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The Phalogenics penis exercise program is an easy to follow guide/plan that will help you get a larger and stronger penis without the use of surgery/pills.

Penis exercises are the purest form of penis enlargement and the recommended method for all men who are starting out.

phalogenics review

All it really takes is 7 minutes a day for 12 weeks!

The benefits you can get:

  • A 25% longer penis
  • A 20% thicker penis
  • The ability to last longer
  • Stronger and harder erections.

I recommend Phalogenics for pure natural penis enlargement

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Full Review Below:

Let’s face it. Men have it so much “harder” when they have to whisk their magic in bed.

The extent of your masculinity is often judged by the size of that which you carry down under.

And, adjectives like “well-endowed” or “deficient” can single-handedly make or break one’s self-esteem and confidence.

Today, you can find many solutions online and elsewhere that claim to work like magic.

But 8 times out of 10, these turn out to be gimmicks that not only scam users out of their hard-earned money, but also contribute to their misery.

A highly-reviewed and raved-about product has been Phalogenics. Unlike some expected models, this has garnered a fair bit of positive reviews. And that has made even more people curious about its efficacy.

Does it really work? If you’re curious enough to know the answers to that right now, then let us welcome you to this extensive review of Phalogenics exercises right here!

What is Phalogenics Exercises?

phalogenics quick start guidePhalogenics is, interestingly enough, not a singular product as you may have been expecting. This is an entire “penis-enlargement program” that comes with a guide that will help you in the process.

It is a weekly training program that includes a wide range of methods. These may bring about a successful increase in the length and girth of the penis.

It does not depend on any sort of oral pills, supplements, or ointments to make this happen. But instead, brings a host of practical steps in an all-inclusive kit to meet its target.

You also get many videos on the topic. These make it even easier for you to follow through the program and get the most satisfying results.

What Does it Include?

  1. The Phalogenics PDF

This is the PDF version of the entire program that will help you get an enlarged penis. You can download the PDF version and then read it on your mobile devices. This help you learn all the techniques and ways which Phalogenics requires you to follow.

  1. The Phalogenics video version (exercise guide)

The Phalogenics video exercise program also offers all its users a visual representation of the methods that are included in the system. These methods are called the penile traction exercises, which Phalogenic as a brand endorses.

Phalogenics offers some of the best “jelqs” or penis-stretching exercises videos that help accelerate the growth process. It also keeps your penis functioning well.

  1. A Quick-Start Guide

This provides you with all the written information that you should go through. This is like an extensive manual that talks about the system, its benefits, and the procedures at length.

It is an essential guide that will help you get to know the entire kit better. We suggest you give it a thorough read before you start with the program.

How Does it Claim to Work?

When you consider the benefits mentioned above, it does seem like a pretty good all-rounder of a program that helps you reap every advantage that a penile-enhancer should provide.

All of the exercises that Phalogenics video brings to you are arranged to be in a weekly-training program which you should follow.

This format of the schedule makes it easy for the user to get into the program. The alternate pattern maximizes the benefits of each exercise without the risk of pain or discomfort.

The program also seeks to inform you about the mechanism and physiology of the penis. It also talks about how these methods help you gain the best results.

The penis has 3 main parts: the root, the body or shaft, and the head or glans.

how does phalogenics traction work

It is made of smooth muscles, which need enough blood flow to develop and get hard. When the blood enters the internal penile structures, the cells expand.

Over a period of time, micro-tears or injuries occur and heal rapidly. This causes the penis to elongate and increase in size. There is a generation of new cells that expand with the flow of blood.

Penile exercises such as those that are offered by Phalogenics work like regular workouts for the overall body that helps it gain muscles.

Regular and continued penile exercises allow the penile cells to expand, sustain micro-tears, and repair rapidly. And like any other muscle in our body, this process makes the penis grow bigger over time.

The program focuses on the working of the penis to show and explain how the exercises help it to grow bigger in size. These provide the right techniques for size expansion.

The Phalogenics Traction

The Phalogenics traction is a set of manual techniques of “strooming” and extending. These help in the process of penile enlargement. The process works over-time by facilitating cell division in the penis, making it bigger and longer.

It is a proven and scientific way of extending the size of the penis through “stimuli” that is brought on by these techniques. These stress the cells and tissues in the penis to achieve rapid growth. And the best part is, these do not involve any use of synthetic medications and drugs.

