5 Best Hollow Butt Plugs 2023

A hollow butt plug lets you have a look inside your sex-partners ass or use other toys while it’s expanded.

Below are the best rated hollow anal plugs that we’ve reviewed and tested the last 12 years.

best hollow butt plug

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What is the Best Hollow Butt Plug?

#1. MEO 24/7 Butt Plug Stretching Ring

If you want one of the best hollow butt plugs which can stay in place for 24 hours a day, then this is the right one.

This is perfect for an anal training session which can last for a long time. This plug is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Polished and smooth finish
  • Made up of high-grade aluminum alloy
  • 24/7 anal stretch hollow ring


  • Great for the beginners
  • Quite easy to insert
  • Keep the anal passage open
  • Perfect for long-term training


  • Doesn’t come with vibrator

What I think about it

If you are looking for an anal stretching equipment or tool, then this is the right one that you can consider.

 With the beautiful silky smooth and high polish feel, it can be quite easy for you to insert this plug easily. This ring-like hollow butt plug can help you to keep the anal passage open for longer time.

# 2. Oxballs Hollow Plug With LED Light

You’re going to be thrilled with this intriguing discovery – the Oxballs Glowhole 2 Hollow Buttplug With LED Insert.

This isn’t just another buttplug; it offers a unique pleasure experience that sets it apart. Made from body-friendly materials for your safety and comfort, it features a hollow design that allows for innovative play.

The LED insert is an impressive addition, bringing a unique aesthetic touch to your pleasure explorations.
Its durability and easy maintenance ensure uninterrupted fun. I’m convinced that the Oxballs Glowhole 2 will add a brilliant new dimension to your intimate moments.

oxballs glowhole led


  • Unique and convenient design
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • Made from toxin-free material
  • Can be stretched up to a maximum extent.
  • Hollow butt plug design


  • With a total weight of 117 grams, it is slightly on the heavier side

What I think about it

This is a premium plug which can help you to explore anal part of your partner in the best way possible. This hollow plug works as an open tunnel with a clear silicone material and a slot for a small LED light.

You can read more about butt plugs with LED’s if you would like to learn more about this type of feature.

# 3. Master Series Tunnel Butt Plug

Want to experience one of the best hollow butt plugs in large size? Then this is the best one to consider. It is textured internally with ribs to enhance your sex play.

The middle part is flared and the based is tapered in nature to keep the plug properly in place. This butt plug is made up of the best quality material.


  • Made of high-quality TPE
  • Inner diameter is 1.5 inches
  • Total length is 4.25 inches
  • Length for insertion is 3.5 inches


  • Extremely versatile in nature
  • Can be used for sex play and foreplay
  • Comes with textured inner for enhancing experience
  • Quite long and tapered


  • Not for using 24/7

What I think about it

This plug is quite versatile in nature and it is a perfect accessory for sex and foreplay. You can get unlimited access to the anal side of your partner with the help of this. You can even use this for anal training and examinations.

#4. Master Series Spread Me Open Anal Plug

This hollow butt plug comes with a leather strap that can hold the knees back for proper stretch of the legs. This strap is connected with the neck and shoulder with proper padding to ensure complete comfort.

It comes with textured canal to enhance the stimulation when you are penetrating. This can be the best plug for all your fantasies and desires.


  • The length is 4.25 inches
  • Strap length is 86 inches
  • Circumference is 7.85 inches
  • Inner diameter is 3.5 inches
Master Series Spread Me Open hollow butt plug


  • The straps are completely adjustable in nature
  • Padded harness for ultimate comfort
  • Textured canal of the plug for enhance stimulation
  • Transparent for easy see through


  • Not made up of best material

What I think about it

Want to get your hands on a butt plug which you can adjust according to your needs? Then this is the right one for you to consider.

# 5. Oxballs Pig Hole

This comes with a genuine platinum silicone which is free of phthalates and is completely hypoallergenic and non-porous in nature. It can give a complete satisfying feeling with fullness. It can stretch the anal like you want it to.


  • Circumference ranges from 6.75 inches to 10.25 inches
  • Diameter ranges from 1.25 inches to 1.87 inches
  • Completely waterproof
oxballs pig hole


  • Available in different sizes and lengths
  • Perfect for anal play
  • Made up of good quality material
  • Can be used in water


  • Tapered end is not so wide

What I think about it

This is one of the best hollow butt plugs that you can have for your sex play. The inner lining of the plug is textured in nature which can help in enhancing the stimulation during the penetration.

Hollow Butt Plug Conclusion

There are unfortunately not that many options when it comes to hollow anal plugs but the ones above are all good.

If you want some more options then head over to our main guide to butt plugs.

Or you can get a glass butt plug what also allows you to look inside your partners ass.

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