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Review summary:

The Lovense Max 2 is the second product in the Max series and it offers a lot more function compared to the old model.

Its inside has had a huge face lift and now features an air pump design that makes it feel like muscular contractions.

The stimulation feels just like a real vagina or mouth, and the stimulation can be controlled with an app by yourself or a sex partner, perfect for long distance relationship.

Lovense Max 2 Review

This is what you get:

  • Premium quality male masturbator
  • Very realistic feeling
  • Remote controlled operation
  • You can adjust the suction power

I recommend the Lovense Max 2 if you’re in a long-distance relationship, or if you just want a very unique masturbator.

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There are various male masturbators available in the market, but not many can compare their efficiency with Lovense Max 2. The technology this male vibrator use is unique as it has surpassed the previous system of stroke machines and brought digital interactivity.

This masturbator is a state-of-the-art teledildonic toy that is mainly designed for the user so they can connect their device to other users for long-distance pleasure.

Lovense Max 2 long distance sex toy

Masturbation and Bluetooth fused in one device; this has to be a match made in heaven. Lovense sex toy brand is already known for its smart toys, but with this latest version, they have outmatched every other stroke machine in the market. Let’s find out what this thing is, and what it can offer.

What Is the Lovense Max 2?

The Max is one of the first sex toys designed by Lovense, which is a Hong Kong-based organization founded in 2010. The teledildonic devices from this company are suitable for males and females and are called Nora and Max.

These are designed for advanced cybersex. The concept of this device is derived from smartphone technology, and it set out to be one of the sex toys in the market. The original max was the prototype of this version, so it didn’t get much response.

Then the second version which is Max 2 fully covers the requirements of the users. This toy is infused with the best technology, and it can be controlled with a smartphone app as well. So, let’s look at the Lovense Max 2 review and learn more about this toy.

First Impressions on Lovense Max 2

To speak about the first impression, it will not give a fancy look. The packaging is plain and the design is minimalistic.

Lovense Max 2 review

The sex toy comes with a user manual and a magnetic USB charging cord. You will not get a cleaning solution or lubricant with the toy, which means you have to purchase those.

The product does not come with a storage bag or case, which can be a bit inconvenient if you are looking for discreet delivery. However, despite these things the toy is an upgraded version of its predecessor and provides the best intimate experience.

Physical Specifications of Max 2

  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Weight: 580 grams
  • Battery Life: 2 to 3 hours
  • Materials: ABS/Skin-like TPE
  • Diameter: 3.33 inches
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Materials: ABS/Skin-like TPE

Main Features of Lovense Max 2

The main features of this sex toy are very impressive. You will find out why this sex toy is so popular and what things it offers.

Shape and size

The physical size is convenient as it allows the largest users and have the fund they seek. The outer design is minimalistic and sleek. If you are worried about the case or the bag of the toy, then you must realize that the device design is discreet and aesthetic and you will be able to connect it with Bluetooth speakers.

It will go unnoticed even if you accidentally leave it on the nightstand, and it’s small enough to fit in the drawer.


The material that makes a sex toy is important. Some products have toxic material, and others are hard to clean. But Max 2 is better than all of those sex toys as it offers the best and skin-friendly material.

It uses ABS plastic, which is a durable thermoplastic polymer, and if you take care of the toy correctly it will last for years. The thermoplastic polymer is not just highly durable but it’s also non-porous so there’s no chance of bacterial infection.

This device is also very smooth so insertion and lubrication are very easy. Many people complain about an odor in their sex toys, but this one has no such issues. ABS plastic is very good for vibration, and it’s free of phthalate and other toxins.

Skin-like material: a stroking machine should have many qualities and one of them is the skin-like feeling. Max 2 offers the same as it uses thermoplastic elastomer on the external and internal material.

This thing creates a real skin-like feeling and that gives the best pleasure to the user. However, TPE is best to use with water-based lubrication as it avoids the breakdown of the material.

Also, TPS is hypoallergenic and it’s used in medical devices so it’s good for sensitivity and creates no allergic reaction on the skin.

Textured sleeve feature

Users who have tried out this device are all full of praise for its textured sleeve. This facility will give the feeling of a pussy and its squishy and soft inside, and inside there are nodules and bumps that massage the skin.

So, it’s not just a masturbator it’s a standard one with the best connectivity features. It will always feel nice on your skin, and it stands out against other traditional masturbators in the market. This is because of its smart features which start with the vibration quality first.

Vibration Quality

The vibration quality is very strong and you will find no complaint with it. If you position it correctly, then you will have no issue with the performance.

You will get a pretty good sensation throughout the whole sleeve. You can control the vibration setting with the buttons, and there are three constant speeds and four other patterns.

If you opt for the patterns, it will give a decent feeling and you will get constant vibration at the topmost setting. When sliding in and out the vibration gives the best sensation.

Contract and expand

Lovense Max 2 uses airbag technology which is designed for contracts and expansion. This is great for butt contractions, and the feeling is the best. There are three levels of contractions and each time the user goes through the levels the internal airbag will become tighter.

You can adjust it to suit your preferred style of sex, from a blowjob to anal sex.

Remote control feature

Lovense Max 2 is the best because you can operate it with your smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device you just have to download the app and use the mobile just like a remote.

You won’t have to sign up for the app, as it will work just fine without the same. This is also great for privacy.

Once you have connected the device with the toy the app will give customized effects. The application also offers sound and music control vibrations. You can choose from different music or sounds to control the vibrations.

This is one of the best features of the app. You can connect with your partner and long distance will be no barrier. You can even create custom patterns, and many people favor this option.

Smart Design

The design of Max 2 is very smart. If you compare it with the prototype, this version is a very much improved device. From software to aesthetics Max 2 is the best masturbator in the market for men.

Other than being the first sex toy that has Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, this device is revolutionary as it has an advanced sync system that allows intimate moments from a long distance.

This has the largest vibrator motor that offers an intensified feeling and has the best battery life. This sex toy has brought a wave of advanced technology to the world of virtual intimacy.


If the hardware isn’t impressive for you then here are the best software capabilities in Max 2. Designed with its sister product Nora, Lovense Max 2 is a pretty impressive teledildonic device. It’s wireless and has three settings to control its performance.

In the first part of the settings, the user can connect their smartphone with the device through an app, and this phone will work as the remote control.

The second setting is all about the control of the device and you can connect it with Bluetooth which is good for discreet partner play.

For the third set, the user can add Nora with the device and have a long-distance time with their partner. No matter the place you are, the device will provide a real-time feeling to you and your partner.

Maintenance and cleanup

The cleanup and maintenance of this device are easier than other sex toys. You can remove the sleeve from the case and wash it with lukewarm water.

It will be best if you use your fingers to clean the material. The device has an open-ended sleeve, so you have to rinse the inside of the case with water.

You can check the direction of cleaning on the toy package. It will indicate a thorough cleaning of the internal case, for this make sure the air valve is not open. After you have washed it dry the device, and then you can add the powder to restore the sleeve.

The airbag can close up but it will never dim the performance of the toy. It’s best not to use soap water on the device.

Final thoughts about the Lovense Max 2

There are plenty of options for sex toys in the market, but after checking and reviewing so many devices, users have concluded that Lovense Max 2 is one of the highest quality devices for intimate performances.

It gives better sensation and features that connect the user with a long-distance partner and offers discreet functions as well. While there are many teledildonic sex toys in the market, but none can be compared with Max 2.

I recommend the Lovense Max 2 masturbator if you love a good blowjob stimulator or anal sex.

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