5 Best Penis Sleeves 2023 – Extend Your Penis

Remember watching Spiderman 3 in the early 2010s?

It was so surprising to see how just a suit transformed a depressed Peter Parker into an absolute beast that could take on the most dangerous villains in New York!

So, have you ever wondered about getting a similar suit for your little Peter? By suits, we mean penis sleeves, of course. These provide your willie with an artificial increase in size and girth, giving you the confidence to experiment in the bedroom with your partner.

A 2016 study confirmed that the biggest insecurity of American men is, without a doubt, their penis size. We understand as the feeling of “not being enough” takes over you, it does not only ruin your sexual life but also worsens your psychological balance. Unsatisfying sexual relations leads to unhappy relationships, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

If your sex life isn’t what you and your partner long for, don’t worry, there are things you can do about it. We’ve enlisted some of the best penis sleeves you could revive your sex life with, so let’s go!

best penis sleeves

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#1 Size Matters 3-inch Penis Enhancer Sleeve

Shortcuts don’t always lead to adverse outcomes, and this 3-inch penis extender is great proof to support this statement. Within seconds, this sleeve adds 3 more inches to make you hung overnight.

If your budget is even shorter than your meatloaf, then this reasonably priced sleeve is just the perfect fit!

Size Matters clear box

Our Experience

Many of us resort to pills to increase our penis size, and to be honest, years of side-effects isn’t worth a few minutes of sexual confidence.

On that note, this product offers an average of 3” size growth and 2” extra girth in just a few moments, which gives you a feeling of being “big enough.” Also, you don’t have to worry about any side-effects on your skin post-sex, as it’s built with skin-safe TPR material.

Coming to its actual dimensions, this product measures 8.5 inches x 2 inches. It is hollow from inside so that you can wear it on your little friend like a scuba diving suit before you dive deep into the soaking wet depths.

Also, in case 8.5 inches is too huge for your partner, you can always trim the hollow bottom with a pair of sharp scissors to customize it as per your needs.

The sleeve appeared to be unimaginably realistic, which had us surprised. So, it’s guaranteed that your partner, too, wouldn’t feel any difference when you’re at work.

Also, you might worry that wearing a 2” thick sleeve will lessen your sexual pleasure? But, this sleeve features multiple tiny stimulators on the inside, which is guaranteed to double the fun instead.

Size Matters skin box


  • Adds 3 inches instantly
  • Easy to clean
  • Built with skin-safe material
  • Internal stimulators for intense orgasms


  • Need to trim the sleeve permanently to adjust the size

Bottom Line

When it comes to penis sleeves, this one seems to offer quite a lot at a bargain price. Just make sure that you’re using it with proper lubricants, otherwise, it may not be an enjoyable experience. Also, it’s pretty easy to clean, making it a lot more convenient for re-use.

Buy Size matters penis sleeves

#2 Nasstoys Maxx Men Clitmaster Penis Sleeve

Nasstoys has always been one of the top-selling brands in the adult industry, and the credits go to its naughty toys that do not know of any limits. We couldn’t stop ourselves from trying its Maxx Man Clitmaster Penis Sleeve, which had our attention with its sleek silicone design. Let’s check out what more does it bring to the table!

Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve

Our Experience

To be honest, once you use it, you’ll realize that the “Clitmaster” title in its name isn’t an exaggeration at all. This product is designed uniquely to limit the blood flow to your penis to make sure that you stay rock hard for a longer time. Furthermore, you can also flex or stretch its silicone frame to adjust the sleeve correctly on your cock for a more comfortable experience.

Although it’s only 2” inches long and 1.35” thick, it’s quite surprising how the sleeve covers most of the shaft, resulting in bigger and harder erections. However, what we liked the most about the Maxx Men Clitmaster, is that the product also takes care of your partner’s orgasms. In other words, it comes equipped with a clitoris stimulating ball installed on the top, which gives an intense sexual thrill to your partner with every thrust!

The fun for your partner doesn’t stop there. The subtle ridges are also guaranteed to hit her in the right spots. On top of that, this product also offers an out-of-the-box testicle loop that enhances stimulation while protecting the sleeve.

Overall, we found it to offer quite a lot at a reasonable price, which appears to be a “banger” of a deal.

Maxx Men Clitmaster black


  • Silicone frame for custom adjustments
  • Clitoris tickling ball for your partner
  • Subtle ridges for an intense orgasm
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Not flexible enough

Bottom Line

We found users complaining about the penis sleeve being either too large or too small. So, better measure your manhood precisely before you order one of these. Otherwise, you may find yourself complaining about the sleeve not fitting in the customer review section someday.

Buy Maxx Men Clitmaster Cocksleeve

#3 Blush Novelties Performance Stroker Pump Sleeve

Sex is even hotter when you and your partner are doing 69 different things at the same time. On that note, let’s move on to some multitasking products, shall we? The Blush Novelties Performance Stroker Pump Sleeve stands out as one of the most advanced products out there, which is guaranteed to help you enhance your stamina in bed.

blush performance stroker pump sleeve clear

Our Experience

A lot of buyers frequently complain about how the products do not fit their cock despite providing the exact measurement. On that note, we’re in love with how ergonomically this sleeve is designed – it just fits any penis, regardless of size and girth.

