7 Best Flogger Toys 2023

What’s so common between spanking a naughty sex slave and jumpstarting a car? It takes one good hit to get your stubborn ride under control!

Who would’ve thought that an ancient Roman punishment would eventually turn into the most popular fetish on earth? But if you get your rocks off by portraying dominance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it king-size.

For those who are searching for the best floggers under a budget, it’s your lucky day. Here are the most reliable models that put the “king” in spanking, and are specially designed to satisfy your bondage fetishes.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get going!

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Best Flogger List:

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#1 Dominix Red Lace Flogger

Looking for the right toy to whip your bitch into obedience?

The Dominix Red Lace Flogger is the perfect flogger to punish your kinky partner for being a naughty girl. Built with real lambskin leather, this flogger unleashes the sadistic animal in you.

Let’s see whether it’s worth your money!

red bondage flogger toy

Our Experience

Appearance-wise, this exquisite multi-color product is designed to grab anybody’s attention from miles away. Not only does its glossy black leather define bold and beautiful at its best, but its sassy red scheme foil also let your colors fly during sex.

Ultimately, you get 36 adjusted falls that are 20 inches long and 4 inches wide. Not to mention, the leather of the foil is made from pure and original lambskin, which spells nothing but sheer royalty.

We’re obsessed with its braided leather handle, which is very ergonomically designed. It is 7.5 inches long, which ensures sufficient space for an even more comfortable grip. As a bonus, the handle comes equipped with a wrist strap, just so that you don’t set the toy flying off out of excitement. The toy also offers a non-slip grip, which comes in very handy while enjoying power games.


  • Real leather
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • 20 inches long and 4 inches extensive fall
  • 5-inch leather-braided handle


  • A tad bit expensive

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s fair to say that the Dominix Red Lace Flogger slaps hard. With sufficient control features and ergonomics, this one is your ultimate power game companion. Its black leather and red scheme make it eye-candy, and its wrist strap makes it very controllable.

I recommend the Dominix Red Lace Flogger if you’re after high-quality and strong colors at a great price.

Buy Rainbow Lambskin Leather Flogger here

#2 Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip

Famous adult toys brand Adam & Eve has made it to our list with its exclusive Scarlet couture collection, one of the most stylish floggers we’ve laid our eyes on.

Built with premium class vegan leather, this product is skin-friendly and very long-lasting. For those who are planning to upgrade their bondage game, give this a try.

Scarlet Couture Whip

Our Experience

First and foremost, the dual red-black color scheme makes the Scarlet Couture toy look like the devil’s whip, which makes punishing a lot more sexy and fun. This utterly bold and beautiful whip comes at a lower price than the Rainbow Lambskin flogger; however, it’s not any less stylish or durable.

We’ve noticed that the strips are 14 inches long and 1 inch wide, and that extra thickness ensures more intense sexual fun. The falls are built with premium vegan leather, which is guaranteed to withstand the harshest of whippings without wearing out quickly. The handle also comes with a 7-inch long wrist loop so that you can strap the flogger to your arm for higher control.

We’re also in love with the elegant design of the handle, which features a woven diamond pattern. The grip is quite firm, so be assured that the only thing that’ll be slipping down is her panty! Ultimately, the Scarlet couture collection allows you to tame your wild pet with a rough spanking to explore their naughty side.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip


  • Exquisite design
  • Extra loop for control
  • Made of vegan leather
  • Value for money


  • Not always in stock

Bottom Line

This toy is guaranteed to breathe life into your bondage fantasies. Equipped with advanced features for extra security, this red hot whip redefines being in control at its best. However, it’d have been a little better if the product were always in stock.

buy Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip here

#3 Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip

The Tantric Satin Pleasure collection, manufactured by Cal Exotics, makes the perfect whip to punish your naughty little devil.

This unisex toy ranks very high in terms of durability, and can also be availed under a very affordable budget. Let’s check out what it offers!

Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip

Our Experience

Are you more turned on by the “bark” than the “bite”? Then the Tantric Satin Pleasure is your go-to pick.

Every single lash produces a bold “whoosh” sound that gives you the feeling of dominance like nothing else. And it swings both ways, which also makes it an exciting addition to your dominatrix costume.

This 11-inch long bouquet of leather tails is not only captivating but also very smooth on the skin. Its satin skin fabric sensually kisses your skin with every whip, delivering erotic sensations for a more intense orgasm. Not to forget, its handle also comes equipped with a wrist lock to offer optimal control.

Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip review


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Satin fabric
  • 11-inch strips
  • Meager price tag


  • Durability issues

Bottom Line

Under a fair budget, there’s hardly a sex toy as stylish and comfortable to use as the Tantric Satin Pleasure whip. Its swift noises are guaranteed to make you feel like a true master in the bedroom.

However, we wish that the product was a little more durable.

buy Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Beat Me Please Whip here

#4 Icicles No.38 Glass Whip

For the men who like to be in total control, the Icicles No. 38 glass whip is a stylish 2-in-1 flogger that will teach your sex slave what obedience means. Designed as a flogger cum dildo, this one is the ultimate toy to make your partner wetter than a fish. Let’s dive deep into its features!

icicles hand blow whip

Our Experience

Just when you thought that sex toys couldn’t get any more versatile, Icicles turned the flogger handle into a dildo! Ultimately, this unique sex toy combo offers you twice the pleasure at half the cost, which makes it an instant favorite for the bargain hunters.

