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Glass is a very interesting material for sex toys with a lot of great features but with certain limits. You’re not going to find any vibrating, bending, or stretching sex toys made of glass, but you can find:

glass sex toys

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Different Sex Toys Made of Glass

  • Dildos – By far the most popular sex you made with glass and also the category with the most options. It’s important that you buy good quality glass dildos so you avoid the risk of getting a bad quality product that breaks even when handled with care. You can find a list of the best glass dildos here and lean much more about them.
  • Butt plugs – Another great use of glass is butt plugs which adds the benefit of being able to have a look inside while being used. You can find some of my favorite glass butt plugs in our article about the best glass butt plugs.
  • G-Spot dildos – The G or P spot dildos are often curved which makes it a lot easier to touch the right spot and massage it. A G or P-spot massager needs to be very stiff in order for it to be used without bending which makes glass a great choice as a material. You can find the best glass g-spot dildos for G and P spot massage.
  • Anal dildos – Slightly thinner and often with a beaded design the anal dildo barely varies from its more common sibling the dildo. There are however design features that makes a normal dildo unusable as an anal dildo which includes a small base or no-base at all, which is a huge no-go when used for anal play. I’ve made a list of the best glass anal dildos if you wish to give them a try.

Let’s look at some glass sex toy safety.

Are Glass Sex Toys Safe?

Glass sex toys are generally very safe to use since it’s none porous which makes it very easy to clean and store.

There are however lots of the cheaper manufactures that cut corners which results in poor quality glass sex toys where a lot of stress is build up in the glass which ultimately will result in it breaking.

You’re generally better off buying from known brands that sell handmade high-quality glass sex toys rather than getting the cheapest you can find in what ever store you happens to shop in.

And for the love of God – Please don’t buy from Amazon, eBay, or any other platform that allows 3rd party sellers since they have no control over the product quality. Counterfeit glass sex toys are sold every day from these marketplaces which will not only hurt the real brands, but you!

What if I see a chip or crack?

Don’t use any glass sex toys if it got any chips, cracks, or even a scratch

What Lubrication is Good with Glass?

Glass is the perfect sex toy material when it comes to lubrication since you can use what ever you feel like. Nothing is going to ruin your toy so you can use it with silicone, oil, or water-based lubrications.

I would however recommend a thicker lube since glass is super smooth and your thin water-based lube might simply just run off before you have a chance to insert the toy.

How do I clean glass sex toys?

Good quality glass sex toys can be boiled which is a really good way to get rid of all germs, lube, and body fluids. You can also use soap and warm water, just make sure you wash off all the soap before drying it.

Soap residue can irritate your skin and cause itching and a rash.

What’s Good and Bad About Glass as a Sex Toy Material

Let’s take a look at some of the good things about glass:

  • It’s none-porous
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Holds it shape
  • Stiff
  • Great for temperature play

But not all it good, let’s look at the bad things about glass:

  • It can’t be used for vibrating sex toys
  • It can’t be bent or stretched
  • It can break and potentially hurt you
  • It’s heavy

My Final Thoughts About Glass Sex Toys

Glass is a great sex toy material if used in the right way and a good handcrafted glass sex toy can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.

It is however super important that you don’t buy products too cheap since it’s a clear sign of low-quality and you really don’t want it to break inside you.

I’ve personally never seen one break but there are unfortunately a few horror stories of glass sex toys breaking while being used.

My advice is to only buy from websites that you trust and are officially resellers of the brand you’re looking to buy. This ensures that it’s the real deal and not a cheap Chinese counterfeit glass sex toy.

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