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You’re going to learn about electric chastity cages in this article and get a list of the best electric chastity cages. I’ve done lots of research during my 12 years in the sex toy industry and I really had to dig deep to find the best devices for you.

It’s no surprise that your options are fairly limited because of the relatively small number of users. That being said there are still some great shock chastity cage options for you.

best electric chastity cages

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What’s the Best Electric Chastity Cage?

#1 Lockink Cag-Ink  – Aka. Cellmate 2

Cellmate is by far the most well-known brand in the electric chastity cage space and it’s no surprise that their 2nd generation takes the first spot on this list.

It’s a chastity cage that can be locked from the device itself or from the app that it’s paired up with. It also included a shock feature which can be activated from the app by your master.

You can get a short version of the Cellmate 2 which has an internal length of 2.55-inches (6.5cm.) and a long version with an insertable length of 3.75-inches (9.5cm.).


  • Lock it up with a push of a button
  • You can use the app to shock from anywhere
  • Waterproof IPX6 – Works in the shower
  • You don’t need the app to lock it
  • Recharge it when you wear it
  • Lots of size adjustments for a perfect tight fit
  • All-in-one device (no external power needed)


  • It does feel a little flimsy
  • The shock should be more powerful

What I Think About the Lockink Cag-Ink

The first Cellmate got a lot of attention from the general media which is pretty rare in case of sex toys and it’s clear why they got it. The Cellmate was a brand-new type of chastity cage that had features your old chastity cage could only dream of.

I was super excited when they released their 2nd generation which has even more features and electro shock! They have re-branded in the mean time which will cause quite a bit of confusion, but it’s just the name and nothing has changed in terms of the Cellmate 2.

I personally love the fact that it does not run on Wi-Fi but on cell network which makes it controllable from anywhere in the world with a cell connection.

The new adjustable lock ring is also a welcomed upgrade over the old version, the new one makes it a lot easier to get a tight fit that makes it impossible to escape without your master’s permission.

I recommend the Lockink Cag-Ink if you’re after a truly amazing chastity cage that can be controlled by your master from anywhere on the planet.

#2 Mancage Model 22 with Electrostimulation

The Mancage Model 22 is an electric chastity cage that comes with its own power supply mounted to the top. The included remote control is fairly basic but it does what it’s supposed to do.

It’s made with a black polycarbonate that makes it both strong and lightweight and there are air vents on the side and urinal hole in the front.

You can remove the power supply part and use it just as a regular chastity cage if you wish.

mancage model22 electro shock


  • All-in-one electric chastity cage
  • Really good quality
  • Including power supply
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Made with strong lightweight polycarbonate
  • Lots of size adjustability


  • You need to take it off during shower
  • Fairly limited in terms of shock settings

What I Think About the Mancage Model 22

I really like that the Mancage 22 comes with the power supply attached to the top of the chastity cage. This does make it a lot easier to wear and you can wear it naked which is not really a feasible option for the cages with an external power supply.

This does however limit how much you can adjust the power delivery settings, but I never really found it to be a personal problem when I tested it. But it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re power hungry and wish to adjust it in tiny increments.

You’re getting a lot of electric chastity cage for your money with this system, which costs less than an e-stim power supply or a lot of chastity cages on their own.

The polycarbonate is really strong and I kind of like the black finish on the device which is a great alternative to the metal chastity cages.

I love that you get a remote controller which makes it so much more convenient for the master to control you.

I recommend the Mancage Model 22 if you’re after a great remote controlled shock chastity cage.

#3 Mystim Pubic Enemy No. 1

the Mystim Pubic Enemy No. 1: a captivating chastity device that takes pleasure to electrifying heights. This unique and thrilling cage offers a combination of restriction, control, and the exhilarating ability to incorporate electric shock stimulation into your BDSM adventures.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Pubic Enemy No. 1 boasts a high-quality construction that ensures both comfort and security during extended wear. The cage features an adjustable ring and multiple spacers, allowing for a personalized fit tailored to your desires.

What sets the Pubic Enemy No. 1 apart is its electrifying capabilities. This device is compatible with Mystim’s electro-stimulation technology, enabling you to experience a whole new dimension of sensation and intensity. With the ability to introduce electric shocks to the wearer, the Pubic Enemy No. 1 pushes the boundaries of chastity play and unlocks new levels of pleasure and control.

Mystim Pubic Enemy 1 electric cage


  • Powerful electro shocks
  • You can adjust the power a lot
  • Lots of shock mode options
  • High-quality
  • Lots of size adjustments for a good fit


  • It does require an external power supply
  • Really expensive
  • No remote/app control

What I Think About the Pubic Enemy No. 1

This is really not a bad electric chastity cage but the price is just really high when you factor in the external power supply. This does however change if you already have the power supply, it does also make financially sense if you plan on getting some of the other Electrosex toy that Mystim makes.

I love the transparent design with the visible electrode pads on the inside which makes it feel absolutely real when you put it on.

I recommend the Pubic Enemy No.1 Electrosex cock cage if you’re after a traditional cock cage with electric shock feature.

How Does an Electric Chastity Cage Work?

An electric chastity cage works by integrating electro-stimulation technology into the design, providing an electrifying twist to the traditional concept of chastity play. The device typically consists of a cage made from non-conductive materials, such as polycarbonate or silicone, which encloses your genitals.

Two electrode pads sit on the inside along the shaft and they can be activated with a push of a button on the chastity cage, power supply, or from an app that’s connected to the cage.

By activating the electro-stimulation feature, the device delivers gentle electrical impulses or shocks to your genitals, creating unique sensations and amplifying the experience of chastity play. These sensations can range from mild tingling to more intense pulses, depending on the settings and preferences of what you and your partner likes.


A: Yes, you can simply turn it off or just don’t plug it in, but what’s the point of getting an electric chastity cage then? You should simply just get one without it, you can find the best chastity cages that I’ve tested and reviews over the years.

A: It would be impossible to make it out of pure metal since it’s conductive and the shock effect would be really weak (it the metal parts were separated by plastic/silicone parts) compared to small patches.

A: You might have found some really cheap e-stim chastity cage setup on Amazon, e-Bay, Ali Express, or on any of the other platforms that allow 3rd party sellers. But please for your own safety – Don’t buy it!

There is zero quality-control and lots of them are made of cheap plastic (not even tested for harmful chemicals) which might break when you put it on, wear it, or take it off. Trust me, you really don’t want that to happen!

My Final Thoughts About Electric Chastity Cages

In conclusion, electric chastity cages offer a unique and electrifying dimension to the world of chastity play. The ability to incorporate electric stimulation adds an intense level of control and sensation, pushing boundaries and unlocking new realms of pleasure.

There are unfortunately not a lot of options when it comes to great electric chastity cages but the Cellmate 2 is one great exception.

I would highly recommend getting the Cellmate 2 if you’re in the marked for a high-quality electric cage for men.

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