Pipedream Pump Worx Review 2023

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  • Quality
  • Support
  • Price

Review Summary:

The Pipedream Worx Pump is a decent beginner penis pump that does what it’s supposed to do and nothing more.

It’s a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and a beginner in the world of penis pumps.

pump worx penis pump

Pump Worx benefits:

  • Very cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners

Should you buy it?

No, only if you’re on a very tight budget. There are a lot of other products that are way more powerful that you should take a closer look at. You can find such products in this penis pump guide.

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If we could have a dollar for every time someone asked whether pumps enlarge your penis permanently, we’d be rich enough to manufacture one ourselves.

We’re mostly so concerned with enlarging penile size that we don’t realize the importance of enhancing sexual performance.

pump worx review

We’d try anything, just because our fragile ego can’t live with the fact that being hung like a horse isn’t a compulsion. But if you’re reading this, you’re above the stereotypes and are probably researching whether Pump Worx is a reliable choice to train your dragon safely.

Well, is it an appropriate toy to build stamina without any side-effects? Let’s find out!

This is why you should get the Pipedream Pump Worx

We’ve listed some of the main reasons why Pump Worx, one of the top-selling adult toys manufactured by Pipedream, makes a smart budget-friendly choice.

User-Friendly Design

This penis pump is good enough to take beginners on a joyride. It features quite a beginner-friendly and simple design, which makes pumping more convenient for curious first-timers. However, it may not be a satisfactory alternative for those who have previously used water-based models such as the Bathmate.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

This product is designed to serve the majority, as it features a standard 8-inch long and 3-inch wide body. Furthermore, it features a high-performance pump trigger and ultra-sensual suction technology, guaranteeing a highly stimulating sexual pleasure. As a bonus, it’s transparent body enables you to keep the process under your supervision.


You get a lot of useful accessories

The Pump Worx unit comes with a tight PVC sleeve that supports most penis sizes, along with lubricant to prepare yourself. Also, you get a stretchy silicone cock ring and thickening cream that helps in remaining swollen for a longer time.

free penis ring included

How do I get the best results?

Honestly, it isn’t nearly as effective as water-based pumps such as Bathmate, but it can still show a visible difference within a few weeks of regular use. Pump it for 20 minutes every day for the best results, remember a day off each week.

pump worx vs bathmate

What Could’ve Been Better?

Unlike the hydro pumps, this product isn’t built to withstand regular use. Furthermore, rigorous usage of the Pump Worx can lead to possible health issues, which is why it’s advised to be very careful.


  • Very appropriate for beginners
  • Useful accessories to last longer
  • Compatible with most sizes
  • Meager price tag
  • High-performance pump trigger


  • Can be detrimental to health
  • Durability issues


Pipedream Pump Worx is a line of penis pumps designed by Pipedream Products. These pumps are meant to create a vacuum around the penis, potentially increasing blood flow, which may temporarily enhance erection size and strength.

Most Pipedream Pump Worx models operate by placing the cylinder over the penis and using the pump mechanism, either manual or electronic, to create a vacuum. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, which may result in an erection. The accompanying release valve allows for quick and safe removal of pressure when needed.

Start by applying lubricant at the base of the pump for a proper seal. Insert the penis into the cylinder and begin pumping slowly. It’s crucial not to over-pump; if you experience pain or excessive discomfort, release the pressure immediately using the release valve. It’s typically recommended not to use the pump for longer than 15-20 minutes in a single session.

Penis pumps like Pipedream Pump Worx can temporarily enhance erection size and firmness, which some users find boosts their confidence. However, they are not a permanent solution for erectile dysfunction or a guaranteed method for long-term size increase.

Clean the cylinder and any non-electronic components with warm water and a mild, unscented soap. Thoroughly rinse and air dry before storage. Regularly inspect the pump mechanism and seals to ensure they’re in good working condition.

As with any penis pump, there is a risk of bruising, burst blood vessels, or temporary numbness with improper use. It’s essential to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not to over-pump. If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before using.

Pipedream Pump Worx Review Summary

The Pump Worx Beginner Power pump works best for those who are low on budget and looking for a quick pumping toy for an intense sexual adventure.

However, if you’re in search of products that are best for regular use, our advice would be to opt for hydro penis pumps such as Bathmate.

You can also find a wide range of different penis pumps here.

That said, we’ll be signing off now, but we’ll return soon with more interesting articles about sex toys.

So, stay tuned!

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