Vibrating Butt Plug Guide 2023

And then Satan said, “Let there be butt plugs”. Because surely God never made something this wicked and gloriously sinful.

But we’ll leave that for you to decide and meanwhile take you on a “holey” ride with our compilation of 7 hottest vibrating butt plugs.

That being said, some of us need adventure on the rear end too, but if your partner is not game, take matters into your own hands and secretly slip in one of these.

It might be a completely new sensation and you will probably need some time to get used to it. However, once you get the hang of it, booty action will be a part of the memo every day.

Let’s take a look at the list of the best vibrating butt plugs here

What is the Best Vibrating Butt Plug?

1# Bump Rechargeable Anal Vibe

Reigning in position number one, the Bump Rechargeable Anal Vibe is the ultimate toy for some serious backdoor action. Its smooth silicone body is designed to slip in sneakily so you can twerk all you want and get all the stimulation you need before calling it a day.

Our Experience

Let’s just start by saying that this model features 10 vibrating functions that can rock you from behind. All you need is some water-based lube before action, and then it’s just plug and play. The tapered tip is comfortable to insert, while the slim shaft widens out to barely over an inch in diameter, allowing you to savor the feeling.

But the real magic begins when you turn on the sinful vibes, and feel the rhythm coursing through from the rear. Simply press the power button on the toy and continue pressing to cycle through intense and satisfying speeds, pulses, and surprising patterns.

If you’re up for it, put on this tingling number and go for a stroll outside. Also, since it’s completely waterproof and submersible, you can wear it in the shower or bath for steamy self-pleasuring sessions.

bump rechargeable butt plug


  • 10 function vibration delivers speeds, pulses, patterns
  • Made from luxuriously smooth silicone
  • Soft and flexible safety base
  • Waterproof and submersible model


  • Not suitable for beginners

Bottom Line

We’re very impressed with our top model as it’s wildly sensuous and can run for an hour at a stretch, offering different buzzing variations. So, we recommend this sleek and naughty plaything to girls seeking powerful anal stimulation.

I recommend Bump Rechargeable Anal Vibe for the experienced user

Buy Bump Rechargeable Anal Vibe here

#2 Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Butt Plug

The Delicious Fullness Butt Plug is inspired by the toy used by the female lead Anastasia, from the Fifty Shades trilogy. So, if BDSM is a big thing in your bedroom, throw this black beauty in for a wave of intensely pleasurable orgasms, while playing out the sub-dom roles.

Our Experience

If we had to write a tagline for this toy, it would probably be “Insert for fun,” as that’s all you got to do with this. For starters, we love the sensually smooth silicone surface that works perfectly with some lube and eases in without the least bit of discomfort.

After that, there’s a heck lot of stirring and shaking in the bottom, as the toy lets you experiment with 3 different speeds and 7 vibration, escalation and duration functions.

Furthermore, this model is waterproof so you can enjoy those tingling vibes while skinny dipping with your partner or even when hitting the shower. So, if you want to try something risky yet discreetly pleasurable, we suggest using this model for your debut performance.

Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Butt Plug


  • Features 3 speed variations, ranging from low to high
  • 7 functions of pulsation, escalation, and duration
  • Fully waterproof model
  • Ideal for beginners and BDSM enthusiasts


  • Not the best battery life

Bottom Line

Anal teasing is all fun and games till you have the right toys at your disposal. That said, if you’re new to the world of “plugging”, sit down and take notes first, or skip that part and go to town with this wild little beast.

The best vibrating butt plug for beginners!

Buy Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Fullness Butt Plug here

#3 Adam & Eve Rechargeable Vibrating Anal Trainer Kit

If the nasty girl in you can’t get enough of booty-quaking bliss, the Adam & Eve Anal Trainer Kit will do you a lot of good. Designed from super-slick silicone, this set of three plugs comes with a rechargeable vibrating bullet that can be fitted on the base of each model.

Our Experience

To master any art, you require a significant level of training and practice (well, self-pleasuring with toys is nothing short of art!). And you ass-umed you could become a pro overnight? Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

But for you, we have a (w)hole kit to train your butt for some next-level vibrating action. And these 3 models will come in real handy as you can start with the smallest and pick up different moves while pleasuring yourself.

As you learn to control the intensity of the pulses and streamline the overall experience, you can reach for the bigger plugs. However, what we like best is that plugs can be used without the vibrator as well, so you no longer need to wait for charge before booty fun.

