How to increase your penis girth – Quick and easy

When we’re talking about penis size it’s almost always the length that we talk about, but the truth is that the penis girth is just as important if not more.

According to a recent study, by SPAN lab in California, women prefer a penis with large girth compared to a long thin penis. You can read more about female orgasms and the anatomy of the vagina here.

Luckily, it’s easier to increase your penis girth than to increase the length of your penis.

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Let’s take a look at the most effective way

penis girthThe first method is using a penis pump, this is by far the most effective and fastest way to increase the girth of your penis. I use a penis pump on a regularly basis for length gains and improved blood flow to my penis, but I was surprised how much girth I gained.

You can literally see the gains after the first time you use the pump.

How does it work?

When you use, a penis pump you create an “artificial” erection that is bigger than a normal erection. The reason for this is the low pressure in the pump, this will force blood into the two chambers (Corpus cavernosa) in your penis.

The chambers expand when you get an erection and retract when normal, when you use a pump on a regular basis you will increase the amount the cambers can expand thus increasing the girth.

Picking the perfect penis pump for penis girth gains

Finding a penis pump the fit your needs is not as simple as it might sound, there are a couple of things that you need to consider before choosing a pump:

  • Water based penis pump vs. Air based penis pump
  • The size of the pump
  • What is your budget

Let’s take a look at the choices:

Water-based vs. air-based penis pumps

water vs air penis pump

I’m personally a big fan of water-based penis pumps and own 2 different models (Bathmate Hydro7 and a Penomet pump) I also have an air-based one (Handsome Up).

Here are some of the reasons why I love water based once:

  1. They are much more comfortable to use
  2. The size of the tube is wider (good for girth gains)
  3. Your penis tissue is more elastic when submerged in hot water

Here are some of the things I don’t like about them:

  1. They are expensive
  2. You need to be in the bathroom to use it

I also use an air based penis pump from time to time – here are some of my experiences with it.

Here are some of the reasons why air based pumps are good:

  1. They are really cheap
  2. Can be used outside the bathroom

Here are some of the things I don’t like about them:

  1. They tend to be very narrow (very little room for girth improvements)
  2. It hurts when your glans touches the inner wall of the tube, this does happen a lot if the tube is narrow (unless your penis is completely straight).
  3. Your glans skin get very dry and it can cause small skin fractures

Get the right penis pump size

This does all depend on how big your penis is and/or how curved it is, you will need a very large pump if your penis is above 7 inches and it’s curved more than 15 degree. In that case, you should get yourself a Bathmate hydroXtreme11 which is absolutely hug!

If your penis is between 5-7.5 inches and not too curved (more than 15 degree), then you can pretty much choose whatever water-based penis pump you like, because they are all going to fit you.

If you are under 5 inches then you can get yourself an air-based penis pump or, as I would do, take some of the smaller water-based pumps like the Hydromax5.

hydromax7 girth gains

I have not reviewed/tested any of the really small pumps or the really big pumps, since they don’t fit my penis size, but they are all from the same company and I know that the quality is top notch on the Bathmate/Hydromax pumps.

You can check out my list of the best penis pumps here.

What is your budget?

Another important thing to consider is your budget, the price for a penis pump vary a lot!

The cheapest I could find on Amazon was $12.99 (Please do yourself a favor and DON’T buy any of those cheap Chinese pumps) and you can get pumps all the way up to $349. This is however a lot cheaper and safer compared to surgery that also come with high risk.

I have made a price list of all the water based penis pumps that I recommend.

Prices of water based penis pumps:

  1. Bathmate Hydo7 $110
  2. Penomet Standard $127
  3. Hydromax5 $139
  4. Hydromax7 $159
  5. Penomet Extra $197
  6. Hydromax9 $199
  7. Hydromax Extreme5 $249
  8. Penomet Premium $297
  9. Hydromax Extreme7 $299
  10. Hydromax Extreme9 $349
  11. Hydromax Extreme11 $399

penis girth improvement

What kind of penis girth gains should I expect?

It’s very hard so say how much you’re going to increase your penis girth with because it depends on a number of things:

  • How long time you use the pump
  • How much vacuum you have in the pump
  • How responsive your body is to the training

You should be able to increase your penis girth with 25% after 6 months if all goes well.

How do I use it the best way?

Time and consistency is the keywords for a successful enlargement.

I recommend that you use the pump for between 15-20 min. each pumping session and you should do 5-6 pumping sessions each week. It’s very important to take rest days during the week for your body to fully recover, just like other kinds of physical training.

It should never be uncomfortable to use a penis pump

Make sure that you use the maximum vacuum in the pump without hurting yourself. I personally pump out water until it feels a bit uncomfortable and then I just press the vent a tiny bit. This way I know I’m using the pump with maximum vacuum without it being uncomfortable.

You can however not do anything about how your body respond to the training.

Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a bummer but there is really nothing to do about it. We are all different and some men will gain a lot of girth in a couple of weeks and some has to work a half year for the same gains.

Are there other options for me?

Penis pumps is not the only way to gain a wider penis but it’s by far the best one in my opinion.

Here some other ways to get the job done:

  • Penis exercises – This is very slow and require a lot of hard work, it is however free! You can read my Phalogenics penis exercise review here.
  • Penis surgery – This is by far the quickest way to enlarge your penis but it comes with a hefty price ($6000-$10000) and it’s risky.
  • Penis extenders – They are mainly used for length gains but they do add a bit of girth to your penis. I do not recommend this option if you’re after girth gains only. I would recommend that you take a look at my list of penis extenders here if you think that it’s the right choice for you.

I recommend the Penomet

penomet is the best way to increase your penis girth

You should buy the Penomet if you want to increase your penis girth in a natural and permanent way. It’s a good quality product that will last you a long time and you can expect amazing results quickly!

You can buy it at

Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or use the contact form in the top.

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