This works in two ways:

  1. Phalogenics helps improve your natural blood flow into the penis by expanding the corpora cavernosa. These are the chambers inside the penis. This can be achieved by following a few simple, yet specific massaging techniques resulting in a larger, fuller penis.
  2. Next, the regimen uses easy exercises of extensions to increase the size of the penile ligaments. If done correctly, these help your body to achieve hypertrophy. Hypertrophy leads to the expansion of tissues, providing you with a longer and stronger penis.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you can enjoy

phalogenics benefits

The Benefits Phalogenics Claims to Provide

  1. Achieving an increased penile girth

The program offers all those exercises that are aimed to increase the girth of your penis. This makes your penis thicker and improves the circulation of blood in the region so that it not only looks bigger but also functions healthily.

  1. Providing stronger and fuller erections without pills, drugs or other products

Since one of the primary goals of the program is to improve the blood circulation, you can expect to have stronger and harder erections. This way, you get to have longer-lasting erections and increased pleasure for both you and your partner during the performance.

  1. Providing control over ejaculation to reduce chances of ejaculating prematurely

Apart from providing an increased girth and length, the Phalogenics method program helps increase semen production. Additionally, these also enable you to achieve superior control on your climaxes and minimizes the chances of premature ejaculation during sexual performance.

  1. Corrects any curvature or anomalies of the penile structure

One of the essential things that the program helps with is correcting any curvature or anomalies in the structure of the penis. All of the exercises that the program brings for you facilitate proper development of the penile muscles. These helps straighten out its structure and posture.

This not only improves the functioning of your organ, but it also helps instill self-esteem and renewed self-confidence in the user.

  1. Increasing the pleasure for you and your partner

All of the benefits that the program brings for you ensure a healthy, active, and highly pleasurable sex life. It helps in the development of your penile muscles and blood circulations within the regions, giving you harder erections. This, in turn, will maximize the pleasure for you and your partner to a great extent.

You can get all these benefits if you follow the 12 week program here

phalogenics 12 week program

The Weekly-Training Program

Here’s a preview of what you would have to follow in the four weeks of a single month:

Week 1

You are supposed to take it as a primer to the more advanced workouts that you’d have to follow in the successive weeks.

The first week will only consist of basic learning and getting you acquainted with the program – warming up, light jelqing, wet milk, and cooling off.

Week 2

The second week will require you to add on the basics from the first week. You can expect to learn the “side-to-side” stretch. This will help your girth to start expanding.

Week 3

In the third week, you are required to follow an extended version of the program you followed in the first week.

Week 4

In the final week, you can expect to get some visible results from your regimen. You may see an increase in the girth and the size of your organ. This is also when you will learn the key methods of doing the Kegel exercises.

You’ll find instructions for 12 weeks. Also, each week, you are supposed to increase the duration of your exercise. You will also get to know something new along the way.

What we Really Liked About the Program?

In this section, we are listing a few things that are pretty likable about the entire program.

These include:

  1. No risk of side effects from chemical formulations or drugs

The program doesn’t need you to consume any kind of substance or formula that may have severe side-effects for your health. This doesn’t include drugs or any risk posed by allergens. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits that Phalogenics method provides.

These are simple and practical massaging techniques that help increase your penile size.

  1. No assembly required

Unlike many other physical extenders, you don’t have to set up anything and put it around. These are simple DVDs and manual instructions which you can watch and learn. The PDF version can be downloaded on your personal device and read anywhere.

  1. Causes no discomfort

Many extenders and pullers that you have to put on your penis can often hurt substantially. There are no risks of accidents or physical discomfort involved in these massaging techniques. In fact, as you get used to these, they can feel more satisfying and yield great results at the same time.

  1. No breach of privacy

The program consists of simple massaging exercises and nothing apart from that. It is completely discreet, and there’s nothing that will breach your privacy in public.

  1. Approved by medical experts

The Phalogenics techniques program is, in fact, approved by medical experts owing to its safe and efficient status that doesn’t involve any questionable methods or oral supplements. It is approved by experts for most men.

  1. Perfect to use with other products

Penis exercises can be very effective it their own, but they really start to become effective when you use them in a combination with other penis enlargement devices such as a penis extender(read more about them here) or a penis pump(that you can read about here).

What Could Have Been Better?

Well, for all those positives, it’s more than natural to get a few cons to the thing as well.

Some of which we noticed are:

  1. Can take its own sweet time

The program will take time to yield results. Also, no two results will be the same. Visible results and the time taken by the program to bring them to you will differ from person to person.

It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to get to a particular point where you would see some legit outcome.

  1. An entirely digital program

The Phalogenics program is not a physical product but an entirely digital one. This means that if you do not have access to the internet, then you won’t be able to get it.

