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Sex Toys Out of Metal – Is That a Good Idea?

Well, the pleasant world of sensuality has no boundaries. Its starts from an innocent kiss and it goes miles and miles deeper.

However, sex toys can add a super cool dimension to this world of happiness. Sex toys can be made of different types of materials.

But metal sex toys are excellent. They can enter into the vagina or anus without any hurdles. Moreover, you can have a wide range of metal sex toys. Hence, sex toys made of metal can really take you to the world of sexual phantasy.

Types of Metal Sex Toys

  • Dildos – Dildos are a common name. They look like an artificial penis. But metal dildos can be smaller or bigger in size. Metal dildos are perfect to get lost in the world of pleasure. They can go deeper and they are easy to slide in and out.
  • Butt-Plugs – Metal butt-plugs are the best for stretching your anus. All the nerves inside your butt can give you real pleasure. But there must be something inside your butt to excite the pleasure. Metal butt plugs can give you feelings of fullness and they may not hurt so much.
  • Anal Hooks – If you want to enjoy your sex in a crooked way, then metal anal hooks are the best ones. Steel hooks are easy to connect with your chastity belts or collars. Apart from that, your partner can also put it inside your butt to become the master of your body (the ruler).
  • Steel or Metal Speculum – At first sight, this may look like a bottle opener. But, it’s actually a medical instrument. The speculum is used to keep a vaginal hole wide open. Now, some people find it really pleasing to watch an open hole. For some, it’s a great way to stretch the vaginal hole. But whatever be the reason, you would definitely find this speculum a different one.
  • Wand Bows – Wand bows have two faces and they have steel balls attached to both sides. Now, a wand can incite pleasure once it touches the G-spot. You can also have pleasure from your P-spot. These solid wands are an ideal way to rouse your feelings and they never fail.
  • Chastity Cages If you want to control your partner completely, then metal chastity cages/belts should be the perfect one for you. These are not chains. But they act like soft bondage and for some time your partner will become a slave. Then, you can do anything with your partner.
  • Metal Whips – Whips can arouse a different kind of sadist feeling. Plastic or rubber whips are also there. But metal whips were used for the primitive slaves. So, whip your partner’s ass and enjoy the angry beast inside your partner.
  • Anal Beads – Anal beads are used only for anal pleasure. Men or women can put these small chained balls inside their anal and they can enjoy the tingling nerve sensation inside their butt hole.
  • Nipple Clamps – Nipples are the ultimate pleasure points. But, when you use these soft clamps on your partner’s nipples, your partner becomes a wild cave woman/man. They are not so painful, yet they rouse a feeling of rough rubbing around the nipples. So, have fun with the metal nipple clamps.

Why You Should Get Metal Sex Toys:

  • Super Smooth – Metal sex toys have an incredibly smooth polish. As a result, it’s really easy to slide them in. No other material can be as smooth as a metal sex toy.
  • Heaviness and Fullness – Metal is heavy. As a result, when you put them inside you, you can feel that there is something heavy inside you. This feeling of fulness can give you more pleasure.
  • Extremely Durable – Glass or plastic sex toys may last for some years. But metal sex toys are immortal. They won’t break easily and they will never lose their shape. So, they are worth buying.
  • Clanging Sound of Metal – The sound of metal is not so soft. Now, this sound can excite a sense of slavery. Therefore, some people love this old way of enjoyment.
  • Easy To Clean – You can sanitize metal sex toys. Metal is a non-porous material. So, bacteria won’t survive on these toys. You can also throw them in boiling water. Some people use alcohol or soap solutions to clean them. However, these toys are really easy to clean.

Why You Shouldn’t get them:

  • Not So Soft – Metal sex toys are not so soft. So, some people may not like these hard sex toys.
  • No Electronic Toys – Metal toys are not available with electronic parts. Because they are heavy. So, you need a powerful motor to vibrate them.
  • Fewer Options – Plastic or rubber toys have plenty of options. But metal sex toys are not available in many types. They don’t have the modern look.
  • Sharp Edges – Some metal sex toys have sharp edges. Hence, they may damage the delicate skin inside your anus or vagina.

Should You Use Lube on Sex Toys Made of Metal?

You can use vegetable oils, baby oils, coconut oils, and water-based lubes. You can also use oil-based lubricants to slide the toy inside your hole.

You can dip your metal sex toy in warm water and you can use it. Sometimes, metal can be really cold in winter. In that case, boil water and let it cool (keep it lukewarm). Then, dip your metal sex toy in the water and put it inside you. You would surely feel a new kind of warm pleasure.

My Final Thoughts About Metal Sex Toys.

Metal sex toys are not so easy to decay. Moreover, they have no electronic parts. As a result, you just don’t have to repair them or you don’t have to buy batteries.

These toys have a great finish and they slide inside you smoothly. The sweet metallic taste of stainless steel is also priceless. That’s why metal sex toys are excellent.

Once you buy them, you just don’t have to worry about them. They are easy to clean and you can store them almost anywhere. Even, you can keep them under your mattress. Because metal sex toys are unbreakable. So, use metal sex toys and make your sensual world more colorful.

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