The Aic Penis Extender Routine – A 3-Step Guide to Penis Stretching

There are a few things I need to address before getting to the Aic 3-Step Routine and the first thing is time!

Time is the single most important factor when we’re talking penis extender use and effect, which is why I focus heavily on the “Getting Comfortable” part in this guide.

It’s extremely important that you get into a sustainable routine that fits your daily life otherwise you’re simply going to drop it when things get too hard/busy.

The more time you use your penis extender the bigger your penis size gains is going to be.

I’ve dividend the routine into 3-steps and called the entire thing for “The 3 Step AIC Penis Extender Routine”, I’ve done this to make it easier to go back and find the steps once you’re ready to extend your penis.

penis extender routine

Table of Contents

Step 1 – Getting Comfortable

Are you going to see massive gains in the first few weeks? No, but it’s by far the most important step of them all. 

Getting Comfortable with your penis Extender of choice is very important as it lay the foundation for the rest of the training routine.

The difference between how each extender work is minor so this part below is based on the most common penis Extender but the general principles apply to other penis extenders.

Get to Know your Penis Stretcher:

Some penis extenders come preassembled which is nice, but I would still recommend you to take it apart as the first thing you do.

Taking it apart and assembling it a few times will teach you a lot about each component and how it works.

The different parts of a penis extender

Your penis extender does often come with extra extension rods which allows you to make it longer. Another included item (or selection of items) are the comfort pads which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear the extender during the routine.

penis extender assembled

Putting it on Your Penis for the First Time  

This might sound like a simple task and it is once you get the hang of it but it’s pretty damn difficult the first few times. The most important thing here is getting the length of the device right. You might have to change extension rods a few times and adjust the length wheel up and down to get it right.

strap lock with comfort pad

Remember it’s not about the traction force the first few times, it’s all about getting comfortable with the adjustments and settings.

tension adjustments

It’s time for you to move on to the next step once you have a good under of how it works.

Step-2 The Build Up

The second step is all about building up the tension and time that you wear your penis extender. Your penis needs time to get used to in increased tension that you put it through.

We are all different and our bodies respond differently to training which is why you need to listen to your bodies signals when you start a new training routine and penis extender training is no different.

I’ve set the build up step to last for 8 weeks as this is what I’ve had most success with my self and others who I’ve helped. You might be able to do it in 4 works if your body responds well to your penis extender routine but it might as well take you 12 weeks to get all the way through it.

Time and Tension

  • Week 1 – You should use as little tension as possible the first week and simply getting used to wearing the extender on your penis. Aim for 2 x 30 minutes with a short 10-minute break where you Jelq for 2 minutes. You should have enough tension to keep the extender from falling off.
    Do your extender routine 3-4 days the first week.
  • Week 2 – Increase the session time to 2 x 1 hour with a short 10-minute break where you perform Jelq exercises. Increase the tension enough to feel the pulling force on your penis.
    Do your extender routine 4-5 days in the second week.
  • Week 3 – Add a third 1-hour session to your routine in the third week so you’re looking at 3 x 1 hour with 10-minute breaks in between. Keep the Jelq routine up for extra gains and improved blood flow to your penis.
    You might feel soreness in your penis which in an indicator that you need an extra day off of your routine.
    Do the extender routine 5 days in the third week.
  • Week 4-5 – It’s time to increase the tension in the 4-5th week and add an extra hour of penis stretching. You can split it up in 4 x 1 hour, 2 x 2 hours, or 1 x 4 hours, it all depends on how easy it is for you to wear the extender. You can even spit it up between work/school in the morning and in the afternoon.
    Do the extender routine 5 days in the 4-5th week.
  • Week 6-7 – The 2 final weeks of the build up face is all about dialing in that tension, you should approach the maximum tension that your penis can take but never crossing the line into pain.
    This is also where you really amp up the time spend from 4 hours a day to 6-8 hours a day. You can get some decent results from 4 hours a day but the real gains come in the 6-8 hours a day.
    You can as always split the time up in different chunks to suit your life. 8 hours in a huge time commitment and almost impossible to get to if you have work/school and/or other time-consuming things in your life.
    Do the extender routine 5-6 days in the 6-7th week.

You’re now ready for the true grind.

Step-3 The Grind

This is it – The grind where all the gains are made and where you can change your life for the better! It all comes down to your determination and willpower (and a good penis extender).

Week 8+

The Grind can take as long as you like but most guys reach their goal within 6-12 months if they have set a realistic goal.

It’s very important that you take rest days during The Grind to let your body recover from the training. You should aim for 5-6 days a week with close to maximum tension for the most effect.

