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Review summary:

The Harley Quinn sex doll is a great way to live out that fantasy of yours and have sex with Harley Quinn.

You can enjoy her body whenever you feel like it and experience life-like sex with this life-size sex doll.

Just a small warning: She is expensive and heavy just like all full-size sex dolls, but she is 100% worth it in my mind!

harley quinn sex doll review

This is what you get:

  • High-quality life-size sex doll that feels amazing.
  • You can enjoy all 3 holes.
  • Very high-quality TPE materials that feel just like skin.

I recommend the Harley Quinn sex doll to you if you have a fantasy about her.

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Want to Know More About Her?

There is hardly any doubt that the popularity of sex dolls has been going up quite impressively across the world and there are many reasons for this. In this article, we will be looking at a few reasons why so many men go in for sex dolls.

We will then be looking at a reasonably complete and comprehensive Harley Quinn sex doll review. We are sure it will be helpful and of interest to those who are looking for sexual gratification from sex dolls.

It does not matter whether a person is single or even with a family. There are quite a few takeaways as far as these sex dolls are concerned.

Let us have a look at the main advantages that thousands of men find when they choose a sex doll as their companion, whether they are single or married.

sex doll harley quinn

Technology Has Moved Ahead

The world of technology is never stagnant and the same applies to the world of sex dolls also.

Today, sex dolls come with an awesome range of functionalities, and they are quite advanced and more importantly realistic. They have the look and touch of a live person.

This is because of the extensive use of silicone and other such artificial intelligence technologies. Some dolls are so real that it would be impossible to tell the difference between real women and these wonderful creations.

Whether it is the hair, eyes, lips, or other parts of the body, they look almost real and full of life and participation. They come in different sizes and have the best of figures from various perspectives. Hence, it is obvious that there is a growing and continuous demand for such sex dolls.

About Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Though there are many sex brands and makes of sex dolls, choosing the right one without any doubt is not easy, to say the least. Almost each one of them looks alike as far as features, looks, functionalities, and price attributes are concerned.

It is therefore important for you to do some research and then come out with the best of brands and makes. They should have a combination of all features and the best of technologies must be used.

We are sure that this Harley Quinn Sex Doll review will certainly help the readers to have a better understanding and will help them enhance their overall perspective about this brand of sex doll.

Some Basic Descriptions & Features

To begin with, this sex doll comes from the house of Harley Quinn. They have been around for quite some years now and they understand sex dolls quite well.

They also have incorporated the best of technologies, and all these are reflected in this sex doll and its features and specifications.

Here are the most important ones that readers and prospective customers may find interesting and informative.

  • The height of the doll is 168 centimeters or around 5.51 feet.
  • The Cup D breast is quite generous and one of the main attractions of this sex doll.
  • It has a bust girth of 82 centimeters, and this again is quite exciting.
  • The slim waist of 59 cm also attracts men who come across this sex doll.
  • The hip expansion of around 80 cm is also worth mentioning and does play a role in titillating men.
  • The overall weight of the doll is 32 kilograms and therefore not too heavy to handle.
  • It also comes with a shoe size of 22 cm.
  • The stainless-steel skeleton is also worth mentioning and it is almost real to touch and feel. Additionally, it is also completely flexible.
  • The pale skin color with a pinkish tinge also catches the attention of most men who are on the lookout for the right-colored sex doll.
  • The black eye color is also worth mentioning along with the black color of the hair.
  • Men certainly will love the vaginal depth of 17 centimeters, and it will help them get the wonderful and special feeling that is almost as close to real.
  • You also will have a few things positive to say as far as the anal depth of 17 cm is concerned.
  • If you love oral sex and foreplay, as a man, you will not be able to ignore the fact that the sex doll comes with an oral depth of 15 cm.
  • Finally, the doll is made from the finest quality and premium TPE which is safe, enjoyable, soft, and long-lasting.

