Top 10 Best penis pumps 2019

Top 10 Best penis pumps 2019

Penis pumps are an amazing tool for you if you want to improve your sexual performance.

Some of the best penis pumps will be able to increase your penis size by up to 30% and help you get strong and hard erections.

But not all pumps are created equally, some are built really well and some won’t last you more than a couple of pumping sessions.

I’ve made this list of penis pumps that I objectively think are the best.

What makes some penis pumps better than others?

This is where we define what a good penis pump is and why some pumps won’t work for you but might work for others.

Things to look for:

  • How effective is it – This is kind of self-explanatory, it’s the most important thing to look at when you’re shopping around. It all comes down to how much vacuum it can create and sustain. Low quality pumps might not be able to get enough vacuum for penis enlargement but they might be okay for erectile dysfunction training.
    A good rule of thumb is that water-based penis pumps are a lot stronger than the air-based ones.
  • Built quality – It’s another important area – I’ve seen a guy that bought a cheap penis pump and it just ended up in the trashcan two weeks later because the pump function broke.
    The vacuum tube can even collapse if the material is not strong enough (this won’t happen to the pumps in this list).
  • Price – Price to performance and built quality is unfortunately not always the case. We have seen some very expensive penis pumps in the last 5 years that where aimed at the premium marked, but some were simple trash.
  • Size – The best vacuum penile therapy devices should be available in different sizes. There is no reason why you should buy a 12-inch monster pump if your penis is only 4 inches long!
    It will save you both money and space if you pick the right size penis pump.

There might be other things that are important to you, but this list is for the 99% of men.

Top 10 best penis pumps in 2019 (list gets updates monthly)

I’m going to give 3 awards in this list and it’s the following:

  1. Best of for penis enlargement
  2. Best option for erectile dysfunction
  3. Best budget option

Let’s take a look at the pumps

1st – Bathmate HydroXtreme series

1st best penis pump bathmate hydroxtreme

HydroXtreme overview

The HydroXtreme series is a series of 5 different penis pumps that are made to fit almost all men. There is a HydroXtreme option no matter how curved, wide or long your penis is.

This is the Rolls Royce of penis pumps with all the features that you need, it’s quite expensive but if you’re serious about it then this is the pump for you!

Warranty and shipping

You’ll get a 60 day return guarantee with no questions asked and a 2-year warranty on all HydroXtreme pumps.

Shipping is free worldwide and the products are shipped in a discreet packaging so nobody knows what you ordered.

hydroxtreme penis pump


“I got into penis pumping a while back because of my lack of size and erection strength. I was pretty much never happy with the size or the performance in bed. I used to be dead scared when I finally got a girl back after a date. What would she say when she saw my little penis?

The first pump I got was a non-branded one from the local adult toy store. I remember the awkwardness associated with the trip to that store! Anyway, I never got into a good pumping routine and the pump was not that effective to be honest.

Last year I decided to give it another go and this time I went all in and bought the most powerful penis pump called the HydroXtreme and have stuck to 6 days a week routine.

I’ve gotten all the way from 4.5 inches to 5.8 inches in just under 8 months!

I really recommend this penis pump if you’re looking for a penis enlargement pump – but remember to stick to your routine!” James – California (2018 – Email from customer)

You can submit your own testimonial if you think it can help others, all personal information will be removed or changed.

Let’s see what I like about the pump

Good/bad and benefits

BenefitsThe goodThe bad
  • Increase your penis size – This is the absolute best penis pump for penis enlargement, it’s very strong and uses water to maximize the results. You can expect gains to be around +25% length and +30% girth after 8 months.
  • Prevent premature ejaculation – You can train your sexual stamina and your ability to last longer by using the pump while watching sexual content.
  • Get rock hard erections – Put on a penis ring and use the HydroXtreme for 3-4 minutes and enjoy a strong and long-lasting erection!
  • Fix unnatural curvature – Using a penis pump helps increase the blood flow that can prevent scar tissue from building up if you’re suffering from Peyronie’s disease.
  • The most powerful penis pump
  • Both handpump and base pump for optimal vacuum control
  • Great built quality
  • 5 Different size options
  • The pumps are made from premium medical grade materials that don’t causes skin rash or skin irritation.
  • Very expensive

Best penis pump for penis enlargement Award

The Bathmate HydroXtreme get the Best penis pump for penis enlargement award since it’s the most powerful and that’s the most important feature when it comes to penis enlargement.

buy Bathmate HydroXtreme here

2nd – Bathmate HydroMax series

2nd best pensi pump bathmate hydromax

HydroMax overview

The HydroMax series is the little brother of the Xtreme series and its perfect use case is erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation training.

