Riley Reid Fleshlight Review 2022

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Review Summary:

The Riley Reid Fleshlight is a great way to experience having sex with one of the highest rated porn stars of our time.

It’s avaliable in two different versions: anal and vigina.

The quality is really high and it will last you a long happy time.

riley reid fleshlight review

Riley Reid Fleshlight Benefits:

  • Avaliable in both anal and vigina version
  • High quality tested materials
  • Very realistic feeling

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Table of Contents

If you have never fantasized about hooking up with a pornstar, you should stop reading this Riley Reid Fleshlight review immediately!

Now that’s almost as useful as the age-check warnings we’ve all seen while browsing porn sites. Because guess what? If you’ve found your way here, you sure are looking to experience what some steamy sex with a pornstar would feel like.
Riley Reid porn star

And not just any pornstar, but the legen-wait-for-it-dary Riley Reid! Hailing from the Sunshine State of Florida, this 28-year old, petite bombshell has been in the porn industry for nearly a decade.

Yes, she started when she was just 19 and has appeared in more than 300 movies. Actually, “appeared” is an understatement – she’s been the reason for many nut-busting ejaculations, on and off the camera.

Riley Reid porno awards

But let’s not make this sound like a biography of Riley Reid (though we wouldn’t mind a pictorial version). You’re here to know more about her fleshlight sleeves and whether you should be buying them.

So, let’s quit the foreplay and get to the good stuff…

Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight Vaginal Penetration

Utopia! Riley Reid’s pussy fleshlight couldn’t have had a more appropriate name. ‘Cause that’s exactly what it will make you feel – like everything is perfect. No wonder it is one of the bestselling sleeves that Fleshlight has to offer today!

After using it for a couple of months, we can say without a doubt that this vaginal orifice fleshlight is one of the most intense sex toys you can find today.

Let’s look at some essential aspects of this fleshlight to understand what makes it so ah-mazing!

riley reid vigina fleshlight

Sleeve & Texture

  • Full-length sleeve made using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials
  • Four distinct chambers, each tighter than the previous
  • The first chamber measures only an inch and consists of three cross ribs
  • The second, 2.5-inch chamber has tiny spikes in four rings
  • The third chamber is 4 inches long and consists of spiraling ribs along the walls
  • The fourth and final chamber is lined with dense ribs


  • Unlike most fleshlight sleeves, cleaning the Utopia is relatively straightforward.
  • All you need to do is thoroughly run it with water from both ends.
  • As a rule of thumb, make sure that you remove any leftover lube or semen after each use.


  • Tightest points are the constrictions between chambers, measuring a mere 0.2” or 10mm
  • These points can be a bit too intense initially but can be used for stamina training
  • Different textures in each chamber add to the intensity of the experience

Bottom Line

After using Utopia more times than we’d like to admit, we know why Miss Reid has won over a score of awards for her movies. Honestly, it feels as good as, if not better than, doing it with a girl for real!

What makes it truly outstanding are the different textures in each chamber. It’s like your schlong is taking on a gauntlet course of pleasure points. Overall, the best pocket pussies we have ever tried.

The only downside is that the fourth chamber can only be accessed by men who have a member that’s more than 8 inches long. But even if you do not own a big package, you will get more than enough pleasure from the first three chambers. So, this is far from a deal-breaker.

Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight Anal Penetration

When we referred to Riley Reid as petite in the intro of this review, by no means were we talking about her peachy butt! Although she would look tiny standing next to some of the busty pornstars with monster curves, her 36-inch ass is more than enough for one and all.

So, if you’re more fond of going in through the backdoor, you will be pleased to know that her Euphoria fleshlight sleeve is an accurate replica of her tight butthole.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to know why it is one of the most realistic anal orifice fleshlights out there.

riley reid anal fleshlight

Sleeve & Texture

  • A full-length sleeve made from the patented SuperSkin material
  • The entrance is as tight as 0.4-inch
  • Three identical chambers (2.7 inches long), each tighter than the previous one
  • Wide opening, constricted center, and wide ending in each chamber
  • Small square bumps and ribs line the walls for an array of stimulation points
  • Unlike other anal fleshlights, it does not have spiraling columns


  • Since it is a heavily textured sleeve, cleaning it a bit challenging
  • You may have to insert a finger from both ends to ensure that there is no lube or semen stuck inside
  • It takes quite a long time to dry completely


  • Unique feel, which is a mixture of anal and oral
  • Not the tightest anal fleshlight out there, but intense enough for ball-blowing ejaculations
  • The final chamber begins at a depth of 6.5 inches from the opening and is the tightest

Bottom Line

The Euphoria fleshlight is perfect for men who have never tried anal sex and want to experience it for the first time. Because it is not the tightest anal sleeve out there, beginners can use it to get comfortable and last longer when they stick it in someone’s butt.

Having said that, it could be tight enough for people who are blessed with a better-than-average girth on their Johnson.

What impressed us a lot was its unique texture and non-spiral chambers. It truly makes you feel like you are experiencing a mix of anal and oral penetration. Blowjob and anal in one? Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Summing It Up

What makes Riley Reid so special? She’s just one of the hundreds of pornstars out there!

That’s what you could be thinking if you’ve never seen her in action.

Choose any of her 300 movies or head over to her website to know why she is the main star in the fetish fantasies of millions of men.

And thanks to these two Fleshlight sleeves, many of those fantasies have come quite close to the real deal.

Get one, or both of these toys to experience what some wild fun with Riley Reid would be like.

Your schlong will forever be grateful for it!

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