Fleshlight Turbo Review 2023

Fleshlight Turbo review score:
  • quality
  • Realism
  • Support
  • Price

Review summary:

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is an Oral masturbator with a unique design that gives you the feeling of a real blowjob.

It’s priced at $69.95 which is $10 less than the Fleshlight Girls series, so you’re getting more for your money.

You’re going to love the Fleshlight Turbo for its ability to stimulate your penis in an amazing way.

Fleshlight Turbo review score

What you get with the Fleshlight Turbo:

  • Oral masturbator
  • Amazing stimulation
  • High-quality product
  • Lots of addon options

I recommend the Fleshlight Turbo if you’re after a high-quality oral masturbator.

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Be honest – out of all the blowjobs that you’ve received to date, how many are worth remembering?

Nothing beats a great blowjob, but it’s tough to find partners that know how to milk cocks with their throat. And that’s why, sometimes, you need to take matters in your hands and get one by yourself.

Wait, no – we’re not asking you to suck your cock, but have you tried the Fleshlight Turbo? This product has been recently making waves in the adult toy market as the ultimate blowjob machine with its three-staged texture and design.

Fleshlight Turbo review

So, let’s find out whether it’s worth your money!

Key Specs

Here’s a detailed list of the core specifications of the Fleshlight Turbo thrust:

  • A 9.5-inch Fleshlight Turbo case
  • An 8.5-inch insertable length orifice
  • An intense thrust texture
  • Instruction manual for best results

How To Use It?

Before we go any further – this one may not be your cup of tea, if you’re searching for hands-free masturbation toys. As it’s a manual sex toy, it offers 100% control of how you’d like to jerk your shaft with it. And despite being manually operated, this product is comparatively more comfortable to use than most automated alternatives in the game.

Fleshlight Turbo

Before you try this device, always marinate your meat with some water-based lubricant to avoid any unforeseen injuries. After you’ve lubricated, slowly slide your junk inside the opening of the orifice. A little upward-downward action will be enough to penetrate the Turbo with ease, after which it is totally under your control.

Being a manual toy, you can direct how you’d want to enjoy the masturbation session to begin and end. As a bonus, the product is also built with see-through material, which allows you to watch yourself being jerked off and ejaculating.

How Does It Feel?

In terms of feel, this product outperforms some of the popular blowjob machines in the game. First and foremost, the Turbo unit comes with a very intense texture, which is the main reason why this product delivers such sensual orgasms every single time.

Fleshlight Turbo texture

To be more precise, the texture of this model is quite non-anatomical and has been dissected into three different phases. To begin with, the first phase resembles the feel of lips, which gives a realistic blowjob experience. Furthermore, the second phase resembles the tongue, and the subsequent stage feels like a throat, which further enhances its realism.

The third phase starts to narrow down towards the end to replicate an actual throat, which is why the product feels so incredible. The suction control feature further enables the toy to maintain a comfortable grip on your cock, which is the icing on the cake.

How To Clean It?

It’s a little surprising that despite having such an intricate design, this Fleshlight is relatively easy to clean. Although we had imagined the multi-staged texture to come off as a significant barrier that would make cleaning it very difficult, it left us in awe with its simple cleaning technique.

Both of the ends of the Turbo can be detached, which makes the free flow of running water a lot easier. So, all you need to do is to place the toy under a running tap to let the rain wash away your sins. You can even use the Fleshlight sex toy wash to maintain proper hygiene and dry clean it once you’re done.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This one isn’t the best we’ve had from Fleshlight as it thumbs its nose drastically in terms of versatility. We had previously tested the Fleshlight Ice, which came with 4 different variants for a versatile masturbation experience. However, all that you get from this toy is a blowjob experience.

Furthermore, Fleshlight claims the product offers a hyper-realistic “deep-throat” experience, which isn’t very accurate. At its best, this product can only replicate a decent blowjob – that’s all. As the Fleshlight Ice and Turbo units both fall somewhere around a similar price bracket, we had higher expectations from it.


  • Realistic blowjob experience
  • Three staged intense texture
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean


  • Lack of versatility

My Final Thoughts About the Fleshlight Turbo

Our verdict here is that despite its negligible downside, it is a solid deal for those who are turned on by the best values. The inner sleeve of this product replicates a real mouth, so this is where you should put your money!

If you want more options like this then you have to go with a pocket pussy or one of the Fleshlight Girls.

Buy Fleshlight Turbo here
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