Inflatable Prostate Massagers Tested and Ranked 2024

If you want an extra strong stimulating prostate massage then you could use an inflatable prostate massager.

I’ve covered quite a few different types of prostate massagers and the inflatable ones only account for a small percentage of that.

Below is a list of the best inflatable prostate massagers that I’ve tested and reviewed over the last few years.

inflatable prostate massager

What is the Best Inflatable Prostate Massager?

#1 Expandavibe Inflatable Prostate Massager

This prostate massager from Expandavibe can be inflated from having a circumference of 4.5 inches (11.4cm.) to a maximum of 6.75 inches (17.1cm.).

It’s made of black silky-smooth silicone and there is a strong vibrating motor inside the bulge of the massager. Both the vibrator and the inflating feature can be controlled with the included remote control or by using the buttons on the massager.  

expandavibe expandable prostate massager


  • The inflation mechanism is good
  • Extremely curved for a strong prostate massage
  • It vibrates strongly and there are lots of variation
  • Its size is good for beginners and more experienced users


  • It’s quite loud but noting too crazy
  • The remote is not intuitive to use
  • The control buttons on the device are placed in a way that you might accidentally turn it off during use

What I Think About It

There is no doubt that Expandavibe knows what they are doing and their expertise has been put to good use when they designed this remote-controlled inflatable prostate massager.

I just wish they would have consulted a user experience expert because they could seriously improve that. The remote is not that great and the button placement on the massager is pretty bad which can result in accidentally turning it off during use.

The inflation vent is located in the bottom and it makes the massager non-waterproof and it makes it a little more challenging to clean, but nothing too bad.

I love the inflation feature which makes it quite a bit bigger and you can feel the vibration once it’s fully expanded.

I recommend the Expandavibe if you’re after the best expandable prostate massager.

#2 Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Lovehoney is behind this inflatable butt plug with a vibrator which makes it good for prostate massage. It has a manual pump that can inflate it from a circumference of 5 inches (12.7cm.) to 9 inches (23cm.)!

The insertable length is 4.5 inches and the vibrating part sits right at the base of the device.

lovehoney vibrating p-spot


  • By far the cheapest inflatable prostate massager
  • The manual pump makes it easy to adjust the size of the inflation
  • Easy to control the vibration power
  • This thing can be pumped up like crazy


  • I would prefer no hoses/cables hanging off
  • The vibrator is not that strong
  • It’s not rechargeable

What I Think About It

I know this isn’t the best option but I strive to include products for all wallet sizes in my guides and this is by far the cheapest option I’ve tested.

It’s by no mean perfect at anything but it gets the job done and I can’t complain about anything when you consider the $25 price tag.

There is no way of sitting on this device due to the hose/wire sticking out of the back so that’s something you need to consider before getting it. It works perfectly if you’re on all 4’s or your back.

One really good thing about it is the huge size it can get to when you pump it up to the maximum.

I recommend the Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug if you want to cheapest option possible.

#3 Expandavibe Grower

The third spot is taken by yet another Expandavibe sex toy and this time it’s the Grower. It has all the same features as the one in the first spot but it’s shaped like a penis making it ideal for gay solo play.

It has a deflated circumference of 4 inches (10cm.) and an inflated circumference of 6 inches (15.2cm.).

It’s made of black silicone and comes with a remote control and a cable for recharging.

grower inflatable prostate massager


  • The inflation mechanism is good
  • Extremely curved for a strong prostate massage
  • It vibrates strongly and there are lots of variation
  • Its size is good for beginners and more experienced users


  • It’s quite loud but nothing too crazy
  • The remote is not intuitive to use
  • The control buttons on the device are placed in a way that you might accidentally turn it off during use

What I Think About It

The Grower has a slightly smaller girth compared to the toy in the first spot but it is otherwise almost identical in terms of features and build quality.

I love that they have made both a neutral version and a penis-shaped version. I know that a lot of straight guys prefer a more neutral prostate massager which makes sense.

If you’re after a penis-shaped expandable prostate massager with good features then the Grower is it.

I recommend the Grower if you’re after a penis-shaped inflatable prostate massager.

#4 Doc Johnson A-Play Inflatable Butt Plug

Update April 2024: Currently sold out.

Doc Johnson is behind this masterpiece of an inflatable vibrating butt plug. The inflatable part is in and designed to put more pressure and vibrating stimulation on your p-spot.

It comes with a simple remote control, a storage bag, and a USB cable for charging.

The insertable length is 5 inches (12.5cm.) and its circumference deflated is 4.75 inches (12 cm.) and it can expand up to 5.75 inches (14.6cm.).


  • 12 small inflation steps for the perfect size
  • Easy to use remote for the inflation and vibration
  • High-quality blue silicone
  • Waterproof and rechargeable


  • It would be nice if it was a little more curved
  • The inflating part is quite small

What I Think About It

This is technically not a specific prostate massager but the expandable end of it makes it perfect for prostate massage.

It’s quite a large anal plug but not impossible to use for a beginner with a little warmup and lots of water-based lube.

I love the 12-step inflation which allows you to inflate it just as much as you like in easy small steps.

The remote is easy to use and made of the same blue silicone as the plug itself.

If you prefer an inflatable butt plug for your prostate massage then the Doc Johnson A-Play is it.

I recommend the Doc Johnson A-Play if you’re after an inflatable prostate massager butt plug.  

Important Things to Lookout for When Choosing an Inflatable Prostate Massager

The most important things to consider when shopping for inflatable sex toys are the inflatable size and where it inflates.

You’re not going to get any prostate massaging if it inflates in the wrong spot, this is partly a problem with the cheap option from Lovehoney but it expands so much that it makes it okay.

What’s the Difference Between an Inflatable Butt Plug and Prostate Massager?

An inflatable prostate massager often curves towards one side making it easier to massage your prostate. A butt plug inflates the entire bulge which just makes everything tighter. This does also lead to more prostate stimulation but it can be harder to control the exact place it stimulates.


A: Yes, this is a known fact that the lube layer does get thinner when you expand it. So, make sure you apply a healthy amount of water-based lube and reapply if needed.

A: The inflation can be done by an automatic pump or a manual pump which draws in air from the outside and presses it in an air-chamber which fills up and expands the toy.

A: Expandable/inflatable sex toys are notoriously hard to manufacture and the truth is that there isn’t that high of a demand. I hope it will change in the future but that’s the reality right now.

If you want some more options then I would suggest you take a look at our guide to the best prostate massagers.

Inflatable Prostate Massagers Final Conclusion

I’m a huge fan of inflatable sex toys and inflatable prostate massagers make so much sense that it’s hard to believe how few there are.

A butthole is naturally tight but massaging your prostate does require some girth to put pressure and vibrations to the p-spot. So, an expandable prostate massager is the natural choice to get the best of both worlds; a slim design for easy insertion and a wide massager for more stimulation.

I hope that sex toy manufacturers would pull their fingers out of their asses and get to work on some more amazing expandable sex toys.

I recommend the Expandavibe inflatable prostate massager if you want to best toy in this category.

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