The pump is less powerful but it still packs a punch and most men will experience plenty of size gains.

It’s the product that most men end up buying since it’s almost half the price of the Xtreme models and it will help the vast majority of men.

Shipping and warranty

You get the same warranty, guarantee and free discreet shipping as the Xtreme models.

hydromax penis pump


“I got the HydroMax X40 penile vacuum pump and has been a happy user ever since. The pump is very solid and has not cracked a single time even after I’ve dropped it several times on a stone floor in the shower.

I mainly use it for erection training and do it 2 times per week – that’s all I really need to stay on top of my problems.” Jeff – Arizona (2017 Email from customer – The HydroMax X40 is the old name of the HydroMax9 before they rebranded)

You can submit your own testimonial if you think it can help others, all personal information will be removed or changed.

Let’s see what I like about the pump

Good/bad and benefits

BenefitsThe goodThe bad
  • Erection training – This pump is ideal for you if you’re after a good way to get strong erections. You can train and improve your body’s ability to get strong and long-lasting erections.
  • Premature ejaculation training – This is another way you can train you penis and it can be combined with watching adult videos.
  • Penis enlargement – It’s really good for size gains although not quite as effect as the Xtreme models.
  • Very strong vacuum
  • Well built
  • 4 Different size versions in 3 different colors
  • The pumps are made from premium medical grade materials that don’t causes skin rash or skin irritation.
  • No hand ball pump
  • Harder to get the right vacuum compared to the Xtreme version

Best penis pump for erectile dysfunction Award

The Bathmate HydroMax series get the Best penis pump for erectile dysfunction award since it got plenty of vacuum power at a reasonable price.

buy Bathmate HydroMax here

3rd Penomet

3rd best penis pump penomet

Penomet overview

The Penomet pump was released in 2012 and made quite an impact on the marked. It one several adult products of the year awards and it took a big cut of Bathmates marked share.

The reason for the early success and the continues success is the pressure gaiters that are changeable.

This allows you to change the vacuum the pump can deliver whenever you need to upgrade it. It will save you from needing to buy another pump when you out grow your current penis pump.

The changeable gaiter system is not without its faults but it’s a step in the right direction, I would love to see Bathmate come up with something in the same style.

The reason why the Penomet is not on top of this list is because of the lack of strength and ability to fine adjust the vacuum in the pump as you can on the HydroXtreme series.

Shipping and warranty

It comes with a 60 days full money back guarantee if you for some reason don’t like the product and on top of that a lifetime gaiter replacement warranty if on of your gaiters should break or become damaged.

The product is shipped in a discreet box and shipping (including insurance) is $12 in USA, you can find the shipping price for your country on their website.

penomet penis pump

Testimonial from customer

“I was recommended to buy the Penomet pump in order to fix my penis bent that I got from an injury in a car crash a few years ago. There was some internal damage in my penis and the scar tissue formed a very sharp bent to the point where sex was not possible.

I’m following a program where I pump 2×10 min. 5 times a week and have seen great results. It has not completely reversed the damage but I’m able to have sex without pain or discomfort.” John – UK (forum testimonial from 2018)

You can submit your own testimonial if you think it can help others, all personal information will be removed or changed.

