Tracey Cox Edge Penis Pump Review

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Review summary:

Tracey Cox is well-known in the world of sex toys and dating, and this is the automatic penis pump she helped develop.

It’s a very simple but powerful pump with 3 vacuum levels and 2 different entrance options which are both included.

You’re going to love the soft silicone one that’s made for pure pleasure and the harder one for getting hard.

Tracy Cox Edge penis pump review

This is what you get:

  • High-quality electric penis pump
  • 2 Different entrances
  • 3 Vacuum levels
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to use

I recommend the Tracey Cox Edge penis pump if you need an electric penis pump.

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The Tracey Cox Edge Penis Pump is a no-nonsense penis pump with several notable features up its sleeve. Those who want to gain an edge in the bedroom may want to check it out and see how it can do wonders for their sex lives.

In this Tracey Cox Edge Penis Pump review, we give the branded penis pump product a shot and explore its benefits, as well as its pros and cons.

tracey edge penis pump box

Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump

The Tracey Cox Auto Suction Penis Pump is a noteworthy upgrade to traditional manual penis pumps. It boasts a rather impressive automatic suction mechanism that takes the tediousness out of the preparation.

One problem automatic penis pump users usually encounter is their pumps running out of juice, and without the right adapter to charge it with. This penis pump does away with proprietary charging technology and opts for a universal USB charging for convenience. Also, the penis pump can double as a masturbator, thanks to its additional attachment.

First timers will feel right at home and able to get the pump working as desired, thanks to the auto suction technology and a guide written by none other than renowned sex guru Tracey Cox. This flattens the learning curve and allows you to get results much faster than expected.

There’s also a quality-of-life improvement, specifically the silicone sleeve opening that mimic human skin. Penetration feels great, and the material is definitely better than the others when it comes to retaining pressure.

tracey cox edge pump entrance

Tracey Cox Edge Rechargeable Penis Pump Features

Automatic Suction

The Tracey Cox pump is very user-friendly because all the hard work and guessing is done for you. Operating the auto suction mechanism is a snap- just insert your manhood in the pump, press the power button and make adjustments until it “feels right”.

With this and the guided instructions included, you cut down on the learning curve and enjoy more time getting the rigidity and stamina you want in a sex training product. Like all other penis pumps, the EDGE pump is designed to enlarge erections by up to 30 percent.

It’s worthy to note that there are several safety mechanisms in place, like the quick release button and splash-proof build so you won’t have to worry about getting injured while training

Tracey Cox Guide and EDGE Stamina App

There’s not a lot of penis pumps that have guided instructions by a well-known sex guru, much less a dedicated app that shows you how to maximize your time spent with the product. The EDGE auto rechargeable penis pump has this in spades, separating itself from the pack with aplomb.

So, if you’re tired of doing the same thing week in and week out, you can download the Stamina app and get useful tips on how you can get more blood in your penis. It includes a special timer and techniques by Tracey Cox herself.

The addition of an app and guide make using the automatic suction penis pump more enjoyable. When you’re having fun with the experience you tend to stick with the program longer and experience more significant improvements.

tracey cox edge pump rechargeable

USB Rechargeable

The ability to charge via USB may not seem like much, but it will be a lifesaver in terms of convenience.

The included USB can be plugged into any power strip with USB port. It also works with virtually any adapter, such as the one for your smartphone, tablet or wireless headphones. This can come particularly handy when you’re away from home and wish to do some training and enlarge your penis.

It’s a feature that penis pump brands should consider in the future.

Three Suction Levels and Two Attachments

The Tracey Cox Rechargeable Penis Pump is a trainer and masturbator in one package. You can attach the special end for pleasure and change the suction level to mimic sexual acts. In a way, this primes you up for action when you’re doing it with a real person and helps build up stamina in the process.

It’s recommended that you get a feel for the suction power of the penis pump by setting it at the lowest level. Then, once you’re acclimated to the feeling you can experiment by cranking up the suction power or changing the end attachment.

To get the most of your penis pump you should use it daily for 30 minutes or so. Take a break every 10 minutes and allow your penis to acclimate to the pump. Don’t forget to moisturize ever so often to prevent dryness and injury.

Safety Features

The whole penis pump is free of harmful phthalate compounds and can take a splash or two. Silicone material is human-safe, and the electronic components are hidden deep within and safe from moisture.

The silicone sleeve is especially good, and when coupled with strong suction power can give you optimal levels of training. Pressure doesn’t escape easily so you can just lie back or do other things.

tracey cox edge penis pump review

Tracey Cox Edge Technical Specifications

The EDGE penis pump is adequate and has the following dimensions- length of 7.5 inches, a neutral opening and around 1.5 inches of canal diameter. It can fit most girth and sizes, and the suction power is stronger than most pumps in the market.

Conclusion – Is the Tracey Cox Edge Penis Pump a Worthy Buy?

In an age where every product should be intuitive, easy to use and offer something beneficial, the Stacey Cox Automatic Suction Penis Pump is an excellent buy.

Tech-savvy enthusiasts will love how they can get more out of the penis pump by downloading the EDGE Stamina app. The personalized instructions by sex guru Tracey Cox are a wonderful addition in terms of engagement- you’ll feel more motivated to keep training to get harder erections and last longer in the bedroom.

The penis pump caters to both beginners and enthusiasts looking to get jacked up and perform better, sexually-wise. As an added bonus, you can turn the Tracey Cox Edge into a masturbator for added pleasure.

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