Metal Chastity Cages Tested and Reviewed

You can change the power dynamic of your relationship with a chastity cage and nothing beats metal chastity cages.

I’ve been in the sex toy industry for over 12 years and have seen my fair share of mediocre male chastity devices that could easily be removed without the key.

I’ve listed the 5 best metal chastity cages that I’ve tested below and arranged them according to how they perform according to their price.

The main criterion that I judge the devices on is how secure they are since it’s the sole function of a male chastity device.

best metal chastity cages

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What’s the Best Metal Chastity Cage?

#1 Master Series Incarcerator – Best Overall

The Master Series Incarcerator is a chastity device designed to enhance control and restriction in BDSM and power play scenarios. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this device offers durability and adjustability, and you can wear it permanently.

It comes with 3 spacers and a secure adjustable ring to make the fit just right for you. There is a padlock included with 3 keys just in case you misplace a key or two.


  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Lots of ways to adjust the size for a perfect fit
  • You can wear it permanently
  • Clean is in the shower without taking it off
  • Including a padlock and 3 keys


  • It’s quite heavy
  • Fairly expansive (But it’s going to last a lifetime)
  • You can’t go through a metal detector with this

My Thoughts About the Incarcerator

There is no doubt about it – The Master Series Incarcerator is the best metal chastity cage you can get right now!

I love the heavy-duty approach and the attention to detail in the design which makes it stand out from the other metal cages.

You can adjust the size of the ring behind your balls and use spacers on the top to add length or remove length for the perfect fit. This is crucial for a good chastity cage!

The only downside is the weight which is fairly heavy but a lot would prefer that compared to the feeling of the flimsier plastic cages.

I recommend the Master Series Incarcerator if you’re after the best metal chastity cage money can buy!

#2 Dominix Deluxe Black Metal Chastity Cage – Best Budget Option

Dominix Deluxe is behind the second cage on the best list and this time it’s a black metal chastity cage. It’s designed with 8 metal rings that are welded together at the bottom and curve slightly downwards the further it goes.

It’s a very open design which is good for breathability for your penis which is very important if you wear it for extended periods.

dominix deluxe black metal chastity cage


  • Made with black colored metal
  • Open design
  • Lightweight and still made of 100% metal
  • It’s fairly cheap
  • You can get it in a none black version


  • The quality is not premium (but not bad)
  • There is no way to adjust the ring size

My Thoughts About the Dominix Deluxe Black Metal Chastity Cage

This is simply not on level with the Incarcerator in terms of quality and features but it can be yours for less than half the price.  

I kind of like the simple design which shows a lot more of your penis and it really shows your penis struggle when you try to get an erection.

Overall, a decent option if you’re on a budget and it’s a plus that you can get it in a black and metal colored version.

I recommend this device if you’re after a black subtle metal cage for your penis that don’t cost a fortune.

#3 Master Series Solitary Extreme Confinement – Best Small Option

This is by far the smallest of the metal chastity cages on this list and there is a reason why it’s called Extreme confinement.

It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and it comes with 2 rings for a good fit around your balls.

There is a urinal hole in the front so you don’t have to take it off when you go to the toilet.


  • Well-build with high-quality stainless steel
  • 2 rings for a better fit
  • Including a padlock and 3 keys
  • Extremely small
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal for permanent use


  • Expensive for the small size
  • Less adjustment compared to the Incarcerator

My Thoughts About the Master Series Solitary Extreme Confinement

If you’re into extremely small metal chastity cages then this is simply it. The quality is amazing and the size is freaking small with an insertable length of just 1.5-inches (3.8cm.).

The two rings allow you to get a better fit you’re your body type which is a huge plus.

I’ve written an article dedicated to flat/small chastity cages and this device is the highest metal cage on that list.

I recommend Master Series Solitary Extreme Confinement if you want the smallest metal chastity cage.

What are the Advantages of Using Metal?

