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Review summary:

I have been a ProExtender user for almost 1½ years now and have been able to extend my penis by a bit more than one inch(2.5 cm.). It does take some time to get used to the device but once you get past the first month it feels okay to wear it.

Results after 52 weeks:

  • Up to 29% longer penis
  • Up to 17% increased penis girth
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting erections

ProExtender in my hand, my review of it
I recommend using the ProExtender if you want to increase your penis size.
Good luck with your penis enlargement project!

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proextender V3 mounted on penis

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health Inc.

Description: Penis Extender

Price: From $189.99

Toll Free: 1-866-269-3487

Promotional Code: 196282

Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction or money back


Read My Full Review Below

Men have been forever obsessed with the size of their sexual organs and always wonder whether it is adequate to please their partner in the way they want to. This dilemma of men all over the world has led to exploitation as the pharmaceutical industry has been flooded with male penis enlargement pills and types of equipment.

If you have been trying to make your penis larger and even tried a few of these “magical cures” for penis enlargement, you have probably experienced that most of them do not work significantly.

Let’s see if ProExtender’s claims are true in this test and review.

About ProExtender

The ProExtender penis enlargement system has been designed and developed as a device that attaches to your penis and stretches it gently over some time with traction force.

This solution has been time tested and proven to be one of the most effective solutions to experience a prominent increase in the size of the penis and has been used by me all over the world for many years.

Invented in the year 1994 by Dr. Jorn E. Siana of Denmark, ProExtender was developed with the idea to increase penis size safely and in a non-evasive way.

Years of testing and refining by Dr. Siana has resulted in its invention, making it the most popularly used penis extender in the world.

ProExtender has been regarded as safe and effective by surgeons and urologists, and they continue to suggest it to their patients as well as the general masses.

This is my Personal Review of the ProExtender

To provide you with a quality review, that is informative in every way, the original ProExtender was ordered online and reviewed right from the opening of the box.

The original ProExtender package comes in a recyclable cardboard box, along with the following contents:

proextender how to get started
  • Pro extender unit along with adjustable bars
  • Special padding
  • One silicone noose
  • One set of long add-on bars
  • One set of short add-on bars
  • DVD with instructions
  • A printed instruction manual

The quality of the materials used in the ProExtender is lightweight and sturdy, made from top-grade plastic and stainless metals. The traction bars are completely adjustable and a variety of penis sizes can be accommodated in it with ease. The device is well-built and adheres to the medical standards of safety and hygiene.

Let’s take a Look at the Extender

In this phase of the ProExtender review, the extender was assembled with the components to see how the device functions. The additional bars are to be screwed up with the extender and attach smoothly. A good amount of traction force is given by the spring-loaded bars that are attached to the base of the extender.

Now it was time to try out the extender by first placing the padding over the penis as the manual suggested. Now the unit was placed on the penis and the silicone noose was tightened just behind the glans.

It was surprising to know that the extender fits comfortably over the penis without irritation, nor was it discomforting. The extender was worn for an hour every day for the first week, and then 2 hours per day for the second week.

During this period, there was no discomfort and the ProExtender feels like something you could get used to wearing daily. The padded cushion provided with the pro extender gives the comfort required.

The force that can be applied to the penis with the extender is adjustable between 300g to 1200g and each mark on the traction bar highlights 300g more force.

Let’s Take a Look at the ProExtender Parts

proextender description
  1. The ProExtender consists of a basal plastic ring
  2. With a recess for the Urethra
  3. Two metal bars, one with a right-handed thread
  4. And one with a left-handed thread for adjusting the traction on the device.
  5. Inside each bar, hidden in a tube, is a spring contrivance.
  6. At the distal end, the two plastic bars are attached to a plastic support with two holes in them.
  7. The holes are for the silicon tube that holds your penis.

How to use ProExtender?

  1. Fastening the basal ring at the base of the penis
  2. Ensure the two metal bars are running parallel to each other
  3. Make the head of the penis to rest on the bowl-shaped part of the device.
  4. Insert both ends of the silicone tube into the holes provided in the plastic supports.
  5. You will have created a loop where you will pass the penis.
  6. Try to tighten the silicone tube around the penis head.
  7. For those who are uncircumcised, the silicone tube can be passed just below the glans.
  8. To provide secure fastening you should press both ends of the device to fasten the device.
  9. In the final stage, you will have to turn the two thumb screws.
  10. Wear the device as long as you like and enjoy a larger penis!

