5 Best Glass Anal Beads 2023

Anal beads are a fun way to explorer each other’s bodies and glass anal beads makes even more fun due to their transparency.

Normally anal beads are on a string and made of silicone but the glass ones are more like an anal beads pole.

I’ve reviewed most of the glass anal beads and made this list of the best glass anal beads that you can get.

best glass anal beads

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#1. Lovehoney Sensual Glass Iridescent Anal Beads

If you are trying out anal play for your very first time, this remarkable glass toy is the go-to choice for you. It has been specifically crafted in a unique arc design with bead-size progression to give you the ultimate sensuous pleasure you desire.

High quality borosilicate glass used in making these anal beads allow you to cool or heat the toy to give your P-spot a rousing massage.


  • Phthalate-free and latex-free submersible glass beads
  • Top quality rigid, shatter-free borosilicate glass that goes well with all kinds of lubes
  • 7.5 inches in length, 3.5 inches in circumference, with an insertable length of 6 inches
rainbow glass anal beads


  • Exceptional design and material
  • Great grip ring for good control
  • Beautiful rainbow color


  • Can be small for some users

What I think about it

What makes this toy one of the best glass anal beads is its well-though design is that it includes a loop handle at its flared base so that you can have complete control when using it.

The irresistible, firm look makes it tempting enough to satiate you hunger for a satisfying orgasm at the end of a long day.

#2. Lovehoney Sensual Glass Anal Beads

This eye-catching blue glass toy is the perfect addition to your erotic date night. Who could’ve thought that toys made of quality glass could offer such variety to your role-playing night?

Any lubricant can be used with this piece of art to give both your partner and you the most memorable, delightful anal pleasure.


  • Comes in a bright blue color with graduated bead shape for comfortable insertion
  • The loop handle at the base offers control to user
  • Phthalate-free and latex-free top quality borosilicate glass for temperature control
  • 8.5 inches in length, 4.5 inches in circumference, with an insertable length of 6.5 inches
sensual glass anal beads


  • The gradual increase in bead size ensures a smoother
  • Less irritable insertion for maximized performance


  • It can take some time to get used to this glass toy

What I think about it

Experience an outstanding time’ in your bathtub with this submersible sturdy glass toy. Take turns with your partner to spice up your boring sex-life, and enjoy the thrill of unbelievable anal pleasure.

Get naughty under the covers by heating up the glass beads before you reach new heights of fulfilment.

#3. Icicles No. 66 Beaded Glass Massager

If you are in search of a sophisticated glass massager to fill up the void in your private life, this upscale, detail-oriented stimulating product is what you need. It has been hand-crafted in a sleek design to cater to both vaginal and anal stimulation.

You can even control the kind of sensation you desire-chilling or warm- with this strong and firm bulbous massager.


  • Crafted by hand to give an extraordinary, smooth design
  • Offers temperature control, is body-safe, hypoallergenic and nonporous
  • 4.5 inches in length, 1.25 inches in circumference, with an insertable length of 3.5 inches
icicles no 66


  • With beads in graduated design and a bulbous texture
  • Massager works to hit both P-spot and G-spot


  • Hard to hold (especially with lube on your fingers)

What I think about it

Whether you are looking for a vaginal stimulation or intend on getting some anal action, this elegant, glossy massager ranks among the best glass anal beads for utmost stimulation.

The hand-crafted design ensures that your P-spot and G-spot receive the most relaxing massage ever.

#4. Icicles No 2 Glass Anal Beads Clear

Loneliness will no longer haunt you with this exquisite glass toy by your side. This glass anal bead toy is made from body safe, nonporous materials for a safe playtime. Even cleaning this gorgeous glass toy is easy as it is dishwasher safe.

The details on this toy included ribbed texture and graduated bead size for you to find pleasure without any discomfort.


  • Eco-friendly, phthalate-free and latex-free product that is freezable
  • 8.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in circumference
  • Graduated shape with ribbed texture for maximized pleasure
icicles no 2


  • The ribbed texture adds to stimulation while experiencing pleasure
  • Gradually increasing beads size
  • Clear glass for better transparency


  • Can be difficult to use the first time

What I think about it

This clear glass anal toy is built for hard play. Plus, cleaning the glass beads is no sweat at all. With exclusive quality glass made to be safe for your body and temperature control feature, this classy glass toy can be a great addition to your private closet.

#5. Beaded Glass Anal Slider

Give your sensitive parts the most sensually gratifying experience with this beaded glass slider. Add your favorite lubricant and enjoy an explosive time with yourself.

The most unique aspect of this slider is that it has 5 beads that increase in width gradually, so that you know where to find the most excitement.


  • 7 inches in length, 1.5inches in circumference, with an insertable length of 5 inches
  • Designed with retrieval hoop for control
  • Dishwasher friendly, temperature controlled, fracture-resistant borosilicate glass
glass anal slider


  • Easy to handle
  • Comfortable to slide


  • It’s a little short

What I think about it

Level up in your stroking game with this slider that ranks among the best glass anal beads with its retrieval hoop and fracture-resistant design.

Whether you are looking for a cool stimulation or a warm one, this glass slider works to make your time worthwhile.

What’s Some of the Advantages with Glass Anal Beads:

  • Thrilling Temperature Play: With glass anal beads, you can embark on an exciting journey of temperature play. Heat them up or cool them down for a variety of sensational experiences that’s not possible with other materials. It’s an amazing way to spice up your pleasure sessions.
  • Safety First: Glass is hypoallergenic and non-porous, making it a fantastic option for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies. Plus, its non-porous nature ensures a hygienic experience as it doesn’t harbor bacteria and is a breeze to clean.
  • Built to Last: Glass anal beads are exceptionally durable. When properly taken care of, they can provide you with a lifetime of pleasure. It’s a quality investment that brings long-term joy.
  • Works with all kinds of lube: Glass sex toys work with all types of lube which is ideal for anal play. Most toys made of silicone and TPE only works with water-based lube but you can also use oil and silicone-based lube with glass anal beads.

My Final Thoughts About Anal Beads Made of Glass

You could argue that these are not anal beads and I would agree to some extend but that’s what we got to work with right now.

I saw one “true” glass anal beads during my research but that fact that the beads was attached to the string through a hole in the glass beads made it completely useless. Can you imagine the work it would take to clean tiny holes in glass beads with a string going through it? It’s going to take a long freaking time to clean and you can even be sure that it’s completely clean. So, it’s a no go!

There are however a lot of other styles of anal beads that are much better and I would recommend taking a look at Aiclegal’s list of the best anal beads here.

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