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Our mission 

Aiclegal’s mission is to inspire and help people rediscover the joy of playing with toys.

We love to share our knowledge from over a decade in the sex toy space with you. 

Let us guide you to a more exciting future in the bedroom and beyond.

What is Aiclegal?

Aiclegal is your one stop shop for all information about sex toys that you’ll ever need. We strive to create sex toy guides that walk you through all the steps required to get started and becoming comfortable with your new toy.

We put a lot of pride in our guides and tests but we always try to do better which is why we love your feedback in forms of comments and emails. We believe that openness and transparency is the key to better sex toys and less misinformation.

Why do the World Need Another Sex Toy Blog?

It’s true that there are some amazing sex toy websites out there but the vast majority is simply outdated information and to be honest not very helpful for the reader.

All our reviews and guides are written by actual users who have experience with the sex toys they review and write guides for. All our content it edited and fact checked by another experienced user or by a professional in the field.

We believe that, you the reader, should be able to find quality information about any sex toy from people with first hand experience with it and not just some autogenerated BS that just try to sell you anything!

Our Sex Toy Review Process:

Reviewing sex toys is not as simple as it sounds; it requires a lot of material knowledge and a healthy dose of skepticism and a keen eye to see through sex toy producers marketing BS.

We constantly try to improve our processes to give you the best unbiased product reviews we’re able to.

We buy sex toys directly from manufactures and resellers online and offline. We do occasionally receive sex toys for sponsored posts which are clearly marked as “Sponsored Review”.

The toy is sent to one of our qualified sex toy reviewers depending on the type of toy. The reviewer is responsible for taking pictures and testing the product so the review can have a good hand-on experience part.

The review is then sent to a second person for proofreading and fact checking before being published on Aiclegal.

Aiclegal makes money from affiliate commissions that we may get when our users buy sex toys through our affiliate links.

We don’t get any commissions from refunded or returned toys which is why we only recommend good-quality sex toys that actually work well.

Aiclegal is always looking for motivated sex toy reviewers who are open-minded and wish to make a difference in this space.

You can simply contact us with the form below and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would love to join Aiclegal.

Meet the Team

Paige Murphy

Paige Murphy

Lead Reviewer and Content Strategist at

With a comprehensive background in sexual health and wellness, Paige Murphy is a recognized authority in the industry, bringing depth and expertise to as their Lead Reviewer and Content Strategist. Her rigorous reviews and well-researched guides provide readers with invaluable insights, ensuring they make informed decisions regarding their sexual well-being.

Full profile at Paige’s author profile.

Austin Hanson

Dr. Austin Hanson

Urologist and Medical Consultant at

Dr. Austin Hanson, a board-certified urologist, merges his profound medical expertise with a passion for sexual wellness. At, Dr. Hanson serves as a trusted Medical Consultant, ensuring the platform offers its readers medically accurate, evidence-based information on sex toys and sexual health topics.

Full profile at Austin’s author profile.

Lou Paget

Lou Paget

Senior Contributor and Educator at

Lou Paget is an esteemed sexuality educator and best-selling author with over two decades of experience in the field of sexual health and wellness. As a Senior Contributor and Educator for, she provides insightful reviews on sex toys, as well as expert guidance on a myriad of sexual-related topics, ensuring that the content is both enlightening and empowering.

Full profile at Lou’s author profile.

Charley Jefferson

Chealey Jefferson, Founder

Main Author and Industry Liaison at

With over a decade of experience in the adult sex toy retail industry, Charley Jefferson stands at the intersection of manufacturers and retailers, ensuring a pulse on the latest trends and innovations. As the main author at, Charley offers readers exclusive insights, product reviews, and information backed by his rich industry knowledge.

Full profile at Charley’s author profile.

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