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Review summary:

The Roto Bator is an innovative blowjob sex toy from Pipedream with lots of settings for maximum pleasure.

Simply lube up your cock and the entrance to the Roto Bator and penetrate it – Turn it on, adjust the settings to fit your style and enjoy a full-on blowjob.

Roto Bator Mouth review

This is what you get:

  • Automatic blowjob machine
  • Lots of settings for your personal style
  • Upgrade it with pussy or anal sleeve

I recommend the Roto Bator Mouth if you want a fancy new blowjob toy.

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For many men, sexual satisfaction centers around what they feel about their manhood.

So, when you are feeling a reduced sensitivity in that part, it can really jeopardize your capabilities of getting off. There are tons of things that can reduce decreased sensation but the good news is that you can reclaim the coveted feeling in no time.

pipedream roto bator mouth

What is the Rotobator

Who doesn’t want to work on the boner without really having to work? Well, that’s what you get from the RotoBator.

You will fall for the dizzying orgasms as the completely automated masturbator spins away and give a lovely massage on your manhood with the help of the embedded metal beads.

Before we go to the detailed Roto Bator Mouth review, it’s worthy of mention that the makers of this amazing product are real masters of making some superb sex toys.

What is the Roto Bator blowjob machine?

First things first, you need to understand what Roto Bator mouth really is. It is a fully automatic tool for blowjob which comes with a broad range of whistles and bells. There are also LED lights that alter each time you switch gears and go for varying modes of rotation.

The rotation mechanism is empowered by a robust Japanese motor that twists and turns at an impeccable speed and takes the load off within a few minutes. If you are not satisfied yet, there is nothing stopping you.

Just clean it and go on feeling the sensation all over again. With a single charge, the battery life works for more than an hour which means a cousin of orgasmic session awaiting you.

There are tons of male masturbators in the market. So, what makes this product stand out? When you go through the Roto Bator Mouth review, you will see that it neither goes up and down nor encircles your manhood. Rather, it works on rotation which can be changed at any point in time, even when you are going to hit the climax.

roto bator mouth review

What makes RotoBator Special?

There are four major components of the RotoBator mouth and they are the sleeve, guard, motor, and finally, the topper. As it’s already mentioned, there is a Japanese motor present in the toy and it endows incredible power to the equipment.

This is also the part where you will find all the buttons for controlling the pulsation and rotation settings.

Next comes the casing or the guard which travels up the sleeve. It is meant for shielding the sleeve while also lighting up the toy as most of the LEDs are located there.

The sleeve

The sleeve is one of the most important parts of the RotoBator mouth and it does most of the work to jerk you off. This sleeve is constructed from TP and comes with tiny ticklers within. You will find hundreds of these minutes ticklers inside that rotate inside to proffer hours of pleasure.

The topper

With components being spoken about, the last one remains the topper with its mouth shaped feature that makes the whole experience highly realistic. The lips are baby soft and supple and open to a greater degree. This implies that any man regardless of the size of his girth would easily fit inside this RotoBator mouth.

The specifications of the RotoBator Mouth

The specs of the product make a major part of the review and it’s very important since the features included in this handy tool are real deal-breakers. Coming to the size of the toy, it goes up to 9.25 inches of which, you can insert up to 5.7 inches which are not bad at all. Even though most guys would fit inside without any issue, if your dong is bigger than that, then also you will not have to insert the whole thing in.

The size of the girth is about 4 inches and the small ticklers inside make up to an inch. There is one pattern of rotation to select from and based on your chosen pattern, you will get to experience vatio5 kinds of speeds and motion.

It’s implied in the name that the product is rechargeable and a single charging session is likely to last for about 90 minutes at a stretch. It takes around 2 hours to completely charge the equipment and it also comes with USB support which allows easy charging anywhere, any time.


  • Intense blowjob experience
  • Turbo powered motor for a high-speed mechanism
  • Colored LED display that changes color with the settings
  • Engineered to deliver the best
  • Independent controls for rotation and functions
  •  Easy to clean and maintain


  • Recharging the battery takes up two hours which can try your patience
  • Not soundless and can wake your partner lying beside you
  • Not waterproof design

Taking care of ìt

An often-overlooked selection of any review is whether any product is easy to clean and maintain and with personal use equipment like the RotoBator mouth, this becomes all the more crucial.

The best part is that it won’t take more than a few minutes to clean this pleasure toy in a simple process. Moreover, the makers will also pack the precise cleaner that’s going to work with the toy.

Begin with taking out the sleeve and pulling it inside out. Then put a few drops of the specialized cleaner and run the toy under flowing water to make sure every part is thoroughly cleaned. Now, you can lay it on a clean and dry towel and allow it to air dry till you are up for another enthralling session.


A: There are lots of different blowjob machines in a wide range of prices and qualities. You can find our list of the best blowjob machines here.

A: Yes, you should use a water-based lube for the best results and reapply if it gets dry.

A: Yes, you can buy an anal or pussy sleeve if you wish to.

My final thoughts about the RotoBator from PDX

As it has been pointed out in the RotoBator review, this is really a lovely piece of equipment that will surprise you with its unique and powerful mechanism.

If you are new to this and have no experience in using make pleasure toys whatsoever, you will be bowled over by the performance of this equipment.

Most users have agreed that the RotoBator mouth had exceeded their expectations in many ways and now it’s your turn to explore the pleasure that awaits you.

I recommend the RotoBator Mouth if you want a fancy new blowjob toy.

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