6 Best Electric Penis Pumps 2023

An electric penis pump is such a great tool for improving your sexual performance and there are a lot of great electrical penis pumps to choose from.

But which one is the best for you?

Find the best electric penis pump for your body type and wallet size in Aiclegal’s ultimate guide.

Table of Contents

Let’s see how I rate the different electric pumps before we get to the list.

How the products are rated:

  • Suction power
  • Material and build-quality
  • Features
  • Size
  • Price

All the products on the list below has been rated by those points.

Best Electric Penis Pumps 2023:

#1 Fleshpump by Fleshlight

The Fleshpump is made by the famous Fleshlight that are a well-known brand of pocket pussies. Their products stand for high-quality and this is also the case with the Fleshpump.

Fleshpump electric penis pump

The electric suction pump is placed on top of the pump and it has two buttons to control it. The first button will increase the suction power and the second will release the pressure.

It’s super simple and very easy to use.

The battery in the electric pump is charged with the included USB cable.


  • Super simple to use
  • Electric pump with safety valve
  • USB charged
  • Including lubrication
  • Up to 8-inch penis size


  • A bit expensive
  • The materials could be better

Bottom line

Good quality electric penis pump with a good size that will fit 95% of all men. You can buy it in a special package with a Fleshlight pocket pussy and save a bunch of money.

You can also read my full review of the Fleshpump here.

I recommend the Fleshpump if you’re after a good electric penis pump.

#2 Blowjob Power pump

The Blowjob Power Pump from Pipedreams is a very special electric penis pump that takes penis pumping to a whole new level of pleasure.

It’s a combination of an electric penis pump and a blowjob machine all in one device.

pipedream blowjob power pump

It comes with 3 differenct sizes of cock rings and lotion for your cock + some special toy cleaner.

The suction power is pretty strong and it feels really good to use.


  • High-quality electric penis pump
  • Lots of vacuum settings
  • Easy to use
  • Feels amazing


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal if you cock is very girthy

Bottom line

A unique product that’s taking penis pumping to a whole new level of pleasure. The blowjob feature feels really good and I love using it compared to other electric penis pumps.

You can read my full Blowjob Power pump review if you want more information about it.

I recommend the Blowjob Power Pump if you want extra pleasure when pumping.
Buy the Blowjob Power Pump

#3 Extreme Power Rechargeable Auto Pump

This is an extremely powerful pump as the name of this electrical penis pump suggests. It has a separate pump/control/battery part that have more space for a bigger pump and battery.

Extreme Power Rechargeable Auto Pump

You can expect an amazing 8-10 hours of pumping time from a single charge from this monster!

It’s charged via a USB power cable and it’s controlled via two buttons on the pump/battery unit. It has 3 pumping modes: low, medium, and high, so you can adjust the suction to your desired power.

There is also a pulsing feature that makes it feel really good to use it and a great way to stimulate your erection.


  • Super powerful electric pump
  • Up to 8.6-inch penis size
  • Very long battery life
  • USB charged
  • Pulsing feature


  • The separate pump/battery unit makes it less ideal to use

Bottom line

This is an extremely power-full electric penis pump that works really well and it has a very long battery life.

The only minor downside is the separate controller unit that makes it less than ideal to use, but that’s also the reason why it has so much power and battery life.

I recommend the Extreme Power Rechargeable Auto Pump if you want more suction power!

#4 Commander Rechargeable Automatic Pump

With this powerful pump, the suction effect is particularly exciting tingling, because the stretchy cuff is shaped like a mouth.

A powerful, three-speed motor provides pure stimulation and puts your penis in top shape. You can increase the suction power yourself until you have found the right levels for you.

To ensure that your pump is always ready for use, it can be simply recharged via USB.

The Commander penis pump is an electrically operated penis pump that generates a negative pressure in the cylinder and is used to treat impotence, erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.

The penis pump is first striped over the penis, in order to start the pumping process.


  • Automatic suction USB rechargeable pump automatically creates a vacuum – without the need for manual pumping ball
  • The cuff at the bottom of the cylinder makes it close
  • A transparent cylinder, so you can keep track of how your penis gradually becomes longer and fuller
  • Centimeter scale, so you can measure progress – so you avoid angling stories, or that the cat fills with the target
  • Easy control with ON / OFF and a button for quick compensation of the pressure
  • The cylinder, hose and control unit can be separated so that the pen is easy to clean after use

Surprisingly quiet, the handy rechargeable pump unit with digital display sucks air out of the thick-walled acrylic cylinder. The vacuum created makes your penis swell pleasantly to maximum size in a short time.

The transparent cylinder allows you to observe your penis while gaining in size under negative pressure. The penis cylinder is 7.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide in diameter. A sturdy thick-beaded cuff on the foot ensures a good seal.

The opening in the middle is about 3 cm tall and so extensively stretchable that with the cylinder (if desired) also the scrotum can be pumped to size.

At the end of the pump session, even if the negative pressure should become uncomfortably strong, the penis cylinder can be ventilated again by tapping the valve on the control unit.

#5 Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump

With the Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump you can enjoy intense stimulation exactly where it is most wanted: namely directly on the glans!

Experience the unique sensation of the combination of vibration and suction with the fully automatic Power Pump.

Electric Men’s High-Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump

The design of the penis pump is specially designed to pamper the upper part of the penis or the glans. The stimulation surface at the inner end of the cylinder has small, gentle “pins” that allow for tickling and vibration.

At the same time, you can experience an intense suction at the tip of the penis. Thanks to a knob on the handle of the pump, the suction effect can also be stopped if it becomes too strong.

The use of the Power Pump is very simple: simply insert the penis, place it at the end of the cylinder and start the stimulation.

