Top 5 Best Small Anal Beads 2023

Small anal beads are a great way to get started with anal play and a useful sex toy if you wish to transition into anal sex.

Below is some of the highest rated small anal beads that we’ve tested here at Aiclegal over the last few years.

best small anal beads

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1. Fifty Shades of Silicone Anal Beads

Last but not least, we have these smooth silicone small anal beads suitable for stimulation during sex, masturbation, foreplay, and solo pleasure. It is designed with a beginner-friendly standard size, but you can insert as much as you want for satisfying anal pleasure. Furthermore, it measures 3-inches in circumference, 10-inches in length, and has an insertable length of 7.5-inches.

The silicone anal bead is fitted with a simple handle loop that makes it easy to insert and remove. They are made from silicone material that is nonporous and hypoallergic. Whether you enjoy pleasure in the bathroom or on your bed, this bead can be used anywhere, given that it is waterproof.


  • Waterproof and easy to maintain
  • Latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Made of hypoallergic silicone


  • Does require a fair bit of lubricant.

What I think about the Fifty Shade of Silicone Anal Beads

Overall, the silicone anal beads are worth investing in. They will help you achieve intense orgasm without penetration because they have different penetration zones. The toy is a good option for beginners and experienced users.

2. BASICS Anal Beads 8 Inch

BASIC anal beads have a circumference of 3-inches, an insertable length of 8-inches, and an overall length of 10-inches. The beads are made from PVC material that is phthalate-free and hypoallergic. Thanks to their waterproof design, you can enjoy the beads even in the bathroom or tub.

They start small and grow to 3-inches in circumference, giving beginners a gentle introduction to anal pleasure. To provide you with simple insertion and removal, use a water-based anal lubricant that will make the process smoother.


  • The beads are smooth and beginner-friendly
  • They can be used during foreplay, solo, masturbation, or intercourse
  • The ergonomic finger loop allows safe insertion and removal
  • Stable and comfortable to use


  • Good toy only that the last bead was smaller
  • The material is flimsy.

What I think about the Basic small anal beads

With this 8-inches toy, you can start your journey to anal pleasure. The beads are simple to use, where you only slide them inside for a sensation and then slide it out using the sturdy finger loop after you have achieved pleasure.

3. Master Series Vibrating Beads

Master series vibrating beads will tease your prostate and anal for a stronger orgasm. It has 5 smooth beads that pop in and out while increasing pleasure and more pressure along the way. The toy features a comfortable handle that offers enough control to safely insert and remove the bead.

It has a jack pin controller that only requires 3 AAA batteries so that you can control the beads to your satisfaction. The controller has an on/off power button that helps you navigate all the 7 functions and 3 different speeds. You only need a simple push button, and every bead will give incredible anal pressure. Lastly, the beads are made from 100% body-safe and nonporous silicone, which is simple to wash and maintain. You can find other vibrating anal beads in this guide if you’re into vibrating sex toys.

master series voodoo beads


  • Made of 100% body-safe and smooth silicone
  • Offers intense anal and prostate stimulation
  • It has multiple speeds and functions pleasure
  • The flared base makes insertion and removal safe


  • Nothing to report at the moment.

What I think about the Master Series vibrating short beads

I recommend these vibrating beads to anyone looking forward to crazy anal orgasms. Still, you can use it to give her good foreplay before penetration for a satisfying orgasm.

Update: Sold out

4. Sweet Hearts Silicone Anal Beads

Here are comfortable silicone anal beads that can help you give your partner a satisfying anal play or show your booty some love. They are tapered and small, where they start small and gradually increase in size to give incredible pleasure. These heart-shaped beads are ideal for offering satisfying anal orgasms.

Made from smooth and hypoallergic silicone, the beads will not cause any discomfort to your anal. This toy is waterproof, which means it can be washed easily with warm water and antibacterial soap. It has a simple grip handle that makes it easy to retrieve the bead.

sweet hearts small anal beads


  • These beads let you start small as you build your stamina
  • The silicone is hypoallergic and easy to clean
  • Waterproof and easy to maintain


  • It is a bit intense for beginners

What I think about the Sweet Hearts small silicone anal beads

With this silicone bead, you will add something special to your sex life. The toy is waterproof and hypoallergic, meaning you can enjoy playing in the tub or shower as the beads do their magic.

5. Silicone Tiny Anal Bead—Super Flexible

The silicone anal bead is one of the best small anal beads in the market, perfect for beginners or experienced users. They are the best beads to use if you want to work slowly to larger anal plug sizes as you develop your endurance comfortably. The silicone plug is tapered for simple insertion, and it helps you determine how deep you want the beads.

The toy has a lightweight and flexible design that contours to your shape as you move for maximum comfort. This anal bead has a pull ring that keeps the beads in position and allows easy removal so that you enjoy comfortable anal play. What’s more, the smooth silicone feels great on the sensitive spots, and it is hypoallergic so that anyone can use the beads.

silicone tiny beads


  • The silicone anal bead is simple to maneuver in and out of the anal cavity
  • Its construction is hypoallergic and nonporous
  • These beads are flexible enough to help you get satisfying anal pleasure
  • Safe to insert and remove


  • Not smooth enough for fast movement.

What I think about the Silicone tiny anal beads

Overall, the silicone anal beads are worth investing in. Surprise your partner and give them satisfying foreplay. They are very satisfying for prostate stimulation, and they can be used during intercourse, masturbation, or foreplay.

My Final Thought About Small Anal Beads

There are many great beginner anal beads and picking one from the list above should work for most beginners.

If you feel that they’re too small then head over to our list of the best anal beads and look around at some bigger options.

Feel free to ask questions in a comment below if you have any.

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