5 Best Remote Control Butt Plugs

Playing with remote controlled sex toys can be a fun way to make mundane tasks like grocery shopping very exciting.

A remote-control butt plug is the perfect sex toy for that kind of play.

Listed below are the highest-rated products in this category based on 100’s of reviews and tests during the last 12 years.

best remote control butt plugs

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What’s the Best Remote Controlled Butt Plug?

#1. Nexus Ace

If you are looking for a round of fully streamlined stimulation, you should certainly check out Nexus Ace. Featuring a perfect tip with the right kind of tapering, this butt plug is specifically designed for seamless insertion. You may also enjoy the ribbed neck that further boosts your sensation. The device can be fully controlled via remote and it features six different highly advanced settings that you can customize according to your preference.

The range of the device remote is eight meters, and the operation is quiet to say the least. The device supports magnetic charge, is packed within a silicone case, and with an 80-minute charge, you can enjoy a full 80-minute of performance.

nexus ace remote control plug


  • Six-speed settings to tweak the pulsation.
  • Ribbed neck for better and more consistent stimulation.
  • Remote control has an eight-meter range.
  • Super-quiet vibrations


  • The price is slightly on the higher end.

What I Think About it

Overall, we think this is one of the best remote control butt plugs and we would certainly recommend it for its seamlessly perfect performance!

#2. Lovehoney Booty Shaker

Are you looking for a round of power-packed pulsation? If so, you might want to check out this beautiful Booty Shaker from Love Honey. The tool promises to offer you just the kind of pleasure you seek by comfortably coddling your nerve ends.

The device is crafted from high-quality silicone, and as with other butt plugs its tip is fully tapered for easier and more hassle-free insertion. You would also find an excellent base that is shaped like the letter T. This base is also fully flared for consistent comfort.


  • Comes with 10 different speed settings.
  • Buttons are easy to work through.
  • The remote control is excellent.
  • The package includes two batteries for the remote control.


  • Even though the butt plug is waterproof, you are required to keep it in a cool and fully dry place.

What I Think About it

Featuring 10 different speed settings, this butt plug stands out with its mind-boggling performance!

#3. b-Vibe Butt Plug

With an impressive length of six inches, this is one of the best remote-controlled butt plugs to be featured on our list. Not only does it offer remarkable anal invigoration with its dual stimulation capabilities, but it also comes with a rimming function that goes right up to the tip. The device is fully remote-controlled and geared for shared sex games.

Features a velvet made case that comes with rows of beads. If you haven’t guessed already, these rows rotate at five different speeds imitating the satisfying stimulation of a moving tongue. When you reach the tip, you will be further welcomed with five-speed vibration settings and a 6-pattern augmentation setting.

The range of the remote is 9.1 meters and it operates with minimal to zero sound.


  • Six different speed settings with five types of intensities.
  • Comes with rotating beads for added stimulation.
  • Exceptional remote coverage of 9.1 meters.
  • Superb rimming functionality for added pleasure.


  • The price is slightly at the steeper end.

What I Think About it

This is a sweet butt plug if you are looking for intense and splendid stimulation with premium functionalities and settings.

#4. Swirl Butt Plug

Anyone who enjoys being anally stimulated, should check out this butt plug from Swirl. Not only does it boost your pleasure during masturbation sessions, but it is also created to support shared games that will make your bedtime adventures a tad more adventurous.

The tip of the toy is fully tapered, making way for easier insertion. Next, the base is fully flared to offer added support. Finally, the wireless control works exceptionally well, and users also get a chance to explore the multiple vibration modes.


  • Multiple vibration modes
  • Super quiet operations
  • Multiple speeds to pick from
  • Super-quiet operation


  • Takes a little time to understand the functions.

What I Think About it

If you are looking for an all-encompassing butt plug that will satiate your needs to the utmost, this is one of your best options. Thanks to the multiple functionalities, this remote-controlled butt plug offers just the kind of anal pleasure you dreamt of.

#5. Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug

This is our final and yet another great remote-controlled anal butt plug that operates with utmost precision and finesse. The device is designed for singular and dual-action and it comes with multiple speed settings to please you the way you want.

The device boasts some ringed areas that add to the stimulation while you are enjoying masturbation or sex. Next, because it comes with seven different speed settings you can always tweak it and choose something that works best to please and tease you.


  • Comes with seven different speed settings
  • Multiple vibration settings to choose from
  • Ringed areas for added stimulation
  • Excellent remote range


  • Slightly expensive

What I Think About it

The butt plug is hardy and resistant to wear and tear and its performance doesn’t disappoint.

Final Thoughts About Remote Controlled Anal Plugs

Make sure you check the range of the remote sex toy you want to buy to make sure it will work for the intended use case.

The range does hardly matter if you “just” plan to use it in bed, but the longer the range the more fun you can have with each other while doing your everyday stuff.

If you just want a simple vibrating butt plug then head over to our guide and safe the extra cash the remote adds to the price.

You should also check out our guide to butt plugs in general if you got any questions regarding use.

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