You can enjoy the rest automatically. Included are also three penis rings made of silicone with different diameters, which perfectly enclose your penis. It is recommended for the application to apply some water-based lubricant to the penis as well as the silicone ring.


  • Removable silicone sleeve for cleaning
  • Automatic penis pump
  • With button to dissolve the vacuum
  • For a harder and longer erection
  • With centimeter scale


  • Weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Internal diameter: 2.6 inches
  • Internal length: 8 inches
  • Washable
  • Operating mode: battery
  • Material: silicone, ABS


The USB rechargeable pump generates a negative pressure around the member at the push of a button in the cylinder.

As a result, the erectile tissue fills with blood – it comes to a stiffening of the limb. The erection thus achieved is maintained by an erection ring applied to the root of the leg. The erection ring, which is included in the delivery of the erection pump, prevents the return of the blood after removal of the cylinder.

Thus, after a short preparation with the erection pump a normal and satisfying intercourse is possible. The silicone cuff is removable for cleaning.

Additional advantages:

  • Easy to clean
  • Penis swells
  • Battery powered
  • With button to dissolve the vacuum

By simply pressing the ON / OFF button, a vacuum is created which causes more blood to flow into the erectile tissue, allowing the penis to grow in diameter and length. Although this effect of penis enlargement is only temporary, consistent training can produce amazing results. To release the pressure, it is sufficient to press the PUSH button.

#6 EVO 3.0 Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump

With this electric penis pump you can exercise by the suction pressure penis to counteract premature ejaculation and impotence.

EVO 3.0 automatic electric penis pump

With the vacuum, the blood flows into the penis, resulting in a hard erection. Those who now test their abutments can see through the transparent cylinder how their penis grows – and this continues with every application.


  • Material: silicone and ABS.
  • Size: 290mm x 60mm
  • USB charging, built-in 800 mA lithium battery.
  • Dimensions 0.39 × 0.39 × 0.39 in
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Weight 1.1 lbs.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable automatic magnification pump
  • USB charging cable
  • Ring in silicone

This penis pump is made especially for men. It is a pump with a silicone base to insert your penis safely and comfortably. The ergonomic design adapts to the penis. Its design has an air pressure display screen, so that manual operation makes it easier to exercise your penis, you can adjust the pressure it exerts, either increasing or decreasing it as you prefer.


  • This penis pump automatically builds the desire vacuum and lets the best unfinished grow by itself. Each centimeter can be seen on a scale
  • The cylinder made of sturdy anti-lock system plastic is closed off by a thick, pleasantly soft, flexible cuff
  • This luxury penis pump is controlled by two buttons.

Particularly interesting is the powerful electric pump. With just a tap of the on / off switch, it begins to suck air out of the cylinder at a few seconds, quietly buzzing. The inserted penis expands in length and diameter. The displaced air is sucked out intermittently. A liquid crystal digital display continuously reproduces the quality of the negative pressure in the unit PSI. The vacuum is intense enough to keep the cylinder handsfree on the body.

Update: Sold out

Many men who have tried a manual penis pump feel distracted by having to push a pump ball several times to achieve the desired effect!

You do not need to do this with an electric penis pump, which automatically does it for you.

Why Use an Electric Penis Pump?

With an electric penis pump there is a regulator with which you can set the desired negative pressure. So, you can avoid the side effects, provided, of course, you do not set it too high.

You only slide the switch to ON and pumping starts. When you have achieved the desired effect, you push the button back to OFF. When you are done or if you need it on the way, you can lighten the pressure easily by pressing the PUSH button.

Manual vs. electrical penis pump

There are two types of penis pumps. Manual penis pumps are operated by hand. It is therefore possible to determine the pumping power yourself and to adapt it individually to your own needs.

With the electric penis pump the man hardly has to do anything with his hands. There are usually several stages that increase or decrease the negative pressure in the cylinder by pressing a button.

In addition, electric pumps also have a drain valve, which, especially in case of pain by pressing a button, lead to a rapid pressure loss and thus can help quickly.

manual vs electric penis pump

Significant differences can be found in volume, pressure and comfort. As far as the volume is concerned, manual penis pumps are a bit quieter. By individual user decisions made, the manual can basically build a higher vacuum than the electric penis pumps.

In terms of convenience, however, the electric penis pumps provide more comfort. Ultimately, however, both types are very user-friendly and easy to handle, so that after only a few operations sufficient routine should be available for optimal use.

How to use an electric penis pump:

Insert the penis in the hole of the silicone that is adapted at the end of the pump, push button (M +) turns on the pump and increase the pressure and let the suction done automatically, if you want to decrease the pressure you can press the button (M-) and the button (Valve) can release the pressure.

You can use the pump before sexual intercourse by doing the exercise indicated above, 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

If you are going to use the pump as a treatment, you should use it for 2 months, 1 time per day performing the exercise between 3 and 5 minutes maximum, allowing the air to be released when it is considered appropriate according to the pressure exerted.

As air is drawn from the inside of the tube, blood flow increases. The pumps for the penis can be used to combat erectile dysfunction and as a support prior to penis enlargement exercises.

Penis pump tips:

  • Use natural lubricant to introduce the penis in the pump and not generate friction during the use.
  • Wash your pump after each use, you can do it with soap, but be careful around the electrical parts.

I recommend automatic penis pumps to men:

  • Who has some sort of disability that prevents them from using a manual pump.
  • Who is too weak to create a strong vacuum with a manual penis pump.
  • Who wants everything to be controlled from their smart phone.
  • Who want the easiest and most convenient solution to their problems.


If you’re not in one of the 4 groups then I would suggest a manual penis pump since your able to create a much stronger and precise vacuum in them. I’ve made a list of the best penis pumps that you should take a look at.

Got any questions about electric penis pumps or penis pumps in general? Comment below or send me a message though the contact page.

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