This raises an issue with people who are looking for something that could be bought offline and used without the internet.

  1. Claims no guarantees

Phalogenics claims no guarantees to any kind of “definite” results. This is something that is common with many other online programs.

With a price as high as $69, it can become an issue of trust, as what you are investing in doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome.

Maximize Your Gains with a Jelqing Serum

Performing penis exercises is a time-consuming process and there is no easy way around it but you can increase the gains with special serums/creams.

I highly-recommend the Bathmates Max Out Jelq serum which works really well. And yes, it does work with other exercises than Jelqing 😉

bathmate jelqing serum

How do I Use it?

Simply put one squeeze of serum from the bottle to your hand and apply it evenly on the shaft of your penis before you start any types of penis exercises.

Leave the serum on your penis after you’re done for maximum effect – It will slowly work its way through your skin making it feel silky smooth.

I recommend trying Bathmate Max Out Jelq Serum if you’re serious about your penis exercises.

My Final Toughts About Phalogenics Techniques

Overall, the Phalogenics penis enlargement program is a very effective way to enlarge your penis in the most natural way.

Just to be clear – This is not a miracle that will increase your penis size overnight but require some work and dedication.

The results speak for them self.

The Phalogenics techniques program is a great investment to all men who wish to increase their penis size

Aiclegal recommends Phalogenics penile enhancement program.

Order it below and get instant access to the program.

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  1. Is there any products out that clam it’ll keep your erection hard that really work if so what ones is is ,and I’ve seen lot of different kinds of pills but do they work I’ve tried viagra and celosia and very little results

    1. Hi
      Yes penis pumps is the way to go. Remember to get yourself some good quality penis rings that you can use with your pump.
      Best regards,

  2. I still dont get it so when we get phalogenics. Will we need a penis pump to do the penis excersises. And if we do what one would you recommend to get a bigger dick.

    1. Hi
      You dont need a penis pump or a penis extender (but it would increase your gains, so it’s recommended, learn more at ). The Phalogenics program is a series of different penis exercises that help you overcome a wide range of sexual dysfunctions.
      Hope this helps. You’re always welcome to contact me for more information.
      Best regards,

  3. Once you get to advance program and advance 2 there are so many exercises at this point I don’t know how to determine which 6 or 7 to do ? How to develop the right exercises ….
    Currently I’m doing this program but don’t know if it’s good because I’m missing some of the basics.
    Warm up warm towell 3 min
    Side to side stretch – 12
    Rotating stretch 10
    5 min jelq
    Single hand jelq 24
    Erect stretch – 10 sec 4 reps
    Uli stretch – 20-30 sec 3 reps
    Internal stretch – 20-30 sec 4 reps
    Flaccid stretch – 20 sec 4 reps
    Cool down – warm towell 3 min

    I’m doing this for two weeks Feb 16-29 then where to I go from here ??..

  4. I have made significant gains but feel a plateau has occurred.

    Started back in October I was 5.50 erect and 4.5 girth …flaccid was 4.25

    Now four months later

    6.75 errect , 5 girth , 5 flaccid
    I’ve made good strides but how do I go from this to 7.5 to 8, 5.5 girth, 6 flaccid

    1. Hi
      It looks good, just continue what you are doing. Remeber it does take time – Your gains are really good so far.
      Best regards,

  5. Hello, I came across the phalogenics from a blog and I took my time to read through, and impressed it involves no pills and pumps. Now I’m interested, can I get it in Nigeria?

    1. Hi
      Yes you get online access to the exercise program when you sign up. It’s very easy and you get instant access.
      Best regards,

    1. Hi
      There is no age restrictions on penis exercises but I would not do them if you’re under 16 years old.
      Best regards,

    1. Hi
      All groups from newbie to expert can benefit form this program. But as always, the more you know the less you’ll learn.
      The Phalogenics program is by the way on discount right now.

      Best regards,

  6. Hi
    Just wanna give you all an update – I purchased the Phalogenic program in April during the first lockdown which was a wise move.
    I’ve followed the program and I’ve seen some quite impressive results. So far I’ve added just around 1.3 inches to the length of my penis and I’m still going strong!
    I’ll be happy to help if you have any questions about the program.

  7. Hi! I see, many users make incredible gains (over 1 Inches???!! !) it is real?
    But what happens, if you will finish the programm ? Will the growth go away?


    1. Hi

      Yes, you can gain over an inch with this program and no the growth does not disappear when you stop. It’s yours the rest of your life.

      Best regards,

  8. The program States 7 minutes A-day for the 1st week. With each passing week exercises are added to the routine at 12 weeks

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