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Review Summary:

I just had the pleasure of testing the Emily Willis Fleshlight the last couple of weeks and it has a lot of good stuff going on for it.

The internal texture of the Squirt (vagina Fleshlight) sleeve is both extremely textured and tight which makes it quite an intense Fleshlight.

I love to have both tight and soft Fleshlights, but it’s a thing you need to keep in mind if you’re choosing the Emily Willis Squirt Fleshlight.

Her butt Fleshlight is called “Smash” and it’s not as tight but still on the tighter side of things.

Emily Willis Fleshlight in hand

What I like about it:

  • It’s a very intense Fleshlight with lots of stimulation
  • You can admire her beautiful vagina on the front
  • It has large Labia
  • It works with all the Fleshlight accessories that I already own

I recommend the Emily Willis Fleshlight to you if you’re a fan of her adult work or if you want a super tight and intense Fleshlight.

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My Full Review Below

A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets – you don’t know where to put your hands!

While most of us would agree that, it cannot be denied that after a while, monster curves tend to feel a tad bit unrealistic. Like everything else in life, you want a delicate balance between no curves and too much of them.

And if you’re in the same boat, then you will surely love Emily Willis, unless you do already. After all, any sane man would immediately fall in love with her petite yet curvy figure and that girl-next-door-type innocent face.

Since she’s been in the adult industry for only a couple of years, some of you may not be familiar with her. But take it from me, Emily is simply amazing!

So, it was with great excitement that I ordered it the day it was released.

Let’s Have a Look at it

I bought the version including the hardcase but you can get the sleeve only and save $15 which is ideal if you already own a Fleshlight.

The entrance to the vagina sleeve (called the Squirt texture) is molded after Emily Willis’ vagina which has a quite large Labia.

Emily Willis pussy Fleshlight

Do I Enjoy Using It?

I’ve been testing it the last few weeks and have enough of an understanding of the internal texture to say that it’s pretty damn good.

Sure, it has its weaknesses but the overall feeling is pretty good. You’re not getting the tightest Fleshlight or the loosest feeling one, but a pretty good average one with a nice texture versatility.

I can feel the offset entrance just like the one in the new Violet Myers Fleshlight which is quite similar in terms of internal design.

One thing to note about the large Labia is the material that it’s made of can get sticky which results in the Labia parts sticking to your penis shaft and sort of creating a drag when you use it. This can be annoying or if you love Labia, a huge bonus feature!

Overall, a solid design that’s going to please a lot of men and if you’re a fan of Emily Willis then it’s hard to get around it – You need to try it!

Bonus Tips:

Submerge the Squirt sleeve in warm water for 15-20 minutes before putting it back in the hard case and using it.

squirt sleeve in warm water

This will significantly improve your experience and it makes it feel much more realistic and nicer. I find it hard to keep a boner on if I stick my cock into a cold hole and I lose a lot of the sensation and stimulation during the first few minutes until “my work” has heated it.

Cleaning, remove the squirt sleeve from the hard case and rinse it with warm water and a little mild soap, rinse from both sides to get rid of all the “stuff” left behind.

cleaning emily willis fleshlight

Pad it dry afterward and leave it out in a well-ventilated room for a couple of hours to dry completely.

Let’s Compare It to the Best Alternative

Other sex toy manufacturers have struggled to get even close to Fleshlights quality but the competition is catching up. Let’s do a little comparison between the FeelKayley Stroker from Kiiroo and my new Emily Willis Fleshlight.

 Emily Willis FleshlightFeelKayley Stroker
How realistic does it feel?9 out of 109 out of 10
Build-quality7 out of 107 out of 10
Accessories9 out of 107 out of 10
Price6 out of 107 out of 10
Features8 out of 108 out of 10

A realistic feeling is very important to me and both the Emily Willis Fleshlight and the Feel Kayley stroker feel incredibly realistic to use.

I used to love the build quality of Fleshlights and the sleeve itself is good but the hard case seems less and less good now that other brands have started to improve their quality.

The FeelKayley’s hard case is made of a much thicker and harder material which feels premium, but it does also add a rattle noise when you use it. Both Fleshlight and Kiiroo can do better.

In the accessories section, the Emily Willis Fleshlight wins by quite a lot, with a handful of amazing accessories that you can’t get for your FeelKayley stroker.

You do however save $10 if you opt for the Feel stroker compared to the Fleshlight.

Overall, a small win for the Fleshlight, but only by the smallest margin of victory.


  • A good choice if you’re average in your size and needs, nothing too tight or too loose
  • It feels like the real deal and it looks incredible on the front
  • I found the stimulation level to be good and versatile without being overwhelming
  • It works with all the Fleshlight accessories that I already own


  • The large Labia does tend to stick to my penis shaft
  • It’s expensive compared to similar pocket pussies like the FeelStar’s
  • I hate that it takes so long to dry
  • All the accessories are expensive

Authorized Sellers Only – Please

Okay, I hate to get emails from guys who thought they could save a few dollars and buy it at a discount on Amazon or AliExpress, you’re most likely getting a counterfeit version or a used one (even worse??).

I always buy my Fleshlights directly from Fleshlight.com which ensures that I get a genuine one and not some cheap ass counterfeit one. Fleshlight is always the first to have the newest models available, including the Emily Willis Fleshlight and then they become available to authorized resellers after a few weeks.

My personal favorite Fleshlight reseller is Lovehoney.com which does stock a ton of sex toys.

My Final Thoughts About the Emily Willis Fleshlight

This is an average Fleshlight in my mind, which might sound bad, but what I mean by that is that it will fit a wide range of men. You’re much more likely to enjoy the Emily Willis Fleshlight compared to other Fleshlights that are more focused on tightness or looseness.

I love the texture and the offset entrance which makes it interesting to use even after 10 times in 2 weeks. Try twisting it 180 degrees when you penetrate it and it will feel like you’re penetrating a completely different pussy.

Overall, a pretty solid Fleshlight that uses their latest life-like skin material and amazing molding technique so you can enjoy Emily Willis’s vagina. 

I recommend the Emily Willis Fleshlight to you if you’re a fan of her adult work or if you want a super tight and intense Fleshlight.

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  1. Wow, it’s hard to explain how it feels. It’s not like a real pussy but the feeling is really good and well worth the money.
    It’s a recommendation from me!

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