The Ultimate Chastity Cage Guide

As an expert with close to two decades of experience in the sex toy industry, I have seen a plethora of devices and gadgets come and go.

However, one particular item that has gained increasing popularity over the years is the chastity cage. Whether for BDSM play or prolonged orgasm denial, chastity cages have become a staple in the sexual lives of many individuals and couples.

I’ve reviewed and tested more than 45 different products in this category over the years and below is a list of my favorite ones.

best chastity cages

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What is the Best Chastity Cages?

#1 CB-6000

There is simply no getting around the king of chastity cages for men and that’s the CB-6000 from CB-X. You can find lots of shapes and sizes of their cages which you’ll see further down this list but the CB-6000 is by far their most popular model.

I’m personally a big fan of the transparent design which allows for looking but no touching. It is however on the expensive size but it’s really a matter of price equal quality.

This is what you get:

  • A high-quality chastity cage for men
  • Transparent design
  • Lots of ball locking ring sizes
  • Padlock and key
  • 5-inches (8.9cm) internal length (ideal for average size men)

I recommend the CB-6000 if you’re new to chastity play or even an experienced user.

#2 Mancage 21

Mancage is known for their sleek silicone cock cages and their number 21 is a winner in my book. The base parts are made of polycarbonate while the softer parts are made of high-grade silicone.

I personally love the dark grayish color and it uses the same spacer ring design as the CB-x devices.

This is a rather long cage and it has an internal length of 4.5-inches (11.4cm) so there should be plenty of room even if you’re on the larger size. You can find more large alternatives in my guide to large chastity cages.

This is what you get:

  • High-quality silicone cock cage
  • Air vent design for extra airflow
  • Easy to adjust with the spacer rings
  • Including padlock and 2 keys

I recommend the Mancage 21 if you’re after a large silicone cock cage that’s made to wear permanently.

#3 Master Series Incarcerator

I know you shouldn’t base your purchase decision on looks alone, but holy balls this is one good looking chastity cage!

It’s made with stainless-steel which has a lot of benefits like; easy to clean, maintain, and it works with all types of lubes. I love the way you increase the space between the shaft and balls, simply add another spacer and try it on again until you find the perfect match.

All this quality does cost a fair bit of money but you get a product for a lifetime!

This is what you get:

  • High-quality stainless-steel cage
  • 3 Spacers for a good fit
  • Front cutout for urination
  • Including lock and key
  • 25-inches internal length (8.2cm)

I recommend the Master Series Incarcerator if you’re after a pure metal cock cage look.

#4 Rondo 2 Heavy Duty Cage – Best Large Chastity Cage

The Rondo2 Heavy Duty is made from high-quality stainless steel, so it’s not only durable but also hygienic and easy to clean. It is also large, making it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time without causing discomfort. The cage itself is designed to prevent any unauthorized touching, and it comes with a secure lock to ensure that it stays on securely.

If you’re looking for a high-quality chastity device that is large and secure, then the Rondo2 Heavy Duty is definitely worth considering. It’s perfect for those who want to experiment with chastity play or who need a more secure fit to prevent any unwanted erections. Trust me, this device will not disappoint.

rondo heavy duty chastity cage large - Best large chastity cage

What I like about it:

  • The Rondo2 Heavy Duty is a large and durable chastity cage, perfect for those with larger genitals or those who prefer a more robust device.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, it’s strong and sturdy, ensuring that it will last for years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Ideal for those who want to explore chastity play or who are looking for a long-term chastity solution, the Rondo2 Heavy Duty is a great choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, reliable chastity device.

#5 Master Series Repressor

Master Series is yet again on this list with another phenomenal device, this time the Repressor which features a hollow silicone urethral sound.

The hollow sound can be used while urinating so you don’t have to pull it out and insert it again afterwards.

I really like the hinge design that’s used to secure the device on your penis, but it does have it’s limited if your penis is very thick.

You can read more about urethral chastity cages here if you wish some more options.

Master Series Repressor

This is what you get:

  • High-quality stainless-steel cage
  • Hollow silicone urethral sound
  • Padlock and key
  • 3-inches (8.3cm) insertable urethral sound
  • 4-inches (10cm) internal cage length

I recommend the Master Series Repressor if you’re after a high-quality metal cage with build in urethral sound.

#6 ElectroShock Cock Cage

The ElectroShock cock cage is a must-have if you’re into BDSM and electro-play. It’s made with high-quality polycarbonate which is both strong and lightweight and features a powerful electrostimulation unit that delivers intense sensations to the wearer.