We’ve personally tried a few among our circle, and we were hardly complaining about the fit. The fit is further enhanced with its anti-air-leakage feature, giving you a stronger erection for a long time.

Now, if you’re wondering whether the penis sleeve will only please your partner and not you, you should look out for its interior texture. It’s been designed while prioritizing the user’s comfort the most so that you don’t miss any of the fun.

Furthermore, this makes an efficient stroker that you can use before or after your penis pumping sessions; that’s how comfortable it is as a product.

Noteworthy to mention, the manufacturers have enlarged the bottom opening so that the users don’t face any pain while using this sleeve. The bar for safety is raised even higher with its TPE build material, which does not consist of any paraffin or latex. So, we find it safe to recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a secure pumping experience.


  • Soft and enlarged opening
  • Anti-air-leakage fit for better erections
  • Built with TPE material
  • Suitable for stroking before or after pumping


  • Not always in stock

Bottom Line

We used to believe that finding the right penis sleeves that can be safe for pumping is harder than the erections it causes, but this product proved us wrong. We couldn’t find any fault with the product while using it, so it gets the green signal from our experts.

#4 XR Vibrating Enhancer Sleeve

This one’s strictly for the ones that do not know of any limits when it comes to sex. The XR vibrating enhancer sleeve, as implied by its name, is a multifunctional vibrator-cum-sleeve you can wear to set the bedroom on fire.

Let’s dive deep into its core features!

Vibrating Enhancer Sleeve

Our Experience

“Satisfactory” would be an understatement if we talk about its efficiency, to be honest. This vibrator-cum-penis sleeve takes care of both you and your partners’ needs at the same time and sets the bar higher for satisfaction.

To begin with, it comes with numerous ribs and nubs that stimulate your penis to make sure that you’re having fun. Now, coming to the exterior, you have a full-fledged vibrating penis that’s ensured to give your partner’s hot box some of the best orgasms ever.

This product is 6 inches long and can be used as a masturbation toy as well. So what if your partner isn’t home? You can steal the opportunity for a solo drive by lubing the interior, and you may even see sound by the time you’re finished.

Also, as our experts have experienced, wearing the sleeve makes your erections even thicker, and makes you last longer. On that note, we found it to be perfect as a stamina-enhancing toy.

Last but not least, we cannot forget the technicalities this product comes entangled with. The product comes with a detachable single speed bullet mode that increases the sexual fun by turning this sleeve into a vibrator. It runs on 3 LR41 batteries, which come included in the package.

Vibrating penis Sleeve


  • Comes with interior stimulators for better orgasms
  • Portable vibrator for your partner
  • Built with skin-safe TPE material
  • Suitable for solo pleasure


  • Not the easiest to clean

Bottom Line

Cleaning this product can be a little stressful at times, as you have to flush the sleeve with lukewarm soapy water before rinsing it. But, if you can manage to put in some more effort to enjoy a good time, then you should go for this product. It doesn’t cost a fortune, but the pleasure it offers is priceless.

#5 Cal Exotics Up! Vibrating Extension Sleeve

Vibrating Extension Sleeve Blue 5 Inch box

The Up! Vibrating extension sleeve, being the final product on our list, is dedicated to our bargain-hunter brothers out there looking for a good time! If you’re looking for a budget-friendly penis sleeve that can add an instant 2” without any side-effects, you need to check this unit out!

Our Experience

This product is 5” long and 2” wide, ultimately offering you a 2” increase in size without any hassle. It’s also built with skin-safe TPR material, and can also be stretched accordingly to fit your penis the right way. So, this way, it also prevents your cock from being hurt while enjoying satisfying intercourse with the sleeve on. It also comes with numerous internal stimulators, doubling the fun for you.

Furthermore, this product can also be worn as a vibrator, which also takes care of your partner’s orgasms perfectly. The sleeve is supported with 3 LR41 batteries, which turns it into a vibrator toy that can tickle your partner in the right spots.

And that’s not all; this sleeve comes with an easy push-button, which, once pressed, turns on the vibrations and can be switched off the same way.

Also, using this product is considerably easy, as it can be worn with a common lubricant. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, all you need to do is lube your shaft, slide it in the sleeve and bang on! Not to forget, despite being a battery-operated device, the Vibro Sleeve is waterproof. So, don’t be afraid to put it on while having a good time with your partner in the shower.

Vibrating Extension Sleeve Blue 5 Inch


  • Multifunctional sleeve-cum-vibrator
  • Built with skin-safe TPR material
  • Waterproof body
  • Easy to stretch and fit


  • None

Bottom Line

There aren’t many adult toys with as many safety features as the Cal Exotics toy, which makes us like it even more. Especially at such a low price, this product proves to be an absolute steal of a deal!

Buy Vibrating Extension Sleeve Blue 5 Inch

Final Thoughts About Penis Sleeves

Despite being short in size, most of us aren’t comfortable with wearing penis sleeves, as it’s known to have detrimental side-effects on the penile skin and glands.

However, these were some of the best-selling and safe penis sleeves in the market that are guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction.

Now, sex is a very personal aspect of life, and nobody would understand your needs better than you. On that note, we hope that we could help you find a sleeve that meets your requirements and budget!

Do you want to increase your penis size permanently so you dont need a penis sleeve? Why not take a look at my list of the best penis pumps and my list of the best penis extenders.

Stay tuned for more spicy articles, and we’ll see you soon!

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