5 Best Large Butt Plugs 2023

Large butt plugs are awesome toys for experienced users. These bad boys will make you feel completely filled and stretch you to your maximum.

If you are wanting to step up your ass game then look no further, I have found the best large butt plugs on the market, and you are in for a treat.

Whether you are into silicone toys, a firm aluminum or maybe even a large vibrating butt plug you will find everything to fulfill your desires.

best large anal plugs

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What is the Best Large Butt Plug?

#1. Doc Johnson TitanMen Master Tool No.4

This extra-large anal plug is not for beginners. The PVC plug consists of 3 bulbs with gradual increase in girth, going from 6 inches to 6.75 inches to 8.25 inches. You can slowly work your way up to the largest size using lots, and lots of water-based lube!

The Doc Johnson TitanMen Master Tool No. 4 is made from soft plastic and is firm, but not completely solid. It has a wide base to keep you completely safe during use.

titanmen master tool


  • 3 Bubles to ease your way into the whole experience
  • Great quality
  • Great feeling – not too firm and not too soft


  • The large size isn’t for everyone
  • Gets very slippery

My personal opinion

This is a massive toy and a little too large for my taste, but if you enjoy large toys, I’m sure that you will love the Doc Johnson TitanMen Master Tool No. 4. The plug has a nice smooth surface with no edges to kill the pleasure. I also like its three bulbs, which provides you with extra pleasure and lets you take it on gradually.

#2. Lovehoney Large Classic Silicone Putt Plug 5.5 Inches

This monster butt plug has a circumference of 7.5 inches. The huge plug will fill you up completely and stretch you to your maximum. What a feeling when you finally master the whole thing!

This beautiful silk cone plug is not for beginners but requires that you are experienced in anal play.

The shape is perfect and comfortable when you insert it. Some may prefer a slightly softer material, but that’s a matter of taste.

If you love a good, firm plug, then you will also love these Glass Butt plugs, and also check out our number five on this list; the glass rose.

large silicone butt plug


  • Easy to insert
  • Great quality
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Nice filling sensation


  • Could be more flexible

My personal opinion

Using this takes a lot of lube and a lot of patience. This is seriously large and only for very experienced users. I love the weight and the texture of this plug, and it is great that is has such a wide base! I wouldn’t want this thing to slip inside me.

#3. Nexus Ace Large Extra Quiet Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug 5 Inch

Vibrating butt plugs, ohhh what a feeling! You will never experience a stronger orgasm than when your backdoor is completely filled with a vibrating plug.

The Nexus Ace remote controlled plug is perfect for solo play or as a foreplay. It can be set to 8 different levels, and you can enjoy finding exactly the setting that satisfies you the most.

Is the Nexus Ace Large a little too big a mouthful? Then check out our other vibrating remote controlled butt plugs.


  • Intense sensation
  • Explosive orgasms
  • Remote controlled
  • 3 speeds and 3 patterns


  • A little pricy
  • Too firm, could be a bit softer to make it more comfortable

My personal opinion

I love a vibrating plug, especially with a remote control, that lets me take charge of the action. It is also fun to give your partner the remote and see what happens. The remote has a range of 8 meters, so you still must be in proximity to each other. I really like the ribbed neck, which gives just that little extra stimulation.

#4. Jeweled Aluminum Anal Plug

This beautiful jewel will make you feel sexy like never before. The plug is available in four colors so you can choose your favorite.

If you are not experienced in anal play, then you can choose it in one of the smaller sizes and gradually work your way up to the largest.

The aluminum plug is perfect for temperature play, and you can either heat it or cool it to play with the different sensations.

aluminum anal plug large


  • This plug is just too cute
  • Great for temperature play
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Very easy to clean


  • Packaging wasn’t as discreate as I would have liked

My personal opinion

I honestly love this plug. It comes in 3 different sizes and in different colors. It makes you feel pretty and sexy while wearing it. The weight is very nice and give you an intense and fulfilling sensation. Personally, I enjoy Metal butt plugs and if you do to, you should check these out as well.

#5. Lovehoney Full Bloom Large Rose Glass Butt Plug 4 Inches

This beautiful butt plug is rock hard and gives you a firm feeling of being filled. As with the aluminum plug, glass can also be heated or cooled, giving a whole new dimension to anal stimulation.

This firm plug is not the largest on our list, but it is perfect for you who want to explore larger toys. Give it a good amount of lubrication and it will go in smoothly.

lovehoney full bloom rose


  • Supreme quality
  • Looks very cute after insertion
  • Great for temperature play
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with a little satin bag


  • The material is cold, and you must warm it a bit before use

My personal opinion

This toy will make you feel like the prettiest little rose in the garden. The glass plug lets you play with the temperature, whether you like it hot or cold.

This rose is the perfect toy to spice up your sex life.

Update: Sold out, but I found a really nice and similar glass plug which you read more about and get at the button below.

My Final Thoughts About Big Butt Plugs

Going straight to a large butt plug might not be the best idea since it can be really hard to insert them. If you find the products on this list too big then head over to our list of the best butt plugs for a wide selection of sizes.

Make sure you’re fully lubed up before embarking on your mission and remember it should never hurt!

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