Let’s see what I like about the pump

Good/bad and benefits

BenefitsThe goodThe bad
  • Penis enlargement – This pump is mainly made for enlargement, because of the gaiter system you don’t to buy another pump once the old one start to lack power. Just change to a new gaiter that can deliver that stronger vacuum that you need.
  • Erection control – You can train your ability to get and maintain a strong erection.
  • Reduce penis curvature – A wide pump like the Penomet is ideal for reduction in penis curvature since it nice to be wide enough to fit a curved penis in the vacuum tube.
  • Strong vacuum
  • Changeable pressure gaiters
  • Best warranty/guarantee of all the ones on this list
  • Only available in one size
  • The built quality is not perfect and the gaiters can leak, which results in lower vacuum
  • Very expensive if you want to “Ultimate” pack with 5 different gaiters

buy Penomet here

4th Vax Aid V30

Vax Aid V30 overview

number 4 vax aid v30The Vax Aid V30 is a very unique vacuum therapy device that is mainly focused on ED. It’s a 2 in 1 system where you are able to utilize the power of water for enlargement and use air for that quick strong erection booster.

The pump comes with penis rings in 3 different sizes, all you need to do is put on the penis ring at then the pump on top of it. The rings can be used with both water and air and are great for keeping a strong erection after you’re pumping session.

Shipping and warranty

You can buy the Vax Aid V30 in several different web shops around the world, they all offer different variations of guarantee and shipping options. You can buy it on Amazon and get the benefits of their fast and discreet shipping.

how does vax aid v30 work


“This is very effective for erectile dysfunction. I can get an erection in 10 minutes and enjoy great sex afterwards. You might have to repump at some point if you’re going over 20 minutes, this can be a little awkward but make sure you’re open about it with your partner. The openness will reduce the stress that causes even more erection problems.” Dennis – Canada (comment on review 2018)

You can submit your own testimonial if you think it can help others, all personal information will be removed or changed.

Let’s see what I like about the pump

Good/bad and benefits

BenefitsThe goodThe bad
  • Penis enlargement – You can do penis enlargement exercises with this pump, it got the strength and built quality
  • Erectile dysfunction training – This is also great if you’re going to be training you ability to get and maintain a strong erection.
  • Premature ejaculation training – Water-based penis pumps are the absolute best when it comes to training your ability to last longer in bed.
  • Including a penis ring system with different sizes
  • Strong vacuum for both enlargement and erection training
  • Can be used with both water and air
  • Very Expensive
  • It does take a bit of time to get used to it

Overall the pump is really good and I would pick this if you’re after erection training.

buy Vax Aid V30 here

5th BOS-2000 Pos-T-Vac Vacuum pump

BOS-2000 overview

BOS 2000 Pos T VacPOS-T-Vac the producer of the BOS-2000 has a long history of great products for men with ED, they have all been clinically tested and they are made from quality materials.

You can buy 3 different packages of this vacuum ED penile pump, the price for the biggest pack (Deluxe Starter Kit) is $247 and it include; The pump it self, 8 different penis rings, lubrication, tube adapter for bent penis, DVD + Manual and a carry bag.

Shipping and warranty

The pump is sold on different platforms from small web shops to Amazon and E-Bay, they all have different warranties and shipping costs. I would personally buy it at Amazon because of their fast shipping and reliable support.


“I was a bit skeptical of the price when I first saw the Bos-2000 Battery vacuum pump, it was $250, the same amount that I spend on ED pills every 6 months. I took the chance and bought it and it has worked really well for me. I turned out to save a lot of money because the need for ED medication as dropped to zero! I would love to try one of the water-based vacuum therapy pumps but this is working for me right now.” Charles – Australia (review from official website)

You can submit your own testimonial if you think it can help others, all personal information will be removed or changed.

Let’s see what I like about the pump

Good/bad and benefits

BenefitsThe goodThe bad
  • Very helpful for men with erection problems, you can get a strong erection in just 4 min.
  • This is a very easy to use vacuum therapy penile pump that can be used even if you have very weak arm, since it electric.
  • Great for training your penis to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Very user friendly
  • Effective
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Comes with 3 different size penis rings
  • Including a vacuum chamber adapter if your penis is unnaturally bent
  • Including lubrication
  • You will go though a lot of AA batteries if you don’t use rechargeable once.
  • Not the strongest vacuum
  • Can’t be used with water
  • This is not ideal for penis enlargement
  • The warranty is not that great

This is a very easy to use electric pump that can be operated even with very weak hands and/or arms.

buy BOS-2000 vacuum therapy pump here


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