African Penis Stretching Methods

Penis stretching has been performed during ancient civilizations in Africa and continues to this day.

We’ve all seen the pictures of Africans (and from other regions) who have elongated their necks, ears, mouths, and other body parts.

We rarely see pictures of the penis being stretched due to the nature of the subject, but it’s just as common.

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Why has Penis Stretching Always Been Performed?

A large penis was often associated with power and still is to some extent today. Tribal leaders, kings, and other powerful men were often painted with large penises. There are cave painting that date back to 440 BC that show men with abnormally large penises.

Some of the Ways Africans Stretched Their Penis

Some of the methods that were used in the past have been described in detail by the Egyptians and some have been forgotten with time.

Penis hanging:

One of the most common methods was the penis hanging, which was done by tying some kind of fabric around your penis that could contain stones.

You could add more weight as your penis got more used to it, but it’s a very dangerous practice and one that should be avoided at all costs.

Yes, it did prolong the penis, but it also got thinner and it would cut off the blood flow to the penis which could cause tissue damage.

African penis stretching exercises:

This is where penis enlargement exercises have its roots and where all modern exercises stem from. It was taught to teenage boys and was seen as a way to get into adulthood.

Most of the exercises have been described by several ancient civilizations in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Do Old African Penis Exercises Still Work?

You’ve properly heard of Jelqing, which is the best-known penis exercise that has its root in the ancient Middle East – It’s still stable in all the modern penis exercise programs.

And yes, they still work just as well today as they did back then, but new and more effective exercises have been developed and tested in recent years.

What Exercise Programs Should I Follow?

There are a few penis exercise programs that you can buy and follow for the most effective results. The program that I recommend is called the Phalogenics exercise program, which builds on all the old African penis stretching techniques and puts a modern twist on it for more effect.

I’ve written a comprehensive review of the Phalogenics exercises program that you can read through or get the program at

The program is very easy to follow and only takes 7 minutes a day for 12 weeks -You can gain up to 25% penis size with this program.

Maximize Your Gains with a Jelqing Serum

Performing penis exercises is a time-consuming process and there is no easy way around it but you can increase the gains with special serums/creams.

I highly recommend the Bathmates Max Out Jelq serum which works well. And yes, it does work with other exercises than Jelqing 😉

bathmate jelqing serum

How Do I Use It?

Simply put one squeeze of serum from the bottle into your hand and apply it evenly on the shaft of your penis before you start any type of penis exercise.

Leave the serum on your penis after you’re done for maximum effect – It will slowly work its way through your skin making it feel silky smooth.

You can read my full Bathmate Max Out Jelq serum review here.

I recommend trying Bathmate Max Out Jelq Serum if you’re serious about your penis exercises.

Other Modern Solutions

There are a few other modern penis exercise solutions that build on the old African penis stretching exercisers.

proextender V3 mounted on penis

The most effective and most popular one is called a penis extender, which works like one long Jelq.

You attach the penis extender to your penis and it will stretch it longer over a long period. You can perform penis exercises before and after for a more effective enlargement.

Final Thoughts About African Penis Stretching

Penis stretching in Africa is where it all started thousands of years ago and continues to be performed. It’s one of the things that have taken the jump from cave painting to online courses.

A large penis has always been associated with power and African penis stretching exercises is the most natural way to increase your penis so it’s not something that’s going to go away anytime soon.

There are plenty of options if you wish to give them a try, but just remember that time and patience is the key to any successful training.

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