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Our mission statement

Aiclegal’s mission is to inspire and help people rediscover the joy of playing with toys.

We love to share our knowledge from over a decade in the sex toy space with you. 

Let us guide you to a more exciting future in the bedroom and beyond.

Our Most Popular sex toy guides

Penis Pumps

Our penis pump guides are very popular and we have helped 10.000’s users choose the right penis pump.

Pocket Pussies

The pocket pussy is the equivalent to a women’s dildo and the most popular sex toy for men.

Blowjob Machines

A blowjob machine will simulate a real blowjob and they’re getting surprisingly good.

Sex Dolls

A sex doll is the ultimate sex toy in many ways and you can even form a relationship with them and take things to the next level.

Anal Beads

Playing with anal beads is a lot of fun and a great way to get ready for anal penetration.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are a natural way to get some extra size down there without breaking the bank.

Meet the Aiclegal team

charley CEO of Aiclegal

Charley Jefferson

CEO, Sex Toy Reviewer

I have a long history in the adult toy industry where I started in 2009 as the guy on the floor and all the way to now where I run my own stores online.

I have made as a project where I will inform and guide users to the right sex toys. I’ll share my personal opinions about products and sexual related topics.

paige is the women behind the sex toys for her guides

Paige Murphy

Sex Toy Reviewer, Guides

Paige is our dedicated reviewer/tester and write most of our guides for sex toys aimed at females. 

She has a strong passion for sex positive thinking and you might see her at a sex positive movement protest.

Austin is our MD urologist at Aiclegal

Austin Hanson

Sex Toy Reviewer, Guides

After finishing a master degree in Urology at the European University in St. Petersburg, Austin cofounded in 2015.

The purpose of the website is to help men with a wide variety of sexual problems with a language that everybody understands.

What We Have Done on Aiclegal:

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Aiclegal's Sex Toy Review Process:

Reviewing sex toys is not as simple as it sounds; it requires a lot of material knowledge and a healthy dose of skepticism and a keen eye to see through sex toy producers marketing BS.

We buy sex toys directly from manufactures and resellers online and offline. We do occasionally receive sex toys for sponsored posts which are clearly marked as “Sponsored Review”.

The toy is sent to one of our qualified sex toy reviewers depending on the type of toy. The reviewer is responsible for taking pictures and testing the product so the review can have a good hand-on experience part.

The review is then sent to a second person for proofreading and fact checking before being published on Aiclegal.

Aiclegal makes money from affiliate commissions that we may get when our users buy sex toys through our affiliate links.

We don’t get any commissions from refunded or returned toys which is why we only recommend good-quality sex toys that actually work well.

Aiclegal is always looking for motivated sex toy reviewers who are open-minded and wish to make a difference in this space.

You can simply contact us with the form below and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would love to join Aiclegal.

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