4 hours per day will get you the same results in 12 months as 8 hours a day will get you in 6 months so it’s all about time!

Some penis extender companies claim that you can wear their extender during sleep, which sounds freaking amazing, who wouldn’t be able to sleep their way to a larger penis? But, I’ve yet to meet a guy who can sleep comfortable while wearing a penis extender. So please don’t count on being able to do that!

Well, that’s really all there is to it – There are however ways to improve your gains which you can read more about in the Bonus step below.

Bonus Step-4 Improve Your Gains

This is not really a penis extender routine step but more of an “extra step” to improve the gains you gain from the penis extender even further.

Penis Exercises

There are 100’s of different exercise techniques for your penis and every expert recommends different ones for some unknown reason. This is complete BS and it’s only done so you have to buy their penis training program.

All you really need to know is how to Jelq which is the most basic and also the most effective penis exercise.

Jelqing should be performed before, during breaks, and after the use of a penis extender. This will both stretch and increase the blood flow to your penis. An increased blood flow makes you recover faster and you’ll be able to use your penis extender for longer when you perform them during your penis extender breaks.

jelq step-2
jelq step-3

You don’t need to buy an expensive program to learn how to Jelq, practice makes perfect.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump works a bit like Jelqing but it forces even more blood to your penis which increases its size further. Another pro of the penis pump is that it adds girth to your penis which the penis extender hardly does.

Adding a penis pump session after a penis extender session will dramatically increase your size gains.

If you’re going for all 3 options then your routine should be:

  1. Stretch your penis with Jelqing for 2 minutes (don’t use lube as it would be extremely hard to put on a penis extender afterwards)
  2. Wear your penis extender for as long the routine you follow allows you to.
  3. Add another Jelqing session. (2 minutes is perfect)
  4. Use the penis pump for 10-15 minutes. (Or spilt it up in 2×5 min or 2 x 7.5 min)
  5. Finish off with another 2 min Jelqing session.

I know this is a bit extreme but if you have the time and want the fastest results, then this is it!

penis extender with pump

You can get a penis pump for as little as $20 but I would highly recommend a Bathmate pump if you can effort it or at least a pump with plenty of room to grow in.

You can read my buyers guide to penis pumps if you wish some inspiration.

I recommend the Quick Extender Pro which does come with a penis pump when you buy the “Deluxe Limited Edition”. It’s quite the deal and will set you up for a successful penis enlargement.


A: No, you will be able to extend your penis without any type of daily routine or program but it’s going to be a hit or miss if you’re going to gain anything in terms of size. You’re also much more likely to run into injuries if you go full steam ahead instead of a slow progression.

A: You can, but you shouldn’t. It’s important that you lay the foundation before you move further. This is don’t to prevent injuries that often comes after overtraining.

A: Yes, you can take breaks whenever you feel like it, but the longer the breaks the further back in the routine you should start again. Let’s say you take a 4-week break after week 8, then you would go back to your week 4 and start at that traction force and daily time spend wearing your penis extender.  

A: For as long as you like or until you reach your desired penis size. There is generally a tiny bit of shrink back after a long period of length training. You can prevent that if you use it ones a week or every other week to keep your gains 100%.

A: Getting used to wearing a penis extender can take quite a long time but there are a few things that can improve your comfort. Try using the comfort pads that’s included with your extender (you properly already done this). You can try different household items to improve the comfort; a thin layer of plastic food wrap around your penis is a good method or use an unlubricated condom to add an extra layer.

Think You Got the Wrong Extender for the Job?

Not all penis extenders are created equally and some are simply not made for a daily penis stretching routine. You might think you made a steal buying that $35 penis extender from e-Bay or Amazon, but that’s not going to last and perform as well in the long term.

I’ve tested and reviewed 12 different penis extenders in the past 8 years and have made a penis extender buyers guide if you’re in the marked for a new extender or your very first penis extender.

Go back and follow this penis extender routine once you get your brand-new penis extender and start your penis enlargement journey the best way possible.

My Final Thoughts About This Penis Extender Routine

Getting into a really good routine is often the different between failure and success, I know that. I’ve helped 100’s of guys through their first penis extender purchase and helped them with a training routine that is both effective and sustainable. You could be the next guy to increase your penis length by more than an inch in the next 6 months.

I really hope you take this penis extender routine seriously just like it’s important to hit the gym more than once a week in order to get you body you wish for. It all takes time and effort but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

You’re always welcome to ask questions in the comments below, or send me an email for more personal questions at charleyjefferson82 (at)

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