Bathmate Power Rings Review 2023

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The Bathmate Power rings are some of the best cock rings that I’ve seen.

The quality of this product is way above your avarage $5 products on Amazon and it’s going to last you a lot of strong hard erections!

power ring review

The rings will help you get:

  • A stronger erection
  • Longer lasting erection
  • Much more pleasure

Aiclegal recommend Bathmate Power Rings
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Bathmate Power Rings are a popular performance and pleasure enhancement penis rings that you should consider if you’re in the marked for cock rings.

Let’s see if they are a perfect match for you in this review.

First let’s see how they work

How do Bathmate Power rings work?

Bathmate Power rings give you a stronger and harder erection, which is also long-lasting.

For your female partner, they offer added pleasure and stimulation. As the rings settle down at the base of your penis or elsewhere on the shaft as you wish, it creates a moderate but definite pressure on the veins of the penis, making them more active and carrying more blood.

This ensures that the penis does not lose its firmness and remains in the act for longer as the rings even delay the ejaculation.

On the female body, the rings create additional friction and thrust that takes the orgasmic pleasure to a new height.

Bathmate Power Rings

How do I put on a Bathmate Power ring?

If you are new to cock rings, it’s natural to be a little inhibitive and intimidated as to how to use them safely.

But with the Bathmate Power ring, you should not worry at all.

These are made with extremely safe and soft materials. About how you can put it on, it is super easy. When your penis is in a flaccid or semi-erect state, you should slip it on and take it the base of your penis.

Now, let it be there as you immerse in foreplay and pleasure. When your penis is fully erect, the ring would hold its place tightly. This would ensure you have a stronger, harder, and longer erection.

Do they even fit my penis size?

Bathmate Power rings come in 3 different varieties whose an external diameter is 45-50 mm and the internal diameter is 20 mm.

With these specifications, the rings are going to hold the penis really snug and tight. The external diameter is significantly more than the girth of the penis.

What are the benefits of using a penis ring?

With cock ring in its place and keeping the penis firm, the female body is going to get a coarse and heavier thrust.

Will that add to the pleasure for the female partner?

Yes, user reviews claim that women scream and go wild with pleasure. For the man, the rings keep them in action for longer and harder.

Bathmate Power Rings Group

Can I use them with my Bathmate penis pump?

Bathmate penis pump is a highly successful product from Bathmate having sold more than a million pieces worldwide.

This is a specially built water-based vacuum pump that’s supposed to give the penis the workout it needs like the rest of the human body.

Regular workouts with the Bathmate penis pump can improve the health of the penis, making it longer, thicker, and more vigorous. However, caution is required while using the penis pump. Can this be used with cock rings?

Bathmate Power Rings review finds you can use the ring during the Bathmate penis pump exercise. The rings are supposed to help the workout for the penis.

Should I clean them after use?

Yes, after using Bathmate penis rings, you should clean them with soft soap and water. You can also use sex toy cleaners to maintain the necessary level of hygiene.


  •  Soft & comfortable
  •  Comes in 3 different designs
  •  Safe & easy to use
  •  Affordable


  • May feel uncomfortable
  • May disrupt natural lovemaking

Final thoughts

Bathmate Power Rings are a really good product that fits most penis sizes and have a very positive effect on your erection quality.

That’s why we have voted this product the best cock ring in 2023!

The rings will help you get:

  • A stronger erection
  • Longer lasting erection
  • Much more pleasure

Aiclegal recommend Bathmate Power Rings

Buy Bathmate Power rings here

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