Should you be worried about penis curvature

It is normal for the penis to bend either to the right slightly or left when it is erect. However, if you experience a more significant curvature on your penis, which may be associated with some pain or difficulty having sex, then it might be a cause of concern.

Penis curvature can cause a great deal of concern to both you and your partner. It can reduce the level of sexual satisfaction and also affect the ability to achieve an orgasm. Penis curvature can also lead to premature ejaculation due to excess stimulation of the penis. This article will take a look at the penis curvature and how you can treat the condition.

What Is Penis Curvature?

Penis curvature is a condition where the penis appears to bend either to the right or left especially when in the erect position. This condition in most cases affects men after reaching puberty. In severe cases, penis curvature can cause a scar which later can develop to a condition known as Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease manifests as a progressive penis curvature that occurs during erection, and in most cases, it causes some pain. This condition can prevent a man from effectively having penetrative sex and satisfy her partner. The degree at which the penis curves ranges from an individual to another. However, the vast majority of the condition either bends towards the sides or upwards towards the ceiling.

The curvature is usually caused by the development of a scar to the tissue. This scar is also referred to as Peyronie’s plaque. The plaque may progressively develop due to some genetic reasons or any other inciting factor such as injury to the penis.

Causes of Penis Curvature.

  • Trauma or Injury

When the penis is on its erect state, you need to take some care when entering your partner’s vagina or anus. One of the most common causes of penis curvature is slipping out of the penis during raunchy sex. This occurs when you are in such a hurry to get back in and continue with your sexual performance that you miss the entry and come in contact with a solid part of the body. The same situation can also occur when you aren’t paying attention during masturbation. Penis curvature that occur out of such experiences is usually very painful that you may feel as if you’ve broken your penis.

During the healing process of such an accident, scar tissue is developed. Unlike other normal tissues in the body, scar tissue is less elastic. This is exactly what causes the curvature of the penis. Apart from the pain, it causes during erection; the scar can also inhibit the proper flow of the blood to the penile chamber thus leading to other sexual complications.

  • Tucking Your Penis into Your Underwear

Tucking your penis into the underwear is another cause of penis curvature though not very common. A majority of men are not aware that constantly tacking their penis on one side of the underwear can lead to curvature of the penis. This occurrence mostly happens to men with more than six inches penis. When this happens especially when the penis is erect, damage can occur.

  • Part of Aging

As much as penis curvature can occur to men of all ages due to various reasons, the issue is more common to men over the age of 40. Symptoms vary from one man to the other. Some may only experience the visual curvature while others may experience some pain in the process.

Symptoms of Penis Curvature

Signs of penis curvature may occur all over sudden or may appear gradually over a long period. Here are some of the most common signs.

  • Significant bend of the penis. If you have penis curvature, your penis may bend upwards, downwards or towards one side. In some cases, the penis might have an indentation, narrowing or hourglass appearance. The appearance may be associated with a narrow, tight bond around the shaft.
  • Scar Tissue. The scar tissue which is the main symptom associated with this condition can be felt under the skin as a band of hard tissue or flat lumps.
  • Erection Problems. A man suffering from penis curvature may experience some difficulties when it comes to achieving and maintaining an erection.
  • Some men might experience some pain with or without an erection
  • Shortening of the Penis. In most instances, a man’s penis might shorten as a result of this condition.

Penis curvature especially one that is associated with Peyronie’s disease might worsen with time. However, it stabilizes at some point. Pain associated with the condition normally eases after one or two years but the curvature and the scar tissue will remain the same.

How is Penis Curvature Diagnosed?

Your doctor will request you to provide your sexual and medical history which will be typically enough for him/her to diagnose a penis curvature problem. Also, it might be helpful for your doctor to examine the condition of your penis both when flaccid and erect. This can be done by injecting vasoactive drug which will help in inducing an erection.

Treatment of the Penis Curvature

A mild form of penis curvature may not require any treatment. However, when the condition intensifies to the extent that it limits you from enjoying sexual intercourse with your partner, it might require some intervention. One of the methods that can be used to correct penis curvature is through the surgical process. A surgeon will be required to undertake some surgical procedure on your penis and correct the problem. However, this method may come with a lot of limitations. First, a surgical method is not always effective and does not guarantee success. In addition, the penis may fail to function the way it used to before the surgery.

The most effective method for treating penis curvature is by use of a penis stretcher or a penis pump. Here is a brief overview of both methods and how they cure penis curvature.

Penis Stretcher

Penis stretcher is one of the most effective non-invasive methods of treating penis curvature. This method has proven to yield results within a short period. It is also effective since unlike surgical methods, penis stretching does not yield negative effects such as shortening of the penis. Penis stretchers are worn at least six days a week until you achieve your desired results. Once you receive the device, first make sure you go through the instructions thoroughly.

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As you wear it, make sure that your penis is in a flaccid state. Hold the tip of the penis and pull it forward. This will help put some slight tension on the penis. Repeat the procedure every day when you want to wear the device. As you continue, you will notice that your penis curvature problem will gradually be corrected. Wear the device until you feel like you’ve achieved your desired results.

Due to the effectiveness of this method when it comes to correcting penis curvature, different manufacturers have engaged themselves in the production of different brands of penis stretchers. One of the best device in the market that can help you correct penis curvature problem is known as X4 Labs.

It is one of the most recognized devices in the market. It has been in the market for years now and has received all the necessary approvals. The device has been clinically tested and approved to be safe for users. The patient can wear the device under his underwear for hours without feeling uncomfortable or anybody noticing.

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Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are also very effective when it comes to treating penis curvature. With the advancement of technology today, penis pumps are very effective and comfortable unlike it was the case several years ago. A penis pump works by forcing blood to the penile chamber. For it to correct penis curvature, penis pump will try and pull blood to the penis and thus straightening it. It does this by creating a high level of elasticity of the tissues.

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The main advantage of using this device is that it will help you achieve your desired results much faster compared to other methods. They are also less costly meaning that anyone can afford. However, you need always to follow instructions and apply some caution while using the device so as not to cause any harm to your manhood.

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Bottom Line

Penis curvature can be a very frustrating condition and may have some psychological impacts as well as depression to a man. Not being able to enjoy sex or satisfy your partner fully is one of a man’s nightmares. However, if you already have the condition, there are several effective treatments you can use. Among the available treatments, penis straightener and penis pumps are the most effective. With these solutions, you can be able to get your penis back in shape within a matter of days.

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