Best Blow-Up Sex Dolls Tested and Reviewed 2024

Blow-up sex dolls are still surrounded by quite a lot of tabu which is a shame because they feel amazing to use. I’ve tested quite a few different blow-ups in my 12 years of sex toy testing for Aiclegal and I’ve created a list of the best ones below.

The ranking is based on their quality and features compared to the price.

best blow-up sex doll

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What is the Best Blow-Up Sex Doll 2024?

#1 Shy Camilla

The Shy Camilla doll is a lifelike inflatable sex doll with some very nice features like a removable vagina/ass. There is also an included vibrating bullet which can be placed in the butthole sleeve for extra stimulation.

It’s life-size with a total inflated height of 5 feet 7 inches (170cm.) and has hair and a realistic looking face.

shy camilla blow-up sex doll


  • Realistic appearance and full-size
  • Her holes are made of realistic feeling TPE
  • Including vibrating bullet
  • Air pump, repair kit, storage bag – All included


  • The mouth in not available for penetration
  • It’s fairly expensive

What I Think About It

I like all the features of the Shy Camilla inflatable sex doll which does cost quite a bit of money. The most notable problem is the lack of a penetrable mouth for blowjobs but that does make her look way more realistic.

I personally love adding the vibrating bullet to the butthole sleeve which feels so good when you penetrate her.

Overall, a great doll that’s easy to use and enjoy whenever you feel like it.

I recommend Shy Camilla if you’re after a blond blow-up sex doll with amazing features to keep you company in bed.

#2 Honey Quella

Honey Quella is the same doll as Shy Camilla that sits in the first spot but her face is different and her hair color is golden brown.

honey quella sex doll


  • Realistic appearance and full-size
  • Her holes are made of realistic feeling TPE
  • Including vibrating bullet
  • Air pump, repair kit, storage bag – All included


  • The mouth in not available for penetration
  • More expensive than Shy Camilla

What I Think About It

I know it’s a little boring to add an almost identical doll on the second spot but it only shows how good it is.

I have no idea why this is $25 more than Shy Camilla when they are identical apart from the face design and hair color.

This is your best blow-up doll if you’re after a beautiful sexy brunette.

#3 Hannah Harper

The Hannah Harper doll is a realistic-looking and feeling inflatable love doll that has an insertable vagina/ass. It can be removed when you clean it or used as a masturbator.

She has big firm and perky breasts and blond hair.  


  • Huge sexy breasts
  • Very realistic vagina and ass
  • Realistic size, face, and hair
  • Including pump and repair kit


  • Very expensive

What I Think About It

Hannah Harper is a nice blow-up doll that has incredibly nice breasts compared to the top 2 but it cost 50% more which is why it sits in the third spot.

But if you’re after an inflatable with nice big breasts then Hannah Harper is your best bet.

I like the design of the vagina/ass insert that you can remove and use as a male masturbator for a quicky.

I recommend the Hannah Harper inflatable sex doll if you’re after a big-breasted beauty.

#4 Miko

Miko is the cheapest of the products on this list and comes in at around $170 which is still a fair bit of money. She is designed to look like a Japanese girl and is 7 feet 2 inches (157cm.) tall with black hair.

miko asian blow-up doll


  • Vagina made with realistic feeling TPR
  • Hair on the vagina
  • Firm and large breasts
  • Cheapest on this list
  • Including pump and repair kit


  • She is a little hard to penetrate
  • The mouth is too small

What I Think About It

I feel like Miko is made for the Asian market since her holes a quite small but that’s a huge plus if you like it super tight and small.

The quality is a little lower compared to the rest of this list but so is the price and you’re getting what you pay for when you buy inflatable sex dolls.

I recommend Miko if you’re after a tight Asian-looking blow-up sex doll.

#5 Luvdolz

Luvdolz is a premium blow-up with a ton of features including a remote-controlled vibrator in her vagina/ass. Her breasts are huge with tiny nipples and made of a nice material that makes them feel very realistic.

luvdolz inflatable sex doll


  • Semi realistic looking
  • Vibrator with remote control included
  • Realistic feeling pussy and ass
  • Large realistic feeling breasts
  • Repair kit and pump included


  • It does not look that realistic
  • Expensive

What I Think About It

Luvdolz is the most expensive doll on this list but it has a remote control for the vibrating feature which is pretty freaking sweet.

