your darkest fantasies, all you need is a little courage to experiment.

Deluxe Vibro Balls

Our Experience

First things first, this toy features a set of 4 weighted, naturally vibrating balls that lets you stimulate your rear with every movement. Each ball has a diameter of 1.25 inches, and they become ultra-slick and smooth with the use of anal lube from our list here.

You may need a little practice before pumping your back, that’s why we suggest starting easy with fingers. Warm-up your rear with some light finger play, and for that, you may use the kit’s two-finger condoms. Additionally, apply a dab of the kit’s desensitizing Anal Eaze cream, or use the included Moist lube to get all wet and ready.

Once you’re done prepping, just insert the Vibro Balls one at a time and twerk all you want for an arousing sensation. The best part is you can wear it for some solo fun or even during sex to add more excitement.

Anal Beads


  • Velvety smooth coating for comfortable use
  • 5-piece includes 2 finger condoms and Anal Eaze cream
  • Comes with a Moist lube sample
  • Can be worn during sex for increased stimulation


  • The string is a little abrasive

Bottom Line

Our first pick can unlock total anal ecstasy and ensures a comfortable experience, thanks to the 5-piece prep kit and the retrieval ring. So, if you’re new in this game and want to start with a bang, just go for this toy.

Buy Deluxe Vibro Balls here

#2 Sassy Anal Beads

You have to be wild and edgy to own something like the Sassy Anal Beads. Honestly, they’re great for beginners, anal toy experts, and everyone in between. If you want to show some love to your tushy, just get this sleek, blue number for a sensual session.

Sassy Anal Beads

Our Experience

If four is too small a number for you, get your hands on this string of 10 beads that can deliver unmatched satisfaction. While beginners must start slow with the first few smaller balls, experienced users can work their way to the last one with a 1-inch diameter.

Each bead is a little larger than the one before allowing users to acclimatize to the impact. That being said, you’ll be needing generous amounts of lube while ‘climbing’ the anal bead ladder. Furthermore, anal toy aficionados will love the challenge as they progress to the subsequent ball, enjoying the full feeling in the rump.

So, if you’re keen on pushing your limits, insert ’em for fun. Also, for enhanced stimulation, use the strings to retrieve the beads and tug gently to pop them out.


  • Features 10 insertable anal beads
  • Pull ring handle for easy removal
  • Suitable for beginners as well as experts
  • Flexible string for comfortable use


  • The plastic material is a bit smelly

Bottom Line

The Sassy Anal Beads makes us go – Mamma Mia! We love the texture and the teasing it can offer with the gradually increasing size. So, get ready to moan louder as this toy will please like never before.

buy Sassy Anal Beads here

#3 Waterproof Silicone Anal Beads

The Waterproof Silicone Anal Beads is one of the highest-rated sex toys online, which made us wonder what all the fuss is about. Well, let’s just say that it’s wickedly smooth and gives you the best butt bangs for the buck.

Satisfyer Soft Silicone Beads

Our Experience

It’s a real bummer when your partner is not interested in butt play; however, you can get your fix with this waterproof sex toy. For starters, each equal-sized bead ends with a tip, and you can slowly insert one at a time, for a full and deep sensation.

There are 7 beads in total, and we recommend beginners to start gently and work your way up with lots of lube. Unlike the other products, this item is more comfortable to put in, thanks to the tapering tip. So just hit the shower and carry this sinful plaything for some unrestrained self-pleasuring.

However, what impressed us the most is its hypoallergenic silicone body that allows you to indulge in exceptionally long rituals without causing any discomfort. Plus, it includes an easy-retrieval ring, which makes things safer and more enjoyable.


  • Tapered tip for smooth insertion
  • 7 beads of equal size allow users to progress slowly
  • Hypoallergenic body; made of high-quality silicone
  • Easy retrieval ring offers control and safety


  • Can be a little too long for beginners

Bottom Line

We love the tantalizing blue color and design of this toy, which’ll make you yearn for more. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, be sure to add this to your secret closet for erotic solo rides.

#4 Adam & Eve Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

For our fourth spot, we’ve picked the Adam & Eve Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads designed for booty quaking fun. If you’ve been using anal toys for a while and would like to experience some sinful buzzing too, get this outlandish plaything for erotic joyrides.

Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

Our Experience

The Vibrating Anal Beads is wildly sensual and the perfect ally for some uninterrupted solo-gasms. It has a graduated design with the smallest bead of 0.25-inch while the largest one widens out to a 1-inch base. Therefore, you can start small and end with a toe-curling climax as you gradually move on to the final bead.

Made of ultra-flexible and smooth silicone, it also includes a removable silver bullet vibe for increased stimulation. You can play with 7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions, that will open up a world of hedonistic pleasures. Also, keep pressing to cycle through the low, medium, and high vibrating speeds, to race up your orgasms.

Just squirt some lube and slide in a few beads, but if you’re in an exceptionally kinky mood, we’ll cheer you on to go the whole length!

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads


  • Made of ultra-flexible and smooth silicone
  • Graduated for pleasurable fun at all levels
  • 7 vibrating functions including pulsation, and escalation
  • Easy to start .25 inch bead tip


  • Batteries run out of charge quickly

Bottom Line

Since it’s completely waterproof, you can bring your buddy to the shower and add a (w)hole new dimension to your ‘me time’. However, don’t forget to remove the vibrating bullet before the water adventures.

buy Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads here

#5 Fifty Shades Of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads

If the Fifty Shades of Grey scene is something right up your alley, get your hands on this frisky anal beads to unleash your wild side. This toy is the perfect ally for your self-exploration journey and lets you orgasm harder than ever.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads

Our Experience

As you get more experience in backdoor pleasure, you’ll be able to take in more of these silicon beads and reach a point when you can handle the entire string. Like most other anal toys, this too gradually increases in size so that you can move on to the next level at a comfortable pace.

Honestly, this will keep you busy for a long time, and the thrill won’t fade even after you shove it all in. Long story short, it’ll be quite some time before you ‘outgrow’ this erotic, black number, as it has an insertable length of up to 8.75 inches.

So, don’t rush to finish, instead savor the beads and shake those buns for a provocative role-play or a steamy one-person show. Whatever it may be, the results will be ah-mazing and lead to fulfilling climaxes, you can’t get enough of.


  • String has 6 beads and is insertable up to 8.75 inches
  • Beads are tapered for easier insertion and removal
  • Smooth and flexible for your comfort
  • Pull out mid-orgasm to intensify your climax


  • Needs to be cleaned thoroughly

Bottom Line

We love that all the beads are oval-shaped to create a tapered profile that makes for smooth insertion and removal. So when you pull them out mid-orgasm, it stimulates your erogenous zones with increasing speed and lets you finish with a heady rush.

#6 Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

If you’re an active participant in the booty camp, it’s time for you to add the Adam & Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads to your collection. This is easily one of the best toys available online owing to its spunky appearance and ergonomic design, allowing users to experience unparalleled anal ecstasy.

Adam & Eve vibrating Beads for anal

Our Experience

First and foremost, we love the popping pink color of this toy that fuels visual stimulation and makes you wanna grab it. Furthermore, it has an insertable length of 6 inches with the smallest bead starting at 0.25 inch.

So, get ready for some tushy training with a saucy mix of intensely satisfying vibrations. Also, if your partner loves to watch while you get off, spice up the show by alternating among 7 vibrating functions.

The pulsating functions, besides turning you on, also massages your rump so you can insert the beads easily. Therefore, it’s the perfect thing to stick up your butt for naughty encounters in the bedroom or some happy time alone. Besides, it’s waterproof, so you can zing your showers with a lot of sinful buzzing down there.

vibrating anal Beads


  • Graduated beads from .25″ to 1″ wide
  • 7 intense vibration and pulsation patterns
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower and tub
  • Ideal for solo and couples’ play


  • Vibrator bullet tends to malfunction during use

Bottom Line

The Booty Bliss is suitable for both solo and couples’ play, so we suggest keeping it handy when things get mellow in between the sheets. Moreover, it reaches up to 1 inch wide, and you’ll love the intense pressure and full feeling when you finally get to the last bead.

buy Vibrating Anal Beads here

#7 Playful Lovers Ensemble

Isn’t it quite a deal to get two toys at the price of one? Well, your wish has been granted as the Playful Lovers Ensemble comprises a string of anal beads and a clit vibrator. Some of us want to experience the best of both the worlds, and if you dig that heightened sensation too, get this hot duo, stat.

Playful Lovers Ensemble

Our Experience

For starters, we like the vibrant purple color of both the toys, which acts as a visual trigger for the users. It’s the perfect kit for toy debutants as it lets you start slow and steady so you can savor the pause.

