Best Extra Large Penis Pumps – Battle of the Giants

Let’s take a look at the best extra-large penis pumps that I’ve had the best success with during my work as a urologist.

I’ve helped 100’s of men to a bigger and stronger penis during my work with the help of penis pumps. Even men that are well above average in terms of girth and length need help getting bigger and harder.

I would recommend that you take a look at my list of the best penis pumps if you’re below 7-inches (18cm.) in length.

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What’s the Best Large Penis Pump?

#1 Bathmate HydroXtreme – Most Effective

The Bathmate HydroXtreme can be bought in a wide range of sizes and they offer an 11-inch (28cm.) version.

It uses water in the vacuum chamber instead of air which traditional penis pumps use. This makes it more comfortable to use and a lot more effective.

The quality of the pumps in this series is extremely good just like all Bathmate pumps. You can really feel the sturdiness of it when you hold it in your hands.

Bathmate HydroXtreme penis pump


  • Great for enlargement
  • Extremely effective compared to air-based pumps
  • It feels really comfortable to use
  • It’s very easy to setup and use
  • It works great for stronger erections
  • Plenty of room to grow


  • You need to use it in your bathroom (unless you want water in your bedroom!)
  • It’s really expensive to get the Xtreme version
  • They are super heavy when they are completely filled with water
  • There is no gauge on the pump

My Final Thoughts About it

There is really nothing that can compete with a high-end water-based penis pump in terms of efficiency and there is nothing bigger than the 11-inch HydroXtreme.

You can get the Xtreme version in a 9-inch version which will save you a bit of cash or you can drop down to the less effective (but still effective) HydroMax version which will save you even more cash.

I personally love the large water-based penis pumps but they certainly have their downsides which might be a no go for you. But I really think it’s worth the extra cost and the inconvenience that does do have.

You can read my review of the Bathmate HydroXtreme11 penis pump here.

I recommend the Bathmate HydroXtreme if you’re after the most effective and largest penis pump available.

#2 Bathmate HydroMax

The HydroMax from Bathmate is the successor of the Bathmate Hercules which was the very first water-based penis pump that was developed over 15 years ago. Bathmate has done a lot of research and improved the effect of the pump by over 35% compared to the old version.

It still works the same way as the old version and the Xtreme version except for the hand-pump.

You can get the HydroMax in a wide range of sizes from 3-inches to 9-inches and they even make a special Wide version called the Bathmate Wideboy which is perfect if you have a really girthy penis.



  • Great for enlargement
  • It’s super simple to use
  • It feels really nice to use
  • Effective compared to air-based pumps
  • Really good quality
  • Get a strong erection in 2 minutes


  • It’s only available up to 9-inches
  • It still cost the double of an air-based pump
  • Water is a hassle to work with
  • There is no gauge on the pump

My Final Thoughts About it

The HydroMax version of the Bathmate is almost the same as the HydroXtreme except for the hand pump and a few minor details. It’s roughly 35% less effective which sounds like a lot but it’s still plenty of power to get a strong erection and enlargement.

A really nice feature of the HydroMax is that you don’t have anything hanging off the pump, this is the only design that allows it. All the other products have handpumps hanging off the device with tubes which is pretty annoying.

You’re also saving a huge chunk of money compared to the HydroXtreme which you could spend on other products that can improve your sexual performance.

The only major downside is that the largest pump in this series is 9-inches (23cm.) which is the smallest on this list.

You can read my review of the Bathmate HydroMax9 penis pump here.

I recommend the Bathmate HydroMax9 if you’re after a simple pump for sexual improvements.

#3 12-inch Endurance Pump – Best Extra-Large Air-Based Penis Pump

The 12 Inch Endurance Penis Pump Erection Enlargement System by Lynk Pleasure is a specialized device designed for individuals with larger penises, offering a solution to the issue of finding a fitting pump.

This comprehensive kit comes with a professional-grade cylinder, an ergonomic hand pump, and a precision air gauge, ensuring the most effective and comfortable pumping experience.

