Water, air, or electric – What’s the best?

Does size matter?

Some women tend to believe it doesn’t.

However,the vast majority of them believe that abig penis is an automatic turn on for them. For a majority of men, size definitely matters.

They always feel that the size of their penis defines their performance in bedas well boost their self-confidence. Is my penis of the normal size? Does its length and size satisfy my partner? These aresome of the common questions most men ask themselves.

Fortunately, if youhave been having concerns with your penis and would like to increase it withsome few inches, penis pumps have been proven to help. The chances are thatyou’ve heard about penis pumps before from different sources.

Probably you’ve heard your doubt if the device actually works or not. This article will help clear your doubt by taking a deeper look at different types of penis pumps and how theywork.

What is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is adevice that is comprised of a pump attached to a cylinder and is designed to increase the size of the penis as well as treat a myriad of erectile dysfunctions. For you to use a penis pump, you need to place the transparent cylinder over your penis.

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Then use your pump which can be air based, water-based or electric based to pump air out of the cylinder thus creating a vacuum. The vacuum (Study on vacuum therepy) helps blood to flow into thepenis which will result in an immediate increase in both length and size of the penis.

penis rings work very well with penis pumpsAfter the penis has increased to your desired length, place a constriction ring at the base of the penis to help maintain the erection during the sexual intercourse.

A penis pump has proven to be an effective remedy to a broad range of erectile dysfunctions especially if you’ve tried other methods and they have failed or have negative side effects.

Most men who use a penis pump achieve an erection that will last theman entire session of sexual intercourse. The risk associated with penis pumpsis low, and the device is generally affordable hence anyone can afford.

Types of Penis Pumps

There are different types of penis pumps, which have different specifications and functions differently. They can meet the requirements of all customers, depending on the customer’s preferences and needs. Here are the three major types of penis pumps.

Air-Based Penis Pumps

air based penis pumpAir-based penis pumps are the very first type of penis pumps to be introduced into the market. The reason this type is called the air based is that air is what is filled into the device cylinder. The penis is then exposed to vacuum forced after sucking the air out of the cylinder usinga pump.

An air-basedpenis pump is very effective when it comes to delivering intended results. However, it also has some drawbacks. If not properly used, the user can suffer from some blisters. An air-based penis pump can also lead to damage of the tissue. However, if the user can be diligent enough to follow the provided instructions, air based penis pump is very safe.

One of the major difference that set this type of pump apart from the others is the mode of handling. Air-based penis pumps are built with a rubber tube, cylinder, and hand grip, and there are some that have a pressure gage.

Unlike other types of pumps where you may handle the device with a single hand, this type of pump requires the use of your both hands to fit and pump air out. This means that you need to be physically fit to be able to handle the pump in the right way.

The best thing about this type of pumps is that they mostly feature a pressure gage. The pressure gauge comes in handy when it comes to measuring the right amount of pressure you need to apply so as not to injure your penis. You can also choose to beconsistent with a specific amount of pressure you feel most comfortable with.

Water Based Penis Pumps

water based penis pumpWater-based penis pumps were introduced to the market about a decade ago. They are also referred to as hydro pumps. Currently, water-based type of penis pumps are the best seller because of the extra safety measures they employ compared to air based penis pumps.

I have made a guide for men who are looking for large penis pumps, they are all water based and very effective, check it out, you might ifnd a pump that you like. I have also made a list of the 10 best penis pumps in 2019 that will fit 99.99% of all men!

Unlike air based penis pumps, this kind of pumps does not use a vacuum to create sanction. Instead, they replace the vacuum with water thus providing the necessary safety. Using water to create the vacuum makes the penile blood to be more uniform.

This is because thereare no air pockets which are often caused by vacuum pumps. A majority of people prefers Water-based penis pumps since you do not have to use both hands to operate. This means you can put it on using very few minutes.

Water-based penis pumps include the Penomet and Bathmate both of which can be used completely submerged in water. One best thing about this type of penis pump is that you can use it while on the shower and will require no lubrication.