Customize your Harley Quinn sex doll

You can customize your Harley Quinn sex doll to make it more personal. A wide range of customization options is available at the site where you can buy it.

harley quinn sex doll custom options

A Few More Reasons Why Men Love This Doll

If you are one of those men who have a secret liking and fancy for DC comics in general and the fictional character Harley Quinn in particular, then it is obvious that you will love the above features and characteristics of this doll.

As far as the character goes, Harley Quinn is a gymnast, and she has the god given the gift of understanding and being able to predict the dirtiest secrets of men.

Hence, it is obvious that men have an emotional attachment to this character. This emotional attachment may be manifested by way of love and passion when they have sex with this doll.

For many men, she is more than just a sex doll. Many men consider it their life partners and they simply love its lightweight and pale pink color.

The doll can be arranged any way the men want and since the doll is tied to an imaginary but powerful character it certainly evinces quite a bit of interest as far as men with special tastes and needs are concerned.

She Could Become a Part of Your Life?

If you are one of those men who have always dreamed about spending your life with a real-life animation character and a sex partner, you have many reasons to try out this sex doll.

It can help men to live their fantasies and you will certainly have many sleepless nights with what could ultimately become your dream girl.

She will be all yours and you can always keep her with you and take her wherever you want. She is cute apart from being extremely creative and this also is something that makes her quite different from others in the industry.

So, you have many reasons to take her home and you can be more than sure that she will be able to offer you the best value for money.

She is A Great Companion for New Men and Experienced Guys

The doll is made from total and complete body-safe materials. These include non-porous silicone material because the skeleton and main structure are made from top glass steel that is lightweight, rust and corrosion-free, and completely flexible.

Unlike many sex dolls that mention safety, you can be sure that this Harley Quinn Sex Doll walks the talk as far as safety and other such attributes are concerned.

harley quinn sex doll review

She Can Be Stored Easily and Without Fear of Damage

Storage problems coupled with storage damage are often major problems with many sex dolls, but this is not the case with this make and model.

It can easily be stored and compressed in size once the performance is over.

It can get into your wardrobe or even into your suitcase in case you wish to carry the sex doll with you on tours for pleasure trips and other such getaways.

Easy to Wash and Maintain

This is also one of the major reasons why so many men are so crazy about this sex doll. It is easy to wash, clean, and maintain.

Since it is made from high-quality silicone material, you can clean it with water, and you also may use detergents that are mild and free from toxic chemicals and substances.

Real-Life Size

The doll as mentioned above in the features is around 5 feet 5 inches and therefore you can be sure that it is almost as big as a mature and fully grown woman. Life-size sex dolls are extremely popular because you get the most realistic sexual experience when you use them compared to smaller versions of sex dolls. It has the best of physical attributes, and they include awesome breasts, stunning facial features, and an enviable waistline that expands into an oomph-filled hip line.

It has the best of physical attributes, and they include awesome breasts, stunning facial features, and an enviable waistline that expands into an oomph-filled hip line.

She is lithe and lean, and the doll has other stimulating characteristics like a deep vagina, an anal tunnel, and a real-life-like mouth.


  • She feels incredibly realistic to the touch.
  • I love that you can enjoy all her holes.
  • Full-size is equal to more realistic sex.
  • This is in my opinion the best way to enjoy your fantasy.


  • Full-size dolls are incredibly expensive and so is Harley Quinn.
  • It’s freaking heavy which is part of the realism, but it does make it difficult to move around.
  • Cleaning is annoying but that goes for all sex dolls.

My Final Thoughts About the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

When we consider the above factors and look at this Harley Quinn Sex Doll from close quarters, you can be sure that you will have many reasons to rush to the store online and buy one for yourself.

It certainly will offer you excellent value for money and more importantly you will have a fantastic companion with you that is perhaps as good as real.

I recommend it if you have a fantasy about Harley Quinn and wish to enjoy her.

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