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Review Summary:

I’ve used the Fleshlight Universal Launch for all my Fleshlight and FeelStar tests that I’ve done over the last 2 months and so it has been great.

Sure, it’s not without its flaws but I generally like the design and your ability to adjust everything with a push of a button.

I love how it transforms my Fleshlight into an automatic orgasm machine that just keeps going.

I’m just not too happy about the price and the bulky design, but it adds a lot of fun and a hands-free element to my masturbation game.

Fleshlight Universal Launch review

What I like about it:

  • It will turn your Fleshlight into an automatic male masturbator
  • I love how easy it is to use and setup
  • You can use other hardcase masturbators
  • It does work while charging (1 hour on the battery)
  • Very easy to adjust the speed and stroking length

What I don’t like about it:

  • It can’t sync with adult content
  • It’s very bulky
  • $200 is on the pricy side

I recommend the Fleshlight Universal Launch if you want to enjoy your Fleshlights hands-free but don’t care about any fancy features and a large bulky design.

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Table of Contents

My Full Review of the Fleshlight Universal Launch

First, a little history so you know what’s up and down in the mess of names because the Fleshlight Launch (without the Universal) was created by Kiiroo back in 2017 as a collaboration between the two companies.

That collaboration lasted 4 years before things went sour and they parted ways and the Fleshlight Universal Launch saw the day of light as a result of that.

old vs new Fleshlight Launch

The reason why I’m explaining all this is because the Internet is full of articles and reviews that have the two products mixed up. Both products are named closely to each other and they were both sold at the same time for a couple of years which made it confusing for the users.

I’ve tested both the original Launch and the new Universal Launch but this is a review of the newer Universal Launch since the old one is no longer for sale.

What the Hell is it?

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is a large device where you can mount your favorite Fleshlight and the motor in it will turn your Fleshlight into an automatic male masturbator.

You should be able to use all pocket pussies with a hard case in it hence the name “Universal”.

hard case pocket pussies

Let’s take a look at the Features

  • Universal Mount – Mount your Fleshlight or another type of pocket pussy with a hard case.
  • Strong motor – The motor can stroke up to 250 times per minute.
  • Adjustments – It can be adjusted to 4 different stroke lengths and 4 different speeds at which it strokes.
  • Rechargeable – It has a battery that gives you around 1 hour of playtime depending on the settings you use.
  • Phone mount – You can mount your phone to the top which is super handy because you need your two hands to hold the Universal Launch.
  • Easy to control – The control buttons are all within reach when you hold the handles and it’s very easy to adjust the settings and turn on/off.
Fleshlight Universal Launch features and controls

This is how you Control the Universal Launch

Adjusting the stroke length and speed is a crucial part of the Fleshlight Universal Launch experience. The rocker switches are easy to use and light up, making it easy to see what you’re doing even in low-light conditions.

With four variable stroke lengths and speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute, you can customize your experience to your liking. I found that the slower speeds and shorter strokes were perfect for building up to a more intense climax, while the faster speeds and longer strokes provided a more intense experience.

The controls:

  • Power button – Located on the right side near your index finger, hold it for around 3 seconds to turn it on. A single press on the power button when turned on will activate it and start it. A single press on it while starting will pause it. Hold in for 4 seconds to turn it off.
  • Left button on top – This is where you control the length of the stroking from 4 different lengths.
  • Left button on the back – You control where the Fleshlight is located, this is used to focus on your penis head, shaft, or all the way to your penis base.
  • Right button on top – This is your speed control which allows you to adjust the speed of the strokes from 4 different preset options.

My Personal Experience

The setup was a breeze, taking no more than five minutes — a real convenience when you’re eager to get started without any delays.

The first couple of minutes was spent getting comfortable with the controls and running through all the different length and speed settings. It felt pretty good to be able to control the stroking speed and length with a few clicks.

I like the position of the buttons and the handles are perfect to control it with. It does however look like I’m putting my penis into the exhaust of a fighter jet. I know I’ve said it before but it’s almost comically large and it feels like large parts of the plastic shell just cover space.

I wish I could mount it somewhere so I didn’t have to hold it with my hands while using it. It’s like a missed opportunity for a true hands-free masturbation experience.

Overall, the Universal Launch proved to be an enjoyable device but there is room for improvement.

How do I Clean it?

