5 Best LED Butt Plugs 2023

Getting a butt plug with LED inside is a great way to start a party in the bedroom or where ever you wish to have sex.

There are not that many options but the ones below are all great and good-quality.

best led butt plugs

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What is the Best LED Butt Plug?

#1. BootySparks LED Plug

The latest offering from XR Brands, this booty plug is all you could ask for! The device is incredibly compact, so it easily sets between your butt cheeks. And the moment you start it, you can enjoy seven different types of uniquely satisfying vibrations.

All this while, five different types of colors will exude from the plug. These colors are in LED and they take your sexual experience to the next level. Finally, you also get a three-strobe setting where you get to choose between the varying speeds for the perfect satisfaction.

booty sparks led butt plug


  • A compact and flexible device with adjustable tapering
  • High-end remote control
  • Seven different speed settings and five types of LED lights
  • Three types of strobes for perfect stimulation
  • Crafted from high-quality silicon


  • The length of this plug is only 3 inches. So, if you are looking for something bigger, you might want to check out alternatives.

What I think about it

The plug is power-packed with some of the best features and functionalities. Having a remote-controlled butt plug works pretty well and the device is mostly silent.

#2. Ohmibod Plug

Ever wanted the best LED plugs that also support Bluetooth? If so, this latest innovation from Ohmibod might be what you’re looking for. This plug stands out from your average butt plug with tons of features and impressive tweaks.

The body is made out of high-quality silicone that is completely safe for your skin and won’t lead to any allergic reactions. The silicone features the perfect cushioned ridges for added stimulation and pleasure. Thanks to this adjustment, your experience is elevated to the next level.


  • Easy to use and connect.
  • Comes with a bunch of free apps.
  • Makes way for synchronized stimulations.
  • Strong vibrating butt plug
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • A full charge will take you around 2.5 hours

What I think about it

The product also comes with a bunch of free apps that you can pair with your partner to enjoy the best kinky vibes in sync. All you need to do is download the app to start using the remote. Thanks to this app and its advanced range, any couple can use the tool anywhere for a dual and collective sexual response.

#3. Oxballs Butt Plug

The best LED butt plugs don’t come cheap. However, this unique device from Oxballs is an exception. Designed like a pig-hole, this device offers all the features that you would otherwise expect from a plug. The shape is comfortable and fits you perfectly and you can always stretch the hole as and when needed.

The grip and spin are solid, and the head design adds to your pleasure with its unique and truly unconventional setting.

The plug is built from scratch using high-quality liquid silicone. Thanks to this, making a Glow hole is even easier. Because the consistency of the silicone is smooth, the overall surface will appear velvety and you would enjoy the LED glow even more.

oxballs glowhole led


  • Unique and convenient design
  • Beautiful LED lights
  • Made from toxin-free material
  • Can be stretched up to a maximum extent.
  • Hollow butt plug design


  • With a total weight of 117 grams, it is slightly on the heavier side

What I think about it

Given the incredible features of this plug, we would certainly recommend it for the lights and the superb performance.

#4. Lightup Plug

This is an excellent plug crafted from high-quality aluminum and it is one of the best options for anyone who is looking to go for a nickel-free plug. The product isn’t bulky, and it won’t take you much time to start using it.

Currently, it features four different colors of LED lights. These lights exude in varying patterns further improving your sexual experience like never before! Currently, the plug is available in a shade of gray that adds up to its classy and sophisticated vibe.

Because it is extremely compact, carrying the plug is easy.

light up anal plug


  • Doesn’t come with any trace amount of nickel
  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Four different settings for the LED lights
  • Classy, compact, and sophisticated


  • Priced steeper than other similar plugs.

What I think about it

Overall, we loved this plug and were tremendously impressed by its thorough and consistent performance on just a single charge.

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#5. Glowing Butt Plug Tail

When it comes to the best-LED butt plugs, this glowing plug stands out with its beautiful silicone body and its incredible flashes of light. Currently, it features three different lights, and you can turn them on with a simple tap.

Operating this device is even easier and this holds even if you haven’t used a piece of similar equipment before. The manufacturer details everything about the plug which allows you to make the most of it and experiment with the functionalities as much as you prefer!

glowing led tail butt plug


  • Comes with three different light settings
  • Butt plug tail design
  • Silicone body is soft and allergen-free
  • Easy to operate
  • Detailed manufacturer’s guideline


  • It’s kind of expensive

What I think about it

This is a decent butt plug if you are looking for a combination of features and affordability.

LED Butt Plugs Conclusion

Butt plugs are super fun and adding a LED light to a butt plug just makes it even more fun. There are quite a few different styles of butt plugs and a lot of them have at least one with an LED feature.

I really hope you found what you were looking for – You’re always welcome to ask questions in the comments below if you got something on your mind.

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