Fleshpump Review 2023

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  • Price

Review Summary:

The Fleshpump is an electric penis pump made by Fleshlight that are known for producing quality sex toys for men.

The pump is very simple (which is a good thing.) yet powerful and it works as it should.

One minor downside is that it’s just 8 inches long so that limited who can use it a bit, but it’s perfect for most guys.

Fleshpump free lube

Why should you buy the Fleshpump:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Works really well for the price

I recommend the Flesh pump if you’re after a good automatic penis pump.

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Every man is a big supporter of the #sizedoesntmatter movement, until they get their hands on something that even remotely guarantees penile enlargement.

And if you’re reading this, you’re also probably wondering whether the FleshPump is a safe and reliable option to enhance your manhood. Quite frankly, penises aren’t Build-A-Bear toys, so you shouldn’t have such surreal expectations.

But as Eminem would’ve put it, “What good is a machine gun when it’s out of ammo?” Likewise, the FleshPump model has been making waves as a potent stamina enhancement toy.

But, is this toy actually worth the hype?

Let’s explore its key features and find out!

Why Should I buy the Fleshpump?

FleshPump sets itself apart as a portable gymnasium for your Johnson to train for stamina. For those who need a break from the regular pocket pussies, here’s why this automatic masturbator is a treat you can’t miss.

Fleshpump review

Design and Durability

FleshLight (check our list of the best Fleshlights here) has always stayed one step ahead of its competition in terms of design, and likewise, this model feels very solid and durable. Built with premium plastic compound for long-lasting product life, the FleshPump is an elite sex toy for men who prefer to unleash their wild side.

And although the model is built to last for years, it’s brilliant design ensures that you don’t last for more than a few seconds. Furthermore, it can fit the standard penis sizes, making it a universal masturbation toy you shouldn’t miss.

Multiple Accessories

As bizarre as it may sound, the FleshPump comes off as a full-fledged professional kit for an ecstatic solo experience. However, this product isn’t powered by batteries, which makes it a little less inconvenient.

Nevertheless, you get a micro USB charger that somewhat compensates for it by charging the device under 2.5 hours. Also, you get a powerful electric pump equipped with a safety valve for an intense sexual experience.

Other additional accessories include a transparent cylindrical penile cover, so that you can see yourself getting jerked off by a machine (in case your cyberpunk fetishes know no bounds).

Fleshpump free lube

Ease of Use and Versatility

Despite being an electric penis pump, it’s somewhat easy to use. However, at a similar price, water-based penis pumps are a far better option if you’re looking for higher ease of use – you can read more about water penis pumps here.
However, operating this product isn’t rocket science either.

Speaking of versatility, this one manages to stand above average with its dual base setting. The second base appears a lot more solid and offers a comparatively more intense orgasmic experience. Nevertheless, don’t forget to lube your shaft before you get going.

Guaranteed Enhancement in Performance

No, we can’t truly guarantee whether this model is the ultimate go-to pick for those who aren’t satisfied with their penile size. However, continuous usage of this product can result in a significant enhancement in your sexual performance.

The toy starts sucking your penis with all its life once you slide it in, and you’ll be able to notice a visible thickness within a few minutes of usage. And after 15 minutes of usage, this product temporarily enlarges your pecker into a heavy pussy-destroying trunk that is guaranteed to boost your confidence.

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Low Maintenance

At the end of the day, we’re men. High maintenance is one of the reasons that drives us away from regular sex (shots fired!). Luckily, this product appears to be quite easy to clean. It’s very convenient to pull apart and re-assemble, which does the trick.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although a lot could’ve been better, we’re a little upset with how this product isn’t suitable for men with bigger and thicker penises. It comes in a standard 8-inch length, so you get what you get! Also, the product falls apart easily, if you don’t fix it precisely.

Kind of a bummer, isn’t it?



  • Lightweight and portable sex toy
  • Automatic suction technology
  • Low maintenance; easy to clean
  • Enhances sexual stamina


  • Not suitable for bigger penises (more than 8 inches)

My final toughts about the Fleshpump

It’s very simple – if you’re a lazy technology geek, then the FleshPump will surely get your rocks off. At a slightly high budget, this product offers decent power to enhance your performance in bed.

However, if you’re someone who appreciates the best values, then the water-based penis pumps are a far better option worth your attention and that’s why you’ll find the Fleshpump at number 4 on our list of the best penis pumps.

Use with a good quality cock ring and you’re ready to rock and roll!

That said, we’ll see you soon with more sex toy reviews, so stay tuned!

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