My Personal ProExtender Results

After 1½ years of regular usage, the flaccid penis hung longer and the erect penis appeared significantly larger than before (More than one inch!!!). Not only did the pro extender enhance the length of the penis, but increased the girth as well.

Research on Results

If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of this penile enhancement method, a study conducted and reported at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in the year 1998 will help you decide. The study of Tractive Elongation of the Penis using stretching had the following conclusion:

  • of patients: 18 patients of ages between 23-47 years
  • Inclusion: normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery
  • Exclusion: chronically diseased individuals
  • Traction force: 0-2 weeks = 900-1000g; 2-24 weeks = 1000-1200g
  • Treatment period: 12 hours every day, 7 days a week for 8 to 24 weeks
  • Follow up: every 2 weeks
My personal proextender results

This report concluded a result of increased penile length of 1.1 inches or 2.8 cm after 1100 hours and an applied traction force of 1200g. The average person can experience an increased penile length of about 1.1 inches with the use of ProExtender V3.


  • Increase your penile length
  • Increased your penile girth
  • Improve your erection quality
  • You can get permanent results
  • Noninvasive enhancement that costs a fraction of surgery
  • Can help straighten your penis if it’s curved


  • It’s very time-consuming
  • You’re most likely going to feel a little pain when you wear the ProExtender
  • It’s still going to set you back a few hundred Dollars

Is ProExtender Safe?

The ProExtender is a very safe penis enlargement option – the device can cause a bit of pain in the first few weeks but it’s just your skin adapts. Make sure you read the manual before using the device and make sure that you set the device on the lowest traction in the first few weeks.

ProExtender price

This is one of the few drawbacks of this extender – it is quite expensive. But I always look at this as a lifetime investment, the gains are permanent and you will be able to benefit from it for the rest of your life. $300-$400 is a very small amount if you look at it that way.

The Extender prices:

Original ProExtender – $299.95

Deluxe ProExtender – $399.95

You can also buy the extender in a combination pack with a bottle of VigRX Plus and a bottle of Semenax pills for just $29.95 extra. This is a no-brainer for me since the price of a single bottle of VigRX Plus is $76.99!

The extender system prices:

Original ProExtender System – $329.95

Deluxe ProExtender System – $429.95

But what is the difference between Deluxe and original?

Deluxe or Original?

This might sound kind of stupid but the only difference between the original and the deluxe version is the container! YES, I know what you are thinking “Why should I pay $100 for a metal container?” and you are right, there is no reason to pay that extra money. Just buy the original version and save the $100!

Updated prices and packages as of October 2023:

A lot has happened with the prices and package options since this review was originally written back in 2019. They have completely redone their packages and pricing but the ProExtender itself remains the same.

Your package options:

  • Basic Package – You’re just getting the extender with no additional items, this retails for $199 but you might be lucky to catch one of their deals and save a few bucks. The price has surprisingly gone down $100 since the original review, freaking awesome!
  • Deluxe Package – This will get you the extender, a pack of VigRX Plus enhancement pills, and a bottle of Semenax semen enhancement pills. The pills add $120 to the total price but you can often find them at a discount. I’ve seen it as low as $229 which makes it the best value option to get.
  • Ultimate Package – You get the same as the Deluxe package, a ProExtender lifetime membership to their training program, and 1 on 1 coaching with an expert called AJ Alfaro. It will set you back $497 which is pretty nuts and I would not pick this option! I’ve created a free penis extender training program that you can follow. I don’t see any value in the extra stuff that they offer.


Yes, it does work, I’ve used it on my own penis and can now enjoy a larger and thicker penis.

They don’t sell spare parts but you can get spare parts from Jes Extender which is based on the same base extender design which makes the parts compatible with each other. You can find them at

No, that will only cause more pain due to the increased sensitivity of the skin below.

Yes, but there are much more effective penis extenders out there. I would suggest the Quick Extender Pro which has some extra features and stronger tension springs.