Metal cages and metal sex toys in general have some advantages that make them superior to other materials.

  • Strength – A metal cage is simply not going to just break unless you try to damage it! There is a reason why prison cages are made of metal and not silicone or plastic.
  • Stiffness – The stiffness makes it a lot easier to lock in place around your cock compared to other softer materials that might allow you to bend and pull your cock out.
  • Body-safe – Most metals are body-safe (at least the ones on the list above) which is an absolute must when it comes to any kind of sex toy.
  • Easy to clean – Stainless steel is as waterproof as anything can be which allows you to wear your cage in the shower which is also where you clean it.
  • It looks amazing – I know this is just a personal preference but I simply love the look of metal against my skin.

What are the Disadvantages of using Metal Chastity Cages?

One major problem with wearing a metal chastity cage is that you can go through any type of metal detector without problems.

So, a metal chastity cage is a no-go in any airport and you might have problems going to large events like concerts and sports events.

It might not be a problem for you but it could be a deal breaker if you travel a lot or need to go through a metal detector a lot.

Two Possible Solution

1 – You could use a metal chastity cage as your daily cage and switch to a plastic or silicone chastity cage when traveling or you know that you need to go through some type of security check.

The locks on other devices are also made of metal but all premium cages do come with a set of single-use plastic clips that can’t be removed without cutting them open.

plastic locks for chastity cages

I would highly suggest getting a large bag of these plastic lock clips if you plan on traveling a lot.

2 – The CB6000 Chrome is not made of metal but it has a chrome look which gives you a lightweight chastity cage that can go through a metal detector while still looking like a metal cage.

I personally love the CB6000 series and I would highly recommend taking a look at that if you’re travelling a lot.

Can I Wear It All the Time?

Yes, as long as the metal is not corrosive which all of the products in the best list above are. You might get in trouble if you buy cheap knockoff brands off Amazon or other platforms that allow 3rd party sellers.

You must get the best quality if you plan on wearing it permanently or just for long periods.

Stainless steel chastity cages are always a good choice since they are strong and body-safe.

Can I Clean a Metal Chastity Cage When I Wear It?

Yes, all chastity cages are designed with air/water holes in them to let your skin breathe and to let water through the device when you shower.

You’re likely to find it difficult to dry your penis and the inside of the cage while you wear it and it’s very important to get it dry to avoid any fungus problems further down the line.

You can use a hair dryer set to cold and simply blow the water out, this can take as little as a few seconds or a couple of minutes depending on the design of the metal chastity cage.



1 – Unlock the cage

2 – Remove the ring that sits behind your balls.

3 – Put your penis inside the cage

4 – Hold your balls in one hand and gently pull some down and forward to make room for the ring behind them.

5- Insert the secure ring behind your balls and lock them in place with the padlock or internal lock.

It does take a little getting used to it and be a little difficult at first.

Pro tip – Let your partner do it for you!

A: Yes, but make sure the cage you got is made of none corrosive metal, all the ones in the best list are.

A: Warm water and soap are all you need. Some metal cages do have tiny spots that can be hard to clean, you can simply use a tiny “solo toothbrush” to clean that.

A: No, there is simply no way around it. Get a second plastic or silicone cage and use it while you travel or go to places that require going through a metal detector.

My Final Thoughts About Metal Chastity Cages for Men

There is something about metal right against your body, it feels so raw and untamed. Metal is an essential part of BDSM play and it’s used in a wide range of sex toys including male chastity cages.

I’m personally a huge fan of using metal cages as they offer something that’s completely body-safe and long-lasting. You can use it permanently for the rest of your life if you treat it well and get a good quality cage in the first place.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to spend more on a good-quality metal chastity cage. It might not make any sense for other sex toys that you only use occasionally but we’re talking about a device that you can wear 24/7/365!

I recommend the Master Series Incarcerator if you’re after a high-quality metal chastity cage.

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