CalExotics Penis Extender Review

CalExotics Penis Extender Review Score:
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Build quality
  • Support
  • Price

Review summary:

The CalExotics Penis Extender had one thing going on for it and that’s the full-length adjustment which I personally love.

But it’s simply a bad product that’s produced way too cheaply and it shows in all parts of it.

CalExotics Penis Extender Review

This is what I think about it:

  • Good adjustment system
  • Horrible build-quality
  • Lacks several comfort options
  • Very little effect

I don’t recommend getting the CalExotics Penis Extender due to the poor build quality and subpar effect.

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What the Hell is a CalExotics Penis Extender?

It’s a brand of penis extender that just popped up on my radar – It does not promise anything and it even states on the packaging that it’s just meant as a novelty.

adult novelty

But I’ll give it a test and see if it’s worth the money or a no-go!

Setting it up for the First Time

Getting started is easy and the CalExotics Penis Extender comes preassembled in a clear box so you pretty much know what you get even before you open it.

It does come with extra extension rods that you need to screw in place before you use it.

rod system

It has a standard silicone noose design which sits behind your glans and it comes with a foam softener which should make it more comfortable to use.

You need to cut it to shape so it fits around your penis before you use the foam part. Be careful not to cut too much since the CalExotics penis extender only comes with that one!

This is how you mount it:

  1. Screw the front glans holder back a few cm or an inch before putting your penis through the black base.
  2. Tie down the silicone noose by inserting it in one of the holes.
  3. Put the noose behind your glans and tighten it down by pulling on the silicone and locking it in place by bending it backward in the plastic grip.
    silicone noose lock
  4. Now you can adjust the tension by screwing the nuts forward which puts tension on your penis.
    penis in calexotics penis extender
  5. Wear it as long as you feel like but please stop if you feel any discomfort.

Testing the CalExotics Penis Extender

I was a little worried about the quality of some of the parts before starting this test so I’ve decided not to put any notable tension on the Slide Loader.

Using it was fine and I like the full-length adjustment system which is pretty cool but the overall build quality made me worried about breaking something while I had it on.

I was initially going to test it for 2 months but had to stop after 2 weeks because it was simply not worth it.

What I Think About the Design and Build-Quality

The overall design follows that of other traditional penis extenders like the Quick Extender Pro, Jes Extender, and the SizeGenetics Extender. There is however one major difference and that’s the threading on the entire length of the extension rods.

This is super cool and makes it easy to adjust the tension once it’s mounted on your penis which was a huge problem on the Size Doctor Extender (the last penis extender that I tested).

But, that’s where all the positive ends… It’s unfortunately built so poorly that I felt pretty unsafe using it and ultimately had to stop using it. I strive to test these kinds of products for at least 2 months to give me a good base knowledge about them before making a review like this. But I know enough after 2 weeks to write a review and it’s not great.

First off, the base of the extender is extremely weak and made with what feels like some rubbish remelted plastic. It’s simply uncomfortable when it presses against my body as soon as you put a bit of pressure on it.

Another problem with the base is the joint where the rods sit, they don’t feel secure at all and my biggest worry was that they would snap during use and cut me which was ultimately the reason why I had to cut the testing prematurely.

Things get a little better when we look at the front of the CalExotics Penis Extender which comes with a softening foam attachment for the silicone strap. It makes a huge difference to the comfort level at the head of the penis. One small problem is that you have to cut it to shape to fit your penis size and there is just one included. So good luck if you cut it too short.


Foam does not tend to last long during tension and it gets pretty gross quickly. A product like the Quick Extender Pro comes with lots of foam attachments which is important and something the CalExotics Penis Extender lacks.

I would personally have loved to see a dual strap design that would allow you to better secure your penis to the CalExotics Penis Extender.

For some reason, they have 2 options, a gold rod version which comes with fewer rod extensions (???), and a silver version with more. I have no idea why they have both these options and it’s not clear which version you get when you order it.


  • The treated extension rods make it easy to adjust the tension
  • It’s very easy to put on and adjust to size
  • Very cheap


  • The build-quality is terrible
  • Only a single comfort foam included
  • It’s way to wobbly at the base
  • Less effective compared to other extenders

My Final Thoughts About the CalExotics Penis Extender

Quality hasn’t been the top priority when the CalExotics extender was designed and built. The general principle works great and it’s based on some of the most popular penis extenders available right now but the execution is simply bad.

I would strongly suggest taking a look at our best penis extender guide which features some amazing products that blow the Slider Loader out of the competition.

Do I recommend it? No, it’s simply a waste of money and you should avoid it at all costs.

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