I would strongly suggest that you only buy it through the official website. There are unfortunately counterfeit products in circulation and the quality of them is really bad.

My Final Thoughts About the ProExtender

After 1½ year I can finally say that ProExtender has worked for me. The device is easy to use and I have not had any problems with it the last 1½ year apart from the pain that the device cause when wearing it.

If you are done with the ineffective supplements that just don’t work for you, then a penis extender is a device that will satisfy your requirements with ease. You can read more about how penis extenders work and find the best one here and decide if it’s something that will fit your needs.

Final Note from Austin Hanson

The above review is from a person that I helped years ago, I’ve removed all personal details and have agreed to publish the review here on Aiclegal. I’ve updated parts of the review to fit ProExtender’s new pricing structure and packages. The pictures are of the old packaging but the content is the same.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about the ProExtender or any other penis extender for that matter.

Picture of Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

Austin Hanson, M.D. Urology

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015. The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understand. Austin is a dedicated writer and loves to get his hands dirty with product reviews and the latest urology news. You can read more about me on my profile at Austin's author profile.

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  1. Nicely Done Review!. I have been using the ProExtender Device for 5months plus now and I gotta say i’m soo pleased with my gains so far. I’v certainly increased In both length and girth and my confidence levels keeps rocketting????????. I really recommend the device to anyone who wants to get longer, bigger and straighter and most importantly, be determined by putting in time and don’t give up early because the gains come in slowly but not too slow. I almost got discouraged after the first 2months but I kept going simply because i wanted the gains so bad and I wanted to be able to say that I tried it but it didn’t work but just after the 4th month, I could clearly see how bigger i had gotten. The only question I got now is that is there a limit to which I can keep getting bigger or it’s infinite? Cus I certainly don’t have plans to stop soon ????????.

    1. Hi
      I’m happy that you’re seeing some great results.
      To your questions about how long you can go – It depends on your physiologic limits.
      My advice would be to continue until you’re happy with the results.
      Best regards,

  2. hi bro
    you use pro extendar and you see result am soo depression and don,t know is real or fake i use soo much oil for increas panies size but no ruslt i search google and google say panies pump increas size and you gain size with pro extendar tell me truth which device is realy increas size

    1. Hi

      You can use the pro extender, but I would much rather prefer the Quick extender pro. And yes they work.

      Best regards,

  3. hi bro i use pro extendar and i meat 1 friend who also use for 1 month and say i not gain any and also we both say that when we put pro extendar they cut the blood flow of panies and the head of the panies is cold

  4. hi bro i use pro extendar and i meat 1 friend who also use for 1 month and say i not gain any and also we both say that when we put pro extendar they cut the blood flow of panies and the head of the panies is cold plz tell m the solution or can they damge my panies because blood not flow on the top of my panies

  5. hi sir
    i use pro extendar and i meat 1 friend who also use for 1 month and say i not gain any and also we both say that when we put pro extendar they cut the blood flow of panies and the head of the panies is cold plz tell m the solution or can they damge my panies because blood not flow on the top of my panies

  6. I ordered a penis extender a few years back through X4 labs. Was expensive, and I didntget the top of the line package, but it came with 2 extenders, attachments to use 1 or 2 straps, came with the noises, and velcro straps things (which I don’t care for). It also came with the highest tension springs on the market, carry cases for both sets, pills for helping with recovery time. A DVD, and access to their site. I only ordered the u it because of numberous girlfriends telling me I was small down there. To be honest, I was only 5.8 inches long,5.6 around at the base. I started using it, but lost interest quickly, or time, I don’t know which took the majority of the reason. After being cheated on numberous times, and now being fresh out of a relationship, I’ve decided to give it another try after 5 years of owning it. LOL after researching online, I’ve found a lot of studies that say you can add up to a 36% increase in length after 6 months of wearing it. So that’s my venture, I should be just over 7.5 after y months if this is true, maybe then I’ll be the one women are cheating on their boyfriends with. I’m just glad to see that I’m not the only guy out there giving this a shot. I’ve bought pills and pumps over the years, and even looked I to surgical procedures. When this thing was sitting in my closet looking at me everytime I dug out some clothes. Here’s hoping it works. 😆 🤣

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