The flared cylinder base guarantees a secure seal without the need for an additional sleeve, and the clear design features an integrated measuring guide, allowing users to monitor their progress. Its modular design is advantageous for users keen on customizing or upgrading parts. The primary feature is its hand grip, fashioned to facilitate smooth and easy pumping.

The pump is also equipped with a high-quality silicone grip, a quick-release valve, and an accurate air gauge to ensure user safety. Built with durable brass and silicone, this product promises longevity. For hygiene, users can easily disassemble it for cleaning and are advised to clean it pre- and post-use with appropriate cleaners.

12-inch Endurance Pump


  • Really long vacuum chamber up to 11.5-inch (29cm.) penis
  • Perfect for erection training and size improvements
  • The grip pump is easy to use and get exactly the vacuum you need
  • You can see the vacuum on the gauge
  • Very cheap compared to the Bathmates


  • The silicone pads are not included (Remember to add to cart!)
  • I would have loved to see a 4 or even a 5-inch-thick version
  • A clip to attach the grip pump would have been nice

My Final Thoughts About it

It’s nice to finally see some seriously big air-based penis pumps, we have for some unknown reason been stuck with these cheap 5-inch air pumps for years!

I really like the grip-pump of the model which makes it very easy to adjust the vacuum in tiny increments.

I’ve been a Bathmate user for years and one of the few things that really annoys me about them is the lack of a gauge, this is not the case with this model. This is a huge win over the Bathmates in my book!

One that that really pisses me off about the Lynk XL pump is the fact that it does NOT come with the silicone comfort pad! Please do yourself a favor and add that to your cart when you order it. It’s significantly more comfortable to use with the silicone pads and they should have included them in the first place.

I recommend the Lynk XL 12-inch penis pump if you’re after a feature rich high-end air-based penis pump.

#4 Colt BIG Man – Best Budget Option

CalExotics is behind the Colt series and this is their biggest penis pump which is called the Big Man which is a very accurate description because it’s pretty freaking huge.

The chamber is huge and you can fit a 11.75-inch penis inside and there is a decent amount of width.

colt big man penis pump


  • Huge freaking penis pump for just $50!!
  • The chamber is surprisingly well build
  • Works with a penis all the way up to 11.75-inches (30cm.)
  • Fairly decent width of 2.5-inches (6.35cm.)
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The hand-pump feels a little flimsy
  • You’re not getting any world record breaking vacuum
  • The base of the Colt Big Man pump is a little uncomfortable
  • No gauge on the pump

My Final Thoughts About it

It’s pretty nuts to think about how much penis pump you can get for just around $50. Sure, you’re not getting premium quality and any record-breaking vacuum but it’s pretty good when you consider the super cheap price tag.

My main complaint about the Colt Big Man is the pump itself, it’s kind of weak for such a huge pump chamber and the quality lacks quite a bit but it’s to expected for such a low price.

I don’t really see any other products that compete with the Colt Big Man XL pump at that price point which makes it the best budget large penis pump.

I recommend the Colt Big Man if you’re after a huge pump on a tight budget.

#5 Penomet – Update: No is Longer Being Sold

Penomet is a revolutionary and award-winning penis pump featuring a unique, replaceable suction cuff system. This allows you to use Penomet according to your wishes and to get the most out of comfort, performance and results.

Penomet – an innovative, water-based penis pump – is a much uncomplicated device, the correct use of which you can quickly learn. It works both with water in the bathtub and like a conventional penis pump with air. In this Penomet review, you will learn how you can best benefit from this technology.

penomet pumps

Which Penomet package is the best?

There are three different packages: Standard, Extra and Premium. The most important difference is the number of different cuffs that are included.

Standard version – 1 cuff

Extra Edition – 3 cuffs

Premium Edition – 5 cuffs

More cuffs give you more options for varying the suction power. Only the premium package contains the strongest cuffs that are needed for a permanent increase in size.


  • Unique on the market thanks to a sophisticated system with interchangeable suction cups
  • Wide range of application methods with matching exercises
  • Very durable suction cuffs with lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Stable, transparent pump cylinder with scale and a state-of-art valve system available in six different colors


  • The quality of the pump is lower than the Bathmates
  • It can leak between the chamber and the pump part
  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Only available in one size

My Final Thoughts About it

The product is very well made and durable. The suction cuffs are very comfortable and tight. The pump itself is very strong and feels incredibly good, especially when used with warm water (many beginners can barely contain an orgasm at first, but that will change over time).