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Vibrating Anal Trainer Kit


  • 3 sizes of plugs with a compatible vibrating bullet
  • 9 intense functions including speeds, pulses, and patterns
  • Waterproof plugs and bullet
  • Plugs can be used without the bullet


  • Kit is a tad bit expensive

Bottom Line

We’re delighted with this set of toys and recommend this waterproof collection to first-timers, looking to start comfortably. So, if you hate skipping lessons, you’ll love this kit because it lets you train one size at a time.

Buy Adam & Eve Rechargeable Vibrating Anal Trainer Kit here

#4 Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Probe

If you’re little past the beginner stage, the Power Gem Crystal Probe is the ideal plaything to unleash your inner exhibitionist. Therefore, when solo sessions are getting too boring, you’ll love using this “gem of a toy” while your partner watches this sparkling treat between your cheeks.

Our Experience

We all love some bling here and there, and with this booty-buzzing model, you get to shake and shine! To begin with, we’re very impressed with the sizable, dazzling gem attached to the base of the plug, which also doubles as a control button.

But we’re not all about looks as we also appreciate the 10 rump-rocking vibrations that can take you to La La Land and back. Therefore, you can experiment with different speeds, patterns, and pulses, while showing your partner a good time with the lap dance he desperately asked for.

Furthermore, we like the tapered tip that can be inserted in a pop, while the premium silicone material provides comfort and deep arousal. Moreover, once fully charged, the toy can send a rush of titillating vibes for a good 2 hours.

Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Probe


  • Features a sparkling gem button for visual stimulation
  • 10 functions of vibration
  • Tapered tip for easy and comfortable entry
  • Runs up to 2 hours on a single charge


  • Could be a little wide for beginners

Bottom Line

All in all, it’s an excellent acquisition that lets you unlock total anal ecstasy, while your partner enjoys the view. Bonus points for the velvety smooth silicone texture since experimenting with vibrators should also ensure comfort and safety.

Buy Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Probe here

#5 My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug

Your first anal orgasm should be a memorable one, and that’s why we recommend the My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug. That said, this unique product is perfect for both newbies and experienced users, providing a suite of vibrating functions for high stimulation and satisfaction.

Our Experience

First off, we’re thrilled about the 10 dynamic rhythms this toy offers, kindling the kinkiest of desires. Each vibrating mode is cheekily named after the sensation you’ll feel, for instance, there’s gradient burst (escalate, stop, repeat) and Roller coaster spurt (surge, fall, stop, repeat), among others.

Also, to make things more exciting, you can grind on this during penetrative sex or cunnilingus. Just use generous amounts of lube while this naughty toy takes you to places you’ve never been to. What pleases us most is the 4″ insertable length, offering hard-core backdoor probing and vibing.

Besides, since it’s made with 100% pure silicone, you can enjoy a healthy dose of ass-pumping, without compromising on comfort or risking an injury.

My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug


  • Provides 4″ of insertable length
  • Comes with 10 exciting vibration functions
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced users
  • Can be used for more fun during sex


  • Quality control issues

Bottom Line

It’s the perfect little ally you would want during masturbation, penetrative sex, and oral as it can spice up the entire session with delicious vibes. Also, to keep things low maintenance, you can use the toy with a condom for faster clean up after play.

Buy My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug here

#6 Lux Fetish 4″ Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

If you’re in the mood to test your limits, we suggest buying the Lux Fetish Inflatable Butt Plug for unrestrained anal pleasure. That said, our sixth entry lets you experience the best of both worlds as this model inflates to fill you up while also sending a wave of sinful vibes.

Our Experience

First and foremost, we love the element of teasing that can be explored with this alluring toy. It’s a double treat for the ladies as the shaft can be inflated and deflated while simultaneously delivering stimulating pulses.

Believe us when we say that you’ve never had an anal toy this gratifying. Since this product expands to fill you up, you can have all the practice needed for bigger toys and wild backdoor humping.

But that’s only half the fun; the other half is the user-friendly remote, wired to the plug that lets you experiment with 7 unique vibration modes, including speeds and patterns. Whether you want to warm up with something subtle or finish hard with extra-strong buzzing, this vibrating butt plug will take care of it all!