You or your partner can control multiple modes and intensity levels allowing you to experience pleasure and pain like never before. So why settle for a regular chastity cage when you can have the electrifying sensation of the ElectroShock cock cage?

Want more electrifying cock cages then head over to our list of the best electric chastity cages.

electroshock cock cage

This is what you get:

  • Build in electrostimulation
  • Including the power box
  • Lightweight cock cage
  • 5-inches (11.4cm) internal length
  • Lots of size adjustments

I recommend the ElectroShock cock cage if you’re into electro-play and with a cage that combine chastity with that.

#7 CB-6000s Short Pink Chastity Cage

Is this the perfect chastity cage for sissy play? There is no doubt that it’s all the way up there in terms of quality and features and its tiny appearance and pink color makes it ideal for sissy training.

It comes with 5 spacer rings in the same wonderful pink color that let you adjust the size for the perfect fit.

You’re going to have a really hard time getting a boner in the 6000s since it’s only 2.5-inches (6.3cm) long making it perfect for boner-blocking.

This is what you get:

  • A short high-quality chastity cage
  • Pink polycarbonate (medical grade)
  • 5 Spacer rings
  • Padlock and key
  • Good air flow and urinal cutout

I recommend the CB-6000s Pink cage if you want the ultimate sissy play chastity cage.

#8 Oxballs Meatlocker

This is a widely different product from all the others on this best list due to how it functions and the material used. It’s made with a mix of silicone and TPR which makes it strong and super stretchy so you can stretch it out over your cock.

There are a few downsides to this design approach and that’s the lack of a lock for true chastity device and the hole you need to urinate though might not sit at the right place and you have to adjust it before urinating.   

This is what you get:

  • A uniquely designed chastity cage in stretchy material
  • Lightweight at around half the weight of other devices
  • It’s fairly cheap at half the price of other devices
  • The stretchy design makes it ideal for a wide range of penis sizes

I recommend the Oxballs Meatlocker if you want something super comfortable and don’t care about the missing lock.

#9 Dominix Deluxe Steel Ring Cage

This steel cage from Dominix Deluxe is hardly a “deluxe” anything but it’s a decent option and a cheap way to get a steel cock cage.

Just a quick note about the quality – No, this is not comparable to the CB-x’s and Master Series on this list but it’s less than half the price of the others. Some of the welding’s are a bit rough but nothing to worry about.

This is what you get:

  • Fairly cheap metal cage
  • Great airflow for ventilation and cleaning
  • Including padlock and 2 keys
  • 5-inch (8.9cm) cock cage

I recommend this product if you’re after a relatively cheap metal cock cage.

#10 Large Plastic Chastity Cage

The large size of the cage is perfect for those with larger anatomy and provides ample space for proper hygiene and cleaning. The cage is made from a durable and lightweight plastic material, making it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort.

One of the standout features of this cage is its ease of use. The locking mechanism is simple and intuitive, making it easy to put on and take off with minimal effort. The cage also comes with a set of numbered plastic locks, which adds an extra layer of security and control to the chastity experience.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality, large chastity cage that is both comfortable and secure, the AIC Legal large plastic chastity cage is an excellent choice. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting out, this cage is sure to provide a thrilling and satisfying experience.

large plastic chastity cage

What I like about it:

  • Large size fits most men comfortably
  • Made of durable and easy-to-clean plastic material
  • Locks securely with a small padlock, adding an extra layer of security

#11 Uberkinky Spiral Cage – Extra Wide

The Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Cage is made from high-quality stainless steel and has a spiral design that provides a unique sensation when worn. The cage is fully adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for your body.

The locking mechanism is secure and easy to use, so you can feel confident that your keyholder is in control. Plus, it comes with a set of numbered plastic locks, so you can keep track of how long you’ve been locked up.

If you’re looking for a unique and high-quality chastity cage that’s also large, the Uberkinky Spiral Chastity Cage is definitely worth considering. With its unique spiral design and comfortable fit, it’s sure to keep you locked up and wanting more.

uberkinky big spiral cage for men

What I like about it:

  • Large size for those with bigger penises
  • Spiral design for added visual appeal
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Includes a lock and key for secure chastity play

Do you want to learn more before choosing the right cage for you? Read my full guide to chastity cages for men below.

What is a Chastity Cage?

A chastity cage is a device that allows for ultimate control over your sexual desires. It is typically made of a hard material like metal or plastic and is designed to fit over your penis, restricting access to the genitals.