The Universal Launch is NOT waterproof so don’t toss it in the sink with your Fleshlight and expect it to work afterwards.

That being said, you shouldn’t need to clean it that much compared to your Fleshlight but I found it very difficult to keep it free from lubrication.

A damp cloth should be enough to wipe it down unless you get lube/cum in between the plastic pieces which is annoying.

All I’m saying is “Try to avoid pulling out just before you cum so you don’t cum all over your Fleshlight Universal Launch”.


  • Good if you want to turn your Fleshlight into an automatic masturbator
  • It’s really easy to hold even with lube on your fingers
  • You have full control over the action with the control buttons
  • Less features means fewer things that can break
  • It’s fairly quiet (but not perfect at all)
  • You can mount other hard case pocket pussies in it


  • No way to sync up with adult content
  • It’s freaking huge
  • It costs $200 which is just plain insane when you think about the missing features
  • It takes forever to charge, up to 9 hours for 1 hour of battery life (You can use it while charging, but still)
  • The strap/ratchet system only locks onto one place, leaving it a bit wobbly

Let’s Compare it to the Competition

There is only one similar product and that’s the Keon from Kiiroo (which made the first Fleshlight Launch). You could argue that the Handy masturbator is in this category but the fact that you can’t use it with your Fleshlight makes it irrelevant in this comparison.

universal launch vs kiiroo keon

They are both pretty much equal in terms of raw performance and the difference in strokes per minute is neglectable (230 vs 250).

The Keon does have one massive ace up its sleeve and that’s its ability to sync up to porno through the FeelConnect app. The app is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it’s getting better and better for each update.

You can simply connect to your favorite porn through the FeelConnect app and the Keon will stroke in sync with the action for an incredible immersive experience. This is a huge advantage over the Universal Launch which is stuck with manual controls for the stroking rhythm.

One thing the Universal Launch has going on for it is the way to grip it and hold it tight. The Keon is a little harder to hold, especially if you have lube on your fingers.

Overall, a clear win for the Keon unless you don’t give a shit about the porn sync feature in which case the Universal Launch wins.

There is clearly room for improvement in both products and I would love to see a new version of each model that takes advantage of all the new AI technologies that have been invented in the last year.


A: It’s not the quietest automatic male stroker but it’s not bad and you can easily get away with using it in your room without anybody noticing the sound. No automatic sex toy is dead silent that’s just a fact.

A: You can get it directly from Fleshlight.com, they offer bundles with their Fleshlight Girls so you can get your favorite Fleshlight Girl + Universal Launch + lube + renewing powder + cleaning product for a special price.

You also have the option to buy it form one of their authorized resellers, but please stay away from 3rd party sellers like Amazon and eBay, they have been known to sell used sex toys….. You might save a few bucks but it’s NOT worth it in my opinion.

A: Great fucking questions and I wish I knew why. It drives me absolutely nuts that they feel so arrogant about their products and think a few pictures and a completely useless video is going to be enough information about it.  

A: I had no problem using it with my FeelStar Strokers, but The Ultraskyn strokers have a cone-shaped hard case which makes the tightening strap on the Universal launch slip down and lose all grip around the stroker. It can be done by wrapping some sticky rubber strap around the hard case but it’s not an ideal solution.

unsupported pocket pussies

A: Well, that’s entirely up to your preferences and wallet size. I personally don’t think the $200 price tag is worth it and I would much rather go with a competing product like the Kiiroo Keon if I were in the market for a new device to turn my Fleshlights into automatic orgasm generators.

My Final Thoughts About the Fleshlight Universal Launch

Do I Need to Spend $200? No, it’s not necessary to spend $200 on your Fleshlight experience but it is going to make it feel quite different when you enjoy your Fleshlight hands-free.

You can get just a good of a hands-free experience if you use a shower mount or if you simply jam in between your mattresses and use it hands-free that way.

But I can see why you would love it if you’re really into girls riding your cock while you’re on your back enjoying it. To be honest, there are other reasons why it’s pretty cool but I think the cons outweigh the pros and the competing products like the Kiiroo Keon are much better.

Let’s hope Fleshlight gets its shit together and produce an up-to-date version of the Launch and not just a copy of an old product without new and exciting features.

I recommend the Fleshlight Universal Launch if you want to enjoy your Fleshlights hands-free but don’t care about any fancy features and a large bulky design.

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