This 26-inch long and 1.5-inch wide whip is guaranteed to have your submissive partner on her knees, begging for more. To make it better, the handle cover features numerous intricate patterns, which is guaranteed to have their clit gushing like a river dam.

But, wait – you can even play with its temperature to intensify your vanilla foreplays (say what?). Yes, you can dip the dildo in hot water for an intense pussy massage, or store it in the freezer to get their nipples rock hard later on.


  • Multipurpose sex toy
  • 26 inches long whip
  • Intricate patterns on handle cover
  • Made with premium glass


  • Average leather quality

Bottom Line

If your bedroom habits know of no bounds, then this product is what you need to get ASAP. It sets the standards for versatility and is worth every single penny. However, we wish that its leather fabric was a bit more durable.

buy Icicles No.38 Glass Whip here

#5 Chrystalino Whipster Glass Dildo

Speaking of multipurpose floggers, our list would be incomplete without mentioning the Whipster collection by Chrystalino. At a slightly above-average price, this toy gives you everything you’d need to blow your partner’s brains out during foreplay itself.

Chrystalino Whipster Glass Dildo

Our Experience

Coming off as a durable flogger cum dildo, the Whipster brings the best of both worlds in one toy for thrilling sexual pleasure. This product is built with shatter-resistant premium glass, which makes it as long-lasting as the dominant master you are in the sheets.

This 6-inch dildo is perfectly shaped to hit her G-spot and intensify the orgasm with its wavy design pattern. Its temperature play feature will make her go wild, and that’s when you tame that magnificent sexual animal with your leather whip.


  • Flogger cum dildo
  • Built with shatter-proof glass
  • Temperature play
  • Sensual whip


  • On the expensive side

Bottom Line

Take your boring sexual endeavors to new heights with the Mjolnir that the adventurous king like you is worthy to wield. However, keep in mind that being a multipurpose toy, it’s slightly more expensive than the regular alternatives in the game.

#6 Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spank Me Paddle

The popular Scarlet Couture product range by Adam & Eve has bagged yet another position in our list with its Spank Me Paddle. At a fraction of the cost of premium sex toys, this one stands out to be a highly appropriate option for bondage lovers. Let’s have a more in-depth look at its features!

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spank Me Paddle

Our Experience

Not your average flogger, this is the ultimate spanking paddle you’ll need to bring your bondage fetishes to life. This product has just the appropriate design and texture for spanking, which will make your partner beg for more. At a flick of your wrist, this product turns your sub’s asscheeks redder than an apple.

This product is coated with stingy vegan leather, which will make her experience sensations that she has never felt before. This 14.5-inch long and 4-inch wide paddle feels like a tight slap from a firm adult hand, which is the cherry on top. However, you can use it for both soft and hard whips, as it’s textured on one side, and remains supple and smooth on the other.


  • Made from vegan leather
  • 14-inch long paddle for hard spankings
  • Tied rope for higher control
  • Textured side for sensual feelings


  • Subpar product life

Bottom Line

The product features a scarlet rope that is tied to the handle, which makes it one of the most versatile bondage toys we’ve come across. We’re in love with how this paddle can be also tied to your wrist or ankle, which makes it more controllable and sexy. Overall, it’s quite a stylish toy under a meager price.

#7 Sportsheets Fur Lined Paddle

Moving on to durable paddles for hard spankings, the Sportsheets fur lined paddle is our final pick for those who are looking for versatile sex toys. Whether it is gentle whips or hard spankings, this paddle has you covered with its unique dual-layer design. Let’s dig deep into its core features!

Fur Lined Paddle

Our Experience

Are you searching for a toy that can be as soft as fur and as hard as a slap at the same time? Then you have to try this one for such high versatility. Just like you, this product also has two different sides, one of which is very rough. One side of this product is made from leather for stinging sensations, every time you spank her asscheeks.

But if you’re in the mood of being gentle, flip it over to the furry side for tender and soft whips on her butt. Rub the furry side over her body to tease her, and then smack her buns with the leathery side when she least expects it to happen.

This dual soft-stingy sensation is guaranteed to start a wildfire between her thighs. Similar to the Adam & Eve product, this paddle is also 14 inches long. However, this product is built to last longer, which is pretty evident by its superior build material.


  • 14-inch long paddle
  • Furry on one side/leathery on other
  • Long-lasting product
  • Value for money


  • Weak wrist strap

Bottom Line

At a slightly higher price, this fur-lined paddle is a far better option than the Scarlet Couture collection. However, we’re a little disappointed that the wrist strap it comes with isn’t very long-lasting, as it tears easily.

My Final Thoughts About Flogger Toys

Being a control freak isn’t bad, only if you keep it within the sheets. That said, we hope that our comprehensive guide of the best floggers could help you find a suitable toy to intensify your bondage games.

Here’s our personal opinion – if budget isn’t a significant factor, then the Rainbow Lambskin unit is what you should get. Having said that, the Icicles collection is an all-rounder toy under a fair budget, which makes it an excellent option too.

On that note, we’ll see you soon with more sensual and erotic toy suggestions, so stay tuned!

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