The flexible jelly 10-inch anal bead string features 10 graduated beads ranging from 0.25-inch to 1-inch diameter. Plus, it has an easy-retrieval ring to ensure a safe and comfortable experience from the beginning.

Moreover, the clit vibrator has a unique, ergonomic ‘kidney bean’ shape that you can sneakily fit into the palm of your hands. It might be small, but it delivers powerful 2-speed pulsations to the clit, that’ll keep you panting after a toe-curling orgasm. Lastly, if this is your first stint with sex toys, we recommend using a ton of lube to avoid discomfort or injury.

Playful Lovers Ensemble remote


  • 10 graduated beads from .25-inch to 1-inch
  • Kidney bean-shaped clit vibrator for intense pleasure
  • Clit vibrator has 2-speed pulsation functions
  • Unisex toy, suitable for use during foreplay


  • The buzzing is a little too loud

Bottom Line

The Playful Lovers Ensemble is a unisex pair that lets you delve in the throes of ecstasy. Therefore, you can include them to spice up things in the bed and tease your partner during foreplay before getting down to business.

order Playful Lovers Ensemble here

#8 Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set

The Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set is oh-so ‘anal-licious’ and the ideal toy for new’comers’ and butt play enthusiasts. That being said, if you’re looking to progress fast and smooth, we suggest investing in this 4-piece kit for unrestrained self-pleasuring activities.

Vibrating Bumpy Beads box

Our Experience

First off, this desirable set includes 3 bumpy silicone anal beads and a bullet vibrator to stimulate your rear like never before. Each string features a different curvy head so you can experiment endlessly and move from one to the other.

Basically, you get to party 3x times harder as this trio also vibrates to push all the right buttons on the back. You can play with 7 vibrating functions and get all the bangs you need to orgasm with reckless abandon.

The bullet vibe can be seamlessly inserted into the base of these luxuriously smooth silicone toys. And if you want, you can even use it during showers, twerking and shaking to the rhythm of the lustful vibes. Just add plenty of lube before play, and then you can go all guns blazing.

Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set


  • Unique beaded shapes for 3 times the satisfaction
  • Made of smooth, flexible silicone with stimulating curves
  • Powerful 7 function bullet sends strong vibrations
  • Waterproof and submersible set of toys


  • Requires thorough cleaning after use

Bottom Line

3 is always better than 1, and we learned it the sweet and satisfying way. So, if you’re a big fan of ‘let loose in the caboose’, hop right on bumpy beads for a wildly pleasurable ride.

buy Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set here

#9 Quaker Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibe

Get your bum shaking with big and strong buzzing, using the Quaker Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibe. Our 9th entry is the ultimate bad boy you’d want to bring alive your darkest anal fantasies. So bend over for an ass-sexual experience, you’ll not forget too soon.

Quaker Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibe

Our Experience

To begin with, this Anal Vibe delivers power-packed pulsations straight to your backdoor for the most intense and fulfilling sensation. Like most other luxurious toys, its graduated shaft is made from ultra-slick silicone, which glides like a hot knife through butter.

You’ll especially appreciate the curvaceous bumpy heads of the beads, which can be inserted up to 7 inches deep. However, the real magic happens when you fire up the vibrator as you can cycle through 10 booty-thrilling functions and get all the action you need. There are multiple speeds, waves, pulsations, and patterns, good enough to get you all wet and sated.

Also, for added stimulation, the vibrations are centered in the fourth bead, and travel across the Quaker’s shaft, jiggling all the way.


  • Stimulates as you slide the shaft deep
  • 10 vibration functions including speeds, pulsation, and patterns
  • Runs for up to 1 hour on a single charge
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower


  • A tad bit expensive

Bottom Line

The best thing is that you can play with this for up to 1 hour on its highest settings. Also, since it’s waterproof, the Anal Vibe is the perfect companion for wicked fun in the shower.

order Quaker Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibe here

Summing It Up

That’s all, folks. What a list that was, huh.

You should take a look at out other lists of different anal sex toys. We have a guide to prostate massage toys here, a list of the best butt plug tails here and a list of the best anal dildos here.

Anyway, we hope you could find the most satisfying toy from our all-star selection. And we ass-ume you’ll have one heck of a time. But before we leave, here’s a quickie. Make sure to keep your toys clean after use.

Till next time, keep toying!

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