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Finding the ultimate rotating prostate massager is no easy task so I’ve created this guide for you based on my 12 years’ experience working with sex toys.

A rotating p-spot massager is often referred to as a rimming prostate massager because the rotation does feel like getting a rim-job.

Below is a list of the highest rated products in this category that I’ve tested the last few years.

best rotating prostate massager

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What is the Best Rotating Prostate Massager?

#1 Nexus Revo Air

The Revo Air from Nexus is their newest prostate massager that has a lot of new features and it’s made of high-quality silicone.

It has an insertable length of 3.75-inches (9.5cm) and a circumference of 4.17-inches (10.6cm). The rotating shaft has two speed settings and can rotate in both directions.

The massager uses a new suction technology to send stimulating vibrations in your perineum area.

nexus revo air


  • Powerful rotating shaft with vibrator
  • Lots of speed and vibration settings
  • Amazing new suction vibrator for your perineum
  • Remote controlled
  • Waterproof


  • It’s expensive
  • Not that beginner friendly
  • I would love a slightly more curved design

What I Think About it

Overall, a fantastic rotating prostate massager with a ton of cool features that’s going to take your prostate massage game to a whole new level.

Perineum massage is a fairly underrated sexual stimulation but the Nexus Revo Air takes this very seriously and I freaking love the feeling of their new suction vibration.

A remote control is a huge plus and it’s super simple to use and it’s even waterproof just as the massager itself.

I would highly recommend the Nexus Revo Air if you’re after the best rotating prostate massager right now.

#2 Hiroki

The Hiroki is part of TooTimid’s top line of sex toys and they have really struck gold with this one. It has a finger like vibration feature at the tip which curved inward towards your P-spot.

There are two rows of rotating beads near the base of the shaft which will massage your anus for that rim job stimulation.

The entire sex toy is waterproof and can be controlled with the included remote control.

You’re getting an insertable length of 5.1-inches (13cm.) with a maximum circumference of 4.4-inches (11.1cm).

hiroki rotating massager


  • Finger like P-spot massage
  • Lots of vibration power
  • Nice rim job stimulation
  • Waterproof
  • Remote controlled
  • Fairly cheap


  • The vibrating “finger” has a small massage area
  • Perineum massage is not that great

What I Think About it

The Hiroki has a special place in my heart due to the fact that the “finger” just at the right place for my anatomy. This is however also a problem since the area it massages is quite small and you need to move it around quite a bit if it doesn’t hit the spot right away.

I wish they would produce 3 different sizes of this which different “finger” length so match your P-spot area.

The overall feel and quality of the Hiroki is pretty good especially when you consider the relatively low price compared to the competition.

But if you’re a fan of perineum massage then pick another one, it’s simply not up to the standard I’m used to see from companies like Nexus.

I recommend the Hiroki rotating prostate massager if you prefer a finger like massager.

#3 Nexus Revo Slim

This tiny prostate massager from Nexus packs some serious punch in a small formfactor. It includes a rotating base for rimming effect and two vibrators for your P-spot and perineum.

The total insertable length is 3.75-inches (9.5cm) and the circumference is just 3.4-inches (8.7cm.).

revo slim prostate massager


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Rotating feature in slim design
  • High-quality
  • Waterproof
  • Remote control


  • Expensive
  • Too little curvature in the shaft
  • It can slip out during play

What I Think About it

It’s amazing to see that Nexus has spend the time and money on developing a rotating P-spot massager with a slim shaft.

It’s by far the best option if you’re new to prostate massage and have been scared off by some of the bigger toys.

You’re getting a surprisingly lot of power in this small design which was a concern of mine before testing it for the first time.

The remote works as expected and it’s fairly easy to use even with a bit of lube on my hands.

One small downside to this design is the small difference between the base and shaft circumference which can result in it slipping out during play.

I recommend the Nexus Revo Slim if you’re after a small and slim rotating prostate massager.

What to Look for In a Rotating Prostate Massager?

  • Battery life – I’m not normally too concerned about battery life in sex toys but prostate massaging can take a long time and be very power hungry. This is especially the case with prostate massagers with several vibrators and a rotating base. You should aim for at least an hours of play time. You can to remember that the play time of the specification sheet are for a brand-new massager under ideal conditions. The battery is going to lose capacity over time trust me you really don’t want to experience a dead prostate massager right before you reach climax!
  • Rotation options – You can often play around with the speed of the rotating and/or the rotation pattern. It’s always great to be able to switch things up so things don’t get too monotone and boring.
    You should aim for rotating prostate massagers that can be both speed and pattern adjusted individually and not together with the vibrator.
  • Size – The size plays a big role since it’s going in your ass and you should buy devices that fit your experience level for the most comfortable experience.

Don’t Get a Rotating Prostate Massager if:

There are a few bad things to keep in mind before you get a new rotating p-spot massager:

  • Noise level – The rotating mechanism sits right at the base of the device and it does unfortunately add some noise. This is however not a major issue but it’s something to keep in mind if noise level is a concern of yours. I would recommend one without rotating feature from our list of the best prostate massagers.
  • Battery life – A rotating motor does consume more power so you’re going to live with a shorter battery life. Get a massager with at least 1 hours of play time and keep it fully charged so you’re always ready.
  • Price – It is more complicated to make the rotating mechanism and it does add to the overall cost of the toy. There is simply no great cheap rotating prostate massager that I can recommend you.


A: The rotation does tend to increase the girth of the shaft which does make them a little less beginner friendly. But I’ve included the Nexus Revo Slim which has a slim design for beginners or if you simply just love a small prostate massager.

A: A prostate massager that stimulates your butthole with the help of a rotating base area. A rotating prostate massager is the best options for a rim-job sex toy.

A: It depends on the specific device but the most common mechanism is a series of metal balls that are pushed around underneath a silicone layer. This creates the rotating effect even if it isn’t rotating at all.

A: Yes, all the products on the list above are waterproof which makes them useable in the shower/bath. It’s also a lot easier to clean a waterproof sex toy since you don’t need to worry about damaging it during cleaning.

A: They are the number 1 brand in terms of prostate massagers and they just love putting rotation features on all their products which is good for you and I.

My Final Thoughts About Rotating Prostate Massagers

Having a rotating feature on your prostate massager does add another pleasure point and I personally love it.

There are fortunately lots of great options to choose from if you’re ready to pay the extra that it cost.

I personally love it and would always recommend that feature if you haven’t tried it before.

If you’re new to prostate massagers then go for the Revo Slim and if you’re an experienced users then go for the Revo Air for the maximum stimulation.

I recommend the Nexus Revo Air if you want maximum stimulation and rimming.

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