I love that you can enjoy her mouth for some amazing blowjobs but it does make her face a little less realistic compared to dolls that don’t have this feature.

Overall, a great option if you have the money to spend on a premium blow-up doll.

What are Some Important Things to Look For?

Firstly, you have to ask yourself – Is this for sex or simply just a gimmick that’s going in the bin within a few hours/days? The different features and quality might not mean anything to you if you’re just going to give it away as a joke.

Things to look for in a blow-up sex doll:

  • Price – The price range is pretty nuts when it comes to blow-up dolls and you can get some for less than $20. A good rule of thumb is that anything under $100 is just a gimmick and not pleasurable to use for sex.
  • Materials – This is a little tricky one because they are all supposed to be made of body-safe materials but I would highly recommend that you avoid sex with some of the cheapest. I would simply not trust any products below $30 to be made of body-safe materials and with any kind of quality control. And avoid products that don’t even mention the material used, this is a clear red flag.
  • Seams – All the cheapest blow-up sex dolls have very hard and notable seams between the different pieces of materials. This is not very pleasant to feel and it’s certainly not a very realistic feeling. It’s very hard to avoid any seams but the more expensive blow-up dolls do have more natural feeling seams.
  • Insertable holes – Penetrating a hole made of PVC does feel pretty bad compared to one made of TPE which has a much more skin-like appearance. This is a relatively new feature and it makes a world of difference. It does add some weight and cost but it feels so much better and much more realistic to use.
  • Realism – This is pretty straightforward, the more you pay the more realistic it’s going to look and feel. Some of the cheapest blow-ups look pretty terrifying in my mind.

Pros and Cons of Blow-Up Dolls

Getting a blow-up sex doll or a regular sex doll can be a little tricky to decide on. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the different types of sex dolls:


  • A blow-up doll is a lot cheaper
  • It takes up a lot less space
  • You can easily handle it and move it around as you wish
  • It’s very easy to hide


  • It does not feel even remotely as realistic as a life-size sex doll
  • You can’t bend it in certain positions
  • It moves when you try to penetrate it and have sex with it
  • It tends to feel very plasticky

There are some downsides to using a blow-up love doll compared to a regular sex doll but the price is just 5-10% of a normal sex doll.

Another big problem with regular sex dolls is the massive weight which is a major problem for most users. You need to be seriously strong to handle one as they can easily be over 30kg. (67lbs.).


Answer: Start by blowing up the doll, this can be done with an electric/manual pump or with your mouth.
Make sure the vent is closed off so it doesn’t deflate when you have sex with it. Apply a water-based lube to the holes you plan to use and to your penis.
Penetrate it and enjoy it for as long as you wish.
Clean it with warm water and mild soap once you’re done. It needs to dry completely before you deflate and store it away.

Answer: The best way to wash it is to shower it while it’s inflated. You can also wash it in a deflated state but it’s way harder to clean all the creases and holes when it’s deflated. Use a mild soap and make sure you get it in all the holes you’ve used. Dry is completely before storing it away. You don’t need to deflate it and can store it away in blown-up form or deflated.

Answer: It’s unknown but the first recorded manufactured doll appears in a book published in 1908. But the first records of sex dolls date back to the 17th century when Dutch sailors would bring them on long journeys at sea.

Answer: You can get them all the way down to $20 but they are not made to be used for sex but are made as a gimmick you can bring to a bachelor party or similar places/events.

Answer: Yes, they feel a lot like having real sex, especially if you get a premium doll.

Answer: Yes, there are quite a few options which you can read more about in our guide to male blow-up dolls.

My Final Thoughts About Blow-Up Sex Dolls

Blow-up sex dolls have come a long way since the first ones which barely resembled the shape of a human. The newer models with soft and realistic feeling holes are good and a great alternative to the way more expensive normal sex dolls.

If you’re looking for a great alternative to your hands then this might be it, I’m sure you’re going to be positively surprised at how good it feels.

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