Lux Fetish 4


  • Inflatable toy coupled with vibration features
  • Provides 7 powerful vibration modes
  • Control all functions with the toy inserted
  • High satisfaction with double stimulation function


  • A bit advanced for beginners

Bottom Line

You don’t know what full actually means until you’ve tried this baby! As soon as you start pumping, it grows quickly while shooting tingling pulses in your butt. So, if you want to shake all that hot stuff and gain more experience, try out this option for more fun.

Buy Lux Fetish 4

#7 Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug

The Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug is a great little device for novices looking for some ass-piration. Therefore, if you’re an otherwise shy bug with naughty thoughts about butt play, we suggest getting down and dirty with this smooth criminal.

Our Experience

Some of us prefer gaining some experience before participating in anal sex. And if you think that way as well, you’ll love this tiny monster that can wreck things up on the rear. To begin with, we love the 6 intense functions, including the 3 vibration, 2 pulsation and an escalating mode.

Also, since it’s built from silky soft silicone and features stimulating ridges, you can enjoy the most erotic sessions with this love machine. But the best part is that it comes with a remote control, allowing you to involve a partner in the romp.

So, if your partner enjoys watching you, make sure to put it on and hand over the remote device to him for some spontaneous action. Furthermore, the remote device has a range of 25 ft, meaning he can slyly tease you while you go about your business.

Nexus Ace Remote Control Butt Plug Small


  • Silky, soft silicone design for added comfort
  • Remote control has a range of 25 ft
  • Features 6 vibrating function
  • Has an insertable length of 3.5″


  • Model is on the expensive side

Bottom Line

Overall, we’re thrilled with this remote control enabled vibrating toy, featuring an insertable length of 3.5″. Therefore, we recommend using this if you intend to include your partner in all the fun.

How Does A Butt Plug Work?

Well, this may seem like a no-brainer to sex toy aficionados, but since we also want to help out new ‘comers’, we have a few points to make.

The butt plug is designed like a tear-drop and has a flared base that prevents it from getting sucked too far up. So, keep the following in mind while using one.

  • Start with warming up your butt and take as much time as you need. Do not rush to insert it as you can end up hurting yourself.
  • Use plenty of lube, or you can try pleasuring yourself before plugging it in.
  • Once you get comfortable with the penetrative feeling, you can use the plug during foreplay and even while having sex.


A vibrating butt plug is a sex toy designed for anal insertion that offers vibratory stimulation. It combines the typical shape and function of a traditional butt plug with the added pleasure of vibrations, providing an intensified anal experience.

The primary difference is the built-in vibrational mechanism in a vibrating butt plug. While both are made for anal pleasure, the vibrating version offers various speeds and patterns of vibrations, adding dynamic sensations to the static fullness of a regular butt plug.

Begin with cleanliness, ensuring both the toy and the insertion area are clean. Apply a generous amount of water-based anal lubricant to facilitate insertion and prevent potential tearing. Insert the plug gently, ensuring comfort at all steps. Never force it. Always make sure the toy has a flared base to prevent unintended deep insertion. If you feel pain or significant discomfort, stop using it immediately.

After each use, clean your toy with warm water and mild, unscented soap. Make sure your cleaning methods don’t damage the electrical components. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth. Some plugs might also be compatible with specific toy cleaners. Always consult the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

The duration varies among individuals and specific toy designs. While some enjoy wearing it for short sessions, others might prefer longer periods. Listen to your body. If you experience discomfort, it’s time to remove the toy. For extended wear, you might find it more comfortable to turn off the vibrations occasionally.

Yes, but beginners should start with a smaller size and perhaps begin without using the vibrational function. Once accustomed to the sensation of the plug, they can introduce the vibrating feature. Always proceed slowly and ensure you’re relaxed.

This depends on the design of the toy. Some vibrating butt plugs are waterproof and can be used in wet environments, while others are not. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If the toy isn’t explicitly labeled as waterproof, avoid submerging it.

My Final Thoughts About Vibrating Butt Plugs

We hope you enjoyed reading the reviews and have found the most suitable toy from our all-star collection. However, as a final word, we advise using sufficient amounts of lube to literally avoid pain in the ass.

For more butt plug play head over to our guide to the best fox tail butt plugs and let your inner sexy fox out.

Or why not head over to our guide with the best butt plugs if you want some more options.

On that note, we’ll be taking your leave.

Till next time, keep playing!

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