Fleshlight Launch Review 2023 – Power up your Fleshlight

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Review Summary:

Fleshlight Launch is an accessorie that you mount your Fleshlight in and it will move it back and forth and creating a hands-free masturbation experience.

The Launch is well-build and it feels like good quality.

This is really a game-changer when it comes to masturbation!

Fleshlight Launch review

Why should you buy Fleshlight Launch?

  • Next level hands-free masturbation
  • Works great with VR Sex
  • High quality

I recommend it if you’re after the ultimate masturbation experience!

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3.75 (4 votes)

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Update: The Fleshlight Launch has been updated and is now called the Universal Launch.

If you’re eager to experience “out of the world” orgasms, the first thing you need is a perfect “Launch!”

Yes, we mean the popular Fleshlight toy that you’re tired of hearing about from your friends. Well, who wouldn’t drool over a technological genius that strokes your shaft in sync with the porn content you love, all via Bluetooth connectivity?

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if the Fleshlight Launch lives up to its hype. Although this best-selling sex machine has been blowing minds since it was released, it may initially appear very complicated to someone who hasn’t experienced robot sex before.

Fleshlight Launch

So, without beating around the bush, let’s check out whether it’s your cuppa tea or not!

Core Specifications

Here’s a breakdown of the core specs of the Fleshlight Launch:

  • A compact 12.75-inch device
  • A USB charging cable
  • A quick setup guide/product manual
  • Warranty and authenticity card

Who Should Buy The Fleshlight Launch?

Although there’s no mandatory rule that everyone can’t enjoy the Fleshlight launch, you can enjoy it the best if you fall in one of these categories:

  • Beginners with zero experience of using sex toys
  • Hardcore fans of modern technology
  • Users who have previously enjoyed any of the Fleshlight mounts
  • People who aren’t satisfied by lazy masturbation
  • Folks who intend to enhance their sexual performance

Fleshlight Launch combo

Size And Design

If Fleshlights were penises, then the Fleshlight Launch would’ve been Mandingo’s ding-a-ling. Yes, using the Fleshlight Launch is equivalent to holding a football with one hand, as it is around 12.75 inches long. Well, in its defense – it’s a fleshlight, what were you expecting?

Appearance-wise, the Launch is an easy 8 out of 10. We’re fans of its smooth and sleek appearance, and its black color scheme is the perfect cherry on top. We wouldn’t dare question the build quality of this product – it’s as hard as the Viagra overdose boner from the opening scene of Scary Movie 4.

Does the Launch work with my old Fleshlight?

Well, unlike most of your exes, the Fleshlight Launch is a very compatible companion.

Jokes aside, the product has been specially designed to be compatible with the standard Fleshlight cases, but there are a few exceptions. If you own the Fleshlight Go or Flight case, then this one may not be your cup of tea.

This product doesn’t support the Turbo and clear Ice sleeves either, which is a bummer.

However, this one works perfectly with the standard cases, Fleshjack Boys, Girls and STU (golden) cases without discrepancies.

You can find a long list Fleshlights at https://aiclegal.org/best-fleshlights/.

How do I charge the freaking thing?

Although it may sound like third-degree torture to charge the Fleshlight Launch, be assured that it’s not as hard. While unboxing, you’ll find a standard USB micro-B charger cable that can be attached to the rear of the model. So, all you need to do is grab the USB outlet adapter from iOS/android to get it juiced up for the big night.

The Launch arrives at your place fully-charged for your interrupted first time use. Also, charging it isn’t hugely time-consuming either. It consumes around 6 hours to charge completely and delivers a satisfying run time of about 2 hours.

It looks like I need a science degree to operate it?

One thing that we love about the Launch unit is that it’s incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Whether you’re an experienced Fleshlight connoisseur or a mere rookie, handling this product comes off as a cakewalk after the first-time use itself. If you’re into the nerdy stuff, it’ll take you one read of the product manual to get accustomed.

Breaking it down, the unit comes with only two LED buttons (literally, could it get any easier?). One of the buttons is for power on/off, and the other one is to shuffle between its two modes. Also, it comes with two touch surfaces that help in controlling the stroking speed and height.

Manual and Interactive Modes

For those who like to shizzle their drizzle the old school way, the manual mode of this product is more of a mind-blower than a cock-blower. You can easily plug in any Fleshlight sleeve as you wish, lube your cock, and get started. The unit offers a maximum stroking length of 3 inches, which is just enough (unless you like getting wild).

However, as Douglas Conant had quoted, “the action is in the interaction.” Similarly, the interactive mode has all the real fun, as it sprinkles a little realism in the overall feel. You can connect your unit with Feelme.com and Pornhub.com to experience a realistic fuck from the MILFs of your dreams.

Fleshlight Launch review

Nothing worse than cleaning after “yourself”

What makes the Fleshlight Launch the perfect masturbation toy for men?

The fact that it’s effortless to clean.

Well, technically, you’d still need to clean the sleeves thoroughly, but not the Launch. All it takes is a few gentle wipes with a damp cloth, and the model is as good as new.

The Downside

As much as we wish that the Launch were the best a man could buy, some of its cons are too severe to ignore. For starters, we wish that the model featured a better way to adjust its sensitivity, which can be a bummer for many.

Your fingers may accidentally slide towards the touch surface in the middle of a solo trip, and the next thing you know is a sudden increase in speed, injuring your penile glans. Quite risky, if you ask us.


  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Manual and interactive modes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to charge
  • Compatible with most Fleshlight cases


  • Dissatisfactory options to adjust the sensitivity
  • Does not support Fleshlight Ice and Turbo sleeves

Summing It Up

Basically, the Fleshlight Launch feels like a quickie with Siri (we mean the famous AI and not the famous, busty pornstar). This one is a full-fledged sex machine that delivers 110% satisfaction.

Although the model is priced a bit on the high end, can you put a price on pure bliss? So, if budget isn’t a constraint, we don’t see why you shouldn’t stick your dick in the Launch and take off to Jizzney World!

Till next time!

Buy Fleshlight Launch here

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