Most of the best penis pumps are water-based since it more effective then air-based, you can read more about the top rated penis pumps here.

Here some additional benefits of using waterbased penis pumps:

You can read more about water penis pumps here and get a list of the best pumps right now.

Here are some of the best water based penis pumps in the market:

3rd hydromaxTheHydromax Series

The Hydromax Series areamong the best water based penis pumps available in the market today. This is because they take into account allmen’s needs which include curing erectile dysfunctions as well as increasingthe penis size.

Power and high efficacyare some of the distinguishing features you will find on these devices compared to others in the market.

Some of the benefits of using these devices include:

Bathmate Penis Pump

The Bathmate Series isanother worthy option for men looking tosolve erectile dysfunctions without undergoing many hassles. The devices have being in the market for quite some time, and they have developed a high reputation among theusers.

The price is affordable thus making them a perfect option for men whoare just starting. Some of the penis Bathmate penis pumps included the 4 Hydromax X models, Hercules and Hydromax extreme models.

Some of the benefits of these devices include:

I have made some reviews of the Bathmate penis pump that you can read – HydroMax9 review and HydroXtreme11 review.

Electric Penis Pump

electric penis pumpsElectric pumps are thethird type of penis pumps available in the market. They are the latest versionto be introduced. Just as their name suggests, these type of penis pumps uses electricity to operate.

You don’t have to useboth hands while using it, all you have to do is insert it correctly and pressa button for it to operate. They are effective when it comes to boosting the erection hardness, giving astronger orgasm and generally enhancing the sexual experience.

Electric pumps have been tested and proven to be effective. However, when you compare the electric pump with other types of penis pumps like water pumps, the water pumps work more effectively in achieving the desired goals. However, they are quite a number of reasons why one may prefer picking an electric pump.

First, electric pumpsare cheaper compared to water pumps. Most water pumps available in the marketgo for approximately $100 with some of the high-endversions attracting up to $300.

However, electric pumps can be sold for as less as $30. The other advantage is that when it comes to electric pumps, you can use them in the comfort of your bedroom. While using awater pump, you will be forced to do it from the bathroom because of the water.

Electric penis pumps are perfect for middle-aged and old men who suffer from musculoskeletal and coordination disorders. They are also perfect for people who have no strength to pump the vacuum for themselves using their hand.

You can read more about the best electric penis pumps here.

Here are some of the electric penis pumps available in the market:

electric mens high vacuum penis pumpLuvkisElectric Pump

With Luvkis electricpenis pump, it has never been easier toincrease the size of your penis and solve a myriad of other erectile dysfunctions. The device has been craftedout of medical-grade and body safe material.

As such, you can comfortably useit on your penis without having to worry about any side effects. With the device, you can solve all your erectile dysfunction in a way that is 100% safe. All you have to do is slide the deviceover your penis, press the button and you’re ready to go. You will feel theeffect of the device after just a few minutes.

This device features a quick release valve at the top of the pump. This feature allows you to instantly release the vacuum pressure thus making it easy to remove. This allows you to go straight to action without wasting any time.

AndrovacuumElectric Pump

This is another device that helps increase the quality of your erection as well as solve a myriad of men erectile dysfunctions problems. Using this device for 5 to 7 times a week can help improve penis length and girth. If you would want to make things more comfortable, you can try and use some lubricants with the device.

In a nutshell, these are some of the benefits of using this device:

Bottom Line

When it comes tosolving some of your erectile dysfunction, you need to know that most of themwill not happen instantly. You need to be disciplined and used it on a regularbasis.

Regular use of a penis pump is going to help you increase the size ofyour penis, achieve harder erections as well as contribute to stronger orgasms.

Also, keep in mind thequality of the penis pump you are going to purchase will affect your overallexperience. Go for cheaper options and the chances are that you are going toget poor results.

It is important to operate on a budget but try and get the bestdevice based on what you have. However, it is worth it to spend some few morecoins and end up getting the best device that will solve your problem in just amatter of days.

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