The suction cups are extremely comfortable on the skin because they are made of soft silicone that is both strong and long lasting.

The strongest suction cup (red 80) is especially suitable for advanced users. Thus, permanent growth in size is very possible. Even the strong cuffs will withstand the pressure again and again and will not lose their suction power.

The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of the cuffs that he gives a lifetime guarantee. Should one break, you will receive a spare cuff for free.

Update: Penomet is no longer being sold.

Why Choose a Big Water-Based Penis Pump?

The warmth of the water stretches and relaxes the blood vessels in your penis. This makes hydro pumps much more effective than other methods at enlarging your penis. You can save yourself the trouble of having to undergo lengthy procedures with extenders or endless manual stretching exercises (Jelqing) for the penis.

Parts of the Water-Based Penis Pump

Conventional air-vacuum penis pumps consist of two parts, the cylindrical tube and the mechanism with which the vacuum is generated. Usually, the tube is about 20cm long and has a diameter of 4 to 10cm.

Hydraulic pumps are constructed differently and usually consist only of the cylindrical tube, are attached to the bellows for vacuum formation and which is held directly to the pool. Hydro pumps are often available in innovative designs.

These are the Benefits of a Large Penis Pump:

  • You pump more blood through the veins of your penis, giving you better erections and forestalling problems with your sexual health
  • Immediate increase in length and circumference after each pump
  • More space for permanent success, especially if you are already an advanced user
  • Longer lasting growth in long-term use
  • A wide penis pump is better suitable for guys with curved or bend penises
  • There are a lot more room to grow

These are the Downsides:

  • Larger pumps are often more expensive
  • They are quite heavy especially the water-based ones

Should I go Water or Air and what about Automatic?

I would generally advice to get a water-based pump if you’re after a strong effect and wish the most comfortable pump.

But you can save a lot of money if you get yourself an air-based penis pump and you’re very likely to be happy it because they do deliver quite good suction. The only problem is if you go for super cheap air pumps, they rarely have anything good about them and will most likely end up in your trash.

I’ve consulted quite a few men who went that route to save money but ended up either giving up or buying a high-end pump afterwards.

Water-based pumps and some grip-based air-pumps do require quite a bit of hand and arm strength. If you have weak arms for one reason or another then getting a large automatic penis pump might be the right choice for you. Simply press a button and the pump will do all the work for you.

Knowledgeable Facts and Tips

  • Use before sex –highly recommended because the application makes your penis significantly bigger and stronger for several hours
  • Treatment of sexual problems –Erectile dysfunction or impotence are often caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis. Penomet helps the blood vessels in your penis relax and allow more blood flow. This will help you get stronger erections and better control your orgasm. So, there are reasons why penis pumps were originally prescribed only by doctors.
  • Better sex –through the above better blood flow into your penis, you will be able to keep an erection lighter and longer and better delay the orgasm. Naturally, results vary from man to man, but a full erection will not worsen your sex life.
  • Temporarily vs. Lasting results –do not be discouraged if the initial gains do not persist for the same amount of time. The more regularly you use Penomet, the bigger your penis will eventually become. Just like building muscle does not work overnight, but only through continuous workouts.

My Final Thoughts About Getting a Large Penis Pump

I’ll always recommend that you get a larger pump than your current penis size due to potential growth or penis curvature. A surprisingly large number of men that I’ve helped has outgrown their first penis pump within a few months.

Another advantage of bigger penis pumps is the increased width of the vacuum chamber which makes it less likely for your penis head to touch the inside walls. I’ve tried this countless times and it can hurt really bad. Especially if you’re pumped all the way up which makes your foreskin extra sensitive.

My advice to you would be to go for a water-based pump if you can afford it, the air-based pumps are not bad, they are just not as effective.

I recommend the Bathmate HydroXtreme if you’re after the most effective and largest penis pump available.

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

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