THRUST Pro penis pump review

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Review summary

The electric penis pump from THRUST Pro is a pretty good pump with a vagina entrance and very easy to operate.

You’re going to enjoy 3 different suction powers and controlled with two buttons and powered by a rechargeable battery.

Simply recharge the THRUST Pro penis pump with the included USB cable and you’re ready to go.

THRUST Pro penis pump review

This is what you get:

  • Electric penis pump
  • Very easy to use
  • Vagina entrance
  • 3 suction power levels

I recommend the THRUST Pro electric penis pump if you’re after a great electric penis pump.

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4.3 (10 votes)

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In your quest to find greater sexual achievement you may have come across penis pumps, which are designed to make you last longer and allow for greater intensity during orgasms.

Thrust Pro Automatic penis pump is one of those products you can use to get bigger and stronger erections. Let’s find out how it works, the benefits you can get and the pros and cons with our THRUST Pro Penis Pump review.

THRUST Pro penis pump box

Thrust Pro Tech Realistic Vagina Automatic Pump

Thrust’s automatic penis pump is a penis pump with a few notable extras, particularly the interchangeable attachments, suction level and automatic mechanism.

If you’ve used a manual penis pump before you’ll tend to encounter small but significant issues, including finding the right suction “zone” and having to operate the pump a few minutes before getting the desired effect. The Pro Tech pump eliminates all those concerns- convenience is the key factor in getting to where you need to go.

What stands out is the “automatic” mechanism and the realistic vaginal attachment, which serve to give you a primer on how you can train yourself to get massive erections. It simulates how well you can hold while inside a vagina and adds to the stamina training as well.

Thrust Pro Tech automatic penis pump should serve as the blueprint of future automatic penis pumps, as it does a good job of improving upon traditional penis pumps while bringing something extra to the table.

Thrust Pro Penis Pump Features

Automatic Pump Mechanism

Thrust eliminates the guesswork inherent in traditional penis pumps- how much “pump” is enough that the product works and that you’re not subjecting yourself to unnecessary discomfort?

The suction begins the moment you press the power button. This eliminates the need to manually pump air, so you can just wait until it feels right (nice and tight) and then shut off the pump mechanism.

The manufacturer recommends using the penis pump daily for 30 minutes. Take a break and allow blood to flow back to the penis every 10 minutes for the best results. To counteract dryness, you can use a moisturizer.

Three Suction Strength Levels

The automatic penis pump boasts not just one, but three levels of suction, making it an all-rounder and a useful accessory through and through. Even if you’ve outlasted or outgrown the first suction level you can go for a more intense experience and progression.

Thrust has made it easier and more pleasurable to get maximum training for your manhood. Simply slide your penis in, work the mechanism and your preferred suction power. This method works on just about every level, from beginner to experienced and those who want to get more out of the bedroom.

What’s noteworthy about the auto penis pump is that even when you’ve graduated (achieved satisfactory hardness and stamina), you can still use it at the highest suction level and with the vaginal attachment. Whether for pleasure or squeezing out every last drop of potential, you’ll find the automatic penis pump a reliable companion.

THRUST Pro pump vagina entrance

Interchangeable Attachments

Thrust Pro Tech penis pump doubles as a traditional sex toy for when you get the urge to try out your gains. This single attachment gives excellent value to the pump and makes the purchase well worth it.

Simply attach the vaginal accessory, then fit your penis in and activate the suction motor. The pleasure you get isn’t just pleasure alone, because the suction trains you to become harder and last longer as well.

On other days you can use the traditional O-ring attachment for a no-nonsense training session. In total, you can get three suction levels on the two attachments for a whopping total of six unique experiences.

Transparent Cylinder

Thrust Pro Automatic Pump utilizes the same transparent cylinder so you can measure and track your progress.

It’s useful in a way that you can see if the suction is still doing its job and if you’re getting the results you want. You can then make micro adjustments as you go along, such as opting for a higher suction or changing the attachment.

This feature adds a layer of safety as well- you’ll be able to gauge how well you’re doing and if you need to disengage and take a break.

THRUST Pro penis pump review

Thrust Pro Tech Realistic Vagina Automatic Pump Technical Specifications

Thrust’s penis pump is made from human-safe materials, including phthalate-free components so you won’t have to worry about allergens. The vaginal attachment is silicone and similar to what’s used in traditional men’s sex toys.

The cylinder itself is a generous 7.5 inches in length and 7 inches, circumference-wise. Opening is a bit small at 1.25 inches but then it will gradually become wider as time passes. It’s also splash-proof so you can play with it a bit in the shower or during bath time and not have to worry about breakage.

How to Use the Thrust Pro Penis Pump

The automatic vaginal penis pump by Thrust is very easy to use. For this reason, it’s one of the best automatic penis pumps around and works across all skill levels and experience.

  1. Make sure the penis pump is sufficiently charged. Attach the receiving end you prefer and prepare your penis for insertion.
  2. Enter the penis pump and make sure it’s inside before pressing the power button. Then, adjust the suction level to your desired settings.
  3. Take a break after 10 minutes, and repeat this three times until you reach the 30-minute limit. You can measure your progress while your penis is still inside, or fine-tune the suction and attachments as necessary.

Conclusion – Should You Buy the Thrust Pro Tech Automatic Pump?

Thrust has created a versatile and ultimately useful automatic penis pump that’s definitely a step above traditional sex toys.

The addition of a realistic vagina makes the experience even better and makes you want to continue. It’s a wonderful reinforcement and pleasurable experience- you get the feeling of a real vagina while training your penis to last longer while having sex.

All in all, the Thrust Pro Tech penis pump is a worthy buy!

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