You often find it in BDSM and fetish play as a way to enhance eroticism and heighten the power dynamic between dominant and submissive partners. When you wear a chastity cage, you surrendering control over your sexual urges to your dominant partner, creating a thrilling experience for both of you. If you’re looking to explore the world of chastity play, a chastity cage is a great way to start.

How do I Find the Right Size?

The internal length of the cage should be slightly shorter (around 1cm. ½-inch) than your flaccid penis size. This is due to gravity pulling down on the cage, especially heavier cages made of steel.

You measure your flaccid penis size from the tip of your penis all the way to the base, but not bone pressed.

It’s very important that you look at the internal dimensions of the cage and not the outer dimensions.

Make sure that your penis girth will fit in the cage by measuring the circumference of your penis which has to be smaller than the internal circumference of the cage.

If you’re after an almost flat chastity cage then head over to our list of the best flat chastity cages.

How do I Put a Chastity Cage on my Penis?

There are quite a few different ways to lock your penis in a chastity cage but the vast majority uses a locking ring behind your balls. The how to put it on step-by-step guide below is for that type of cage:

  1. Make sure that your cage is the right size for your penis. A properly sized cage should be snug but not too tight.
  2. Apply lubricant to your penis to make it easier to slide into the cage. Don’t use a silicone-based lube if you’re using a plastic or silicone cage. And please be careful if the cage you have has leather parts as lube and leather don’t really work that well together.
  3. Insert your flaccid penis into the cage, making sure it’s properly aligned with the opening at the end. You might experience getting an erection during the insertion due to the excitement, simply pull out and wait until your flaccid again.
  4. Select the right size ring or base and slide it behind your testicles and secure it in place with the lock.
  5. Once the cage is in place, the dominant partner can take the key and enjoy the power of controlling your sexual urges.
  6. Remember, a properly sized and fitted cage should be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Enjoy the thrill of being in chastity and let your dominant partner take control.

Can I Wear it Under my Pants?

Absolutely! A chastity cage is designed to be discreet and you should be able to wear it under your clothing, including pants. The key to wearing a chastity cage under your pants is choosing a cage that fits comfortably and doesn’t cause any chafing or irritation.

It’s also important that you wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent any discomfort or visible bulges. So go ahead, wear your chastity cage out in public and enjoy the thrilling secret of your locked-up desires.


A: Yes, as long as you don’t use a cage with leather parts. It’s also a great time to clean the cage with soap as they can get kind of nasty if you don’t wash it. Drying off is a bit more challenging but I personally hold the cage tightly with one hand and shake it off. A little water does not hurt but you can also use a blow-dryer on cold to blow off the water from your penis and the cage.

A: There really is no “best” material since each material has its own use case and disadvantages. You might not like the look and feel of a silicone cage if you’re into BDSM and would much rather prefer leather and steel. So simply just pick a chastity device of the material you like and prefer. 

A: It should not hurt unless that’s part of your agreement with your partner. Some chastity devices have a vice feature that can be tighten around your penis for extra control. You can read more about vice chastity cages here.

A: You can get them is most well assorted sex toy shops and countless online stores. I personally love shopping at as they have a wide range of sex toys including around 30 chastity devices.

There is also a great site called that have a large selection of BDSM gear including some pretty cool chastity cages.

You should generally avoid buying from places that allow 3rd party sellers (like Amazon, e-Bay, and AliExpress) as there are so many counterfeit products being sold at those sites. You could seriously hurt yourself if the quality is bad or the wrong non-body safe materials are being used.

A: This is bound to happen and ideally the cage would prevent you from getting a full erection. It might be uncomfortable but that will simply reduce the erection and bring your penis back to its flaccid state.

A: I’ve covered quite a few very special chastity designed in my years in the sex toy industry and some of the more specialized models that I’ve written about are spiked chastity cages and urethral chastity cages which takes things to the extreme.

My Final Thoughts About Chastity Cages

I really think that chastity cages can be an exciting and thrilling addition to your sexual play, even if you’re not into any form of BDSM. The sole act of letting go of your control feels amazing! A penis cage can enhance intimacy and create a deeper level of trust between you and your partner, as well as allow for a power dynamic that can be both fulfilling and satisfying.

If you’re considering trying out a chastity cage, the CB-6000 device is a great option. It’s comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, made with high-quality materials, and offers a secure fit that allows for a level of control that can be both pleasurable and intense. Whether you’re looking to explore BDSM or simply want to add a new dimension to your sexual experiences, the CB-6000 chastity device is definitely worth considering.

I recommend the CB-6000 if you’re new to chastity play or even if you’re an experienced user.

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