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The Dominique sex doll is one of the most popular life-size sex dolls and there are a few reasons why that is.

Her skin is made of TPE that is a very realistic looking material that feels and looks like human skin.

Dominique has amazing curves, big tits and a nice ass.

dominique sex doll review

I recommend the Dominique sex doll for all men who are looking for a life-size sex doll.

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There is a growing demand for sex dolls as relationships between men and women become more complicated, demanding and even unpredictable.

Further, the recent pandemic has forced many people to stay indoors alone for weeks and months at length and therefore getting the right sexual partner is not easy to say the least.

In such situations, men have to look at other options and sex dolls, they believe, could help satisfy their sexual urge and also could cater to their emotional needs to a certain event.

However, choosing the right sex doll in a highly competitive market is not easy and it requires quite a bit of research, gathering of information and knowledge.


However, there are a few sex doll brand names that have stood out from the rest of the crowd. One such name is Dominique sex doll. It is quite popular amongst men of various ages and from various backgrounds.

Hence, we believe that it would be a good idea to go through a reasonably comprehensive Dominique sex doll review. We are sure it will be enlightening and informative to our readers and they will be able to make a decision based on the information that is being shared over the next few lines.

The Dolls Come with the Best Physical Attributes

If some of the readers are able to visit the website of Dominique and have a look at the physical attributes of these wonderful dolls, we believe that many men will start developing a can interest in them.

The physical attributes would certainly set their adrenaline racing and they would be keen on spending time with her on the bed within the next available opportunity.

Whether it is the hips, ass, or the thighs, as a man you can be sure that the attributes are simply titillating and perhaps even irresistible. The sexy doll is simply hotness and sexiness overloaded.

If as a man, if you are able to see her from the front, you will have a tough time controlling yourself. This is because of the awesome h-cup breasts, the pink nipples that are hard and erect to touch and also warm.

Yes, there are other attributes of the front side of this sexy doll that would be better understood by imagining about it rather than being descriptive about it.

It is quite obvious that she oozes sex every time you see her and she is ready to strip naked and lay beside you and take you a wonderful world of imagination and sexual fantasies.

dominique sex doll

Some Main Features

  • The doll comes with a height of 5 feet 4 inches or around 163 centimeters.
  • It is made from high quality TPE material.
  • It is possible to enjoy anal, oral and vaginal sex.
  • You also will love the steel skeleton that has movable joints.
  • Life-size sex doll for the most realistic sex experience.
  • She weighs around 48.5 kilograms.
  • The bust size is 37.8 inches
  • Hip size is 43.3 inches
  • Waist size is around 26.4 inches.
  • Men also will love the overall hole-depth whether it is the vagina, mouth or the anus. The depth of the vaginal hole is 6.7 inches and it is the same as far as anus hole is concerned. You also can have sex in her mouth and the mouth hole is conveniently sized at 5.1 inches.
  • The entire product is packaged and shipped discreetly. The box is completely unlabelled and plain.
  • Once the order has been confirmed and payment made, the processing time would take around 2 weeks. One more week is required for shipping. There for you can expect the doll to be at your doorsteps within three weeks.

dominique sex doll review

Some More Interesting Takeaways

  • The hair can be made blonde but this has to be done before the order is placed. It could be mentioned in the order notes or even through mail, live chat and other forms of communication.
  • On demand, prospective customers also will be able to have a closer look at her vagina. This is important because other competition brands offer this facility.
  • While placing the order, the manufacturers also allow hollowing the breasts because some men believe that hollow breasts are softer.

What Do Customers Say?

Customer feedback is vital and therefore it would be interesting to know as to what customers have to say about this Dominique sex doll.

On the whole, they are extremely happy and satisfied with the overall looks, material and other characteristics of this doll. They believe that it has offered them complete sexual satisfaction.

Conclusion about the Dominique sex doll

If you are on the lookout for a quality sex doll that offers you complete sexual satisfaction and also would like to have an emotional companion, then you have many reasons to bring home this sexy, hot, cute and willing Dominique sex doll. You will certainly get good value for money.

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