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Review summary:

I had extremely high hopes for the Lelo F1S V2 after testing the developer version a few years ago, but it turns out that they haven’t increased the size of it despite all the user feedback.

This makes it almost impossible to even penetrate it if your penis is average or bigger which made it hard for me to test it for more than a minute at a time.

So, it’s a no-go if your penis size is +5.5-inches!

But, you’re in for a real treat if your penis size is smaller than that because the new SenSonic vibration technology feels incredible!

Lelo F1S V2 test and review

What I like about it:

  • A unique blowjob-style masturbator
  • 10 Vibrating spots
  • Lots of custom programs
  • Dual motor design

What I don’t like about it:

  • It’s way too small (Not for the average size and bigger)
  • It’s priced way too high
  • Can’t be used handsfree

I recommend the Lelo F1S V2 if you’re after a unique masturbation experience and have a small and/or thin penis.

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Full Review of the Lelo F1S V2 Below

I usually test sex toys at least 5 times before writing a review and test results but I had to make an exception with the F1S V2 because my penis does simply not fit in it. The only way I was able to test it was to insert my penis in it when it was flaccid and then turn it on.

This did give me a taste of what it’s all about and a peek into how it works but not enough to satisfy me and left me with unfinished business

Table of Contents

Let’s take a look at the F1S V2

I got my Lelo masturbator in an undescriptive box which is always good when we’re talking about sex toys. The actual box that contains the F1S is covered in some dark-colored fabric which all Lelo sex toys are and the box is just as hard to open as all their boxes are.

They try to make cardboard look luxurious by stamping some type of pattern on it, it does feel a little cheap but I love that they don’t use plastic in their packaging.

This is what you get:

  • Lelo F1S version 2 masturbator
  • Carrying pouch
  • 2 tiny bags of water-based lube
  • A USB charging cable (no power brick)
  • Warranty card with registration number
  • A link to the manual and app
lelo f1s v2 box content

I don’t know what I was expecting but the device felt tiny when I first opened it up, I suspect I compared it to a Fleshlight or a similar masturbator in my head.

The design is really simple yet elegant with an outside made of high-quality ABS and the internal sleeve made of strong and stretchy silicone. You can see through a window in the side which reveals the internal components and a bright blue LED light.

f1s v2 running

Let’s Give it a Try

Mine came with a little charge but I charged it up before testing it, it took a bit more than an hour. The charging port is hidden behind a silicone seal at the base of the F1S v2 along the control buttons.

charging port back

There are 3 buttons on the base which control the different vibration patterns and the power of the vibrations, and an on/off button.

You turn it on by holding the on button for 3-4 seconds, start it with a single press on it, and shut it down by holding it for another 3-4 seconds.

f1s v2 controls

All very simple and easy to understand, but you can also download Lelo’s app and pair it with your F1S v2 for much more control and variation, more on that later.

Alright, enough talk let me enjoy it and tell you about it.

I made a huge mistake when trying to penetrate it with a hard-on because I did not fit in it! I don’t have a freaking massive dick but an average 6-inch dick and it was simply not going to happen.

So, I waited a couple of minutes to let my boner taper off and inserted my dick as deep as I could in the Lelo F1S v2, and turned it on.

Boom – Vibration heaven!

At least the first 30 seconds before my dick was vibrated halfway out of it. Alright let me try that again and this time I’ll try to force my dick to stay in for longer so I could get the full feeling of Lelo’s SenSonic vibration technology.

I managed to stay in 2 minutes the second time before the vibrations pushed me out again. It’s like the deepest part tries to squeeze you out and it sort of tightens around my penis head.

They are doing something right with the vibration technology that they have used in their vagina vibrators and prostate massager for years.

It feels really good and nothing like I’ve tried before in any type of vibrating male masturbator.

But it’s simply not large enough for me to use it and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have the same feeling if you have an average or bigger penis.

I would love to have a short and thin penis in this case so I could enjoy it to the fullest but it’s simply not going to happen in the Lelo F1S V2.

f1s v2 internal length

No wonder I can’t get my dick in there, it’s barely 4 inches deep (10 cm.) and the overall length of it is shorter than my penis. I have no idea why they made the F1S V2 so small because I and others complained about it in the first version.

How I feel About it

I would love to be able to get the full effect of their SenSonic vibration power because the small parts of my penis that got to enjoy felt incredible.

vibration pads in sleeve of the F1s v2

I’ll be the first person in line if they ever make a third version that’s both wider and longer.

Cleaning It

This is another problem with this type of male masturbator, it’s annoying to clean. It’s waterproof so you can just rinse it off under running water but it’s hard to get all body fluids and lube out from the deepest point. There are wrinkles in the silicone sleeve that are hard to get to without using some type of special brush.

I’ve only had to clean mine a few times but I always feel anxious about putting sex toys with electronics under water. It has not damaged mine yet, but a single fracture in the silicone could destroy your F1S V2 masturbator.

What’s the Best Alternative to the F1S V2

There is no perfect alternative to the Lelo F1S V2 because the way it stimulates you is unique and nobody comes even close to that type of vibration stimulation.

Sure, you can get special vibrating bullets to your Fleshlights and other pocket pussies but that’s nothing like the SenSonic vibrations.

The best automatic male masturbators use stroking as the main stimulation which is completely different from vibrating.

You can find a list of the best blowjob machines here which does have the F1S V2 on it since it does feel like a very intense blowjob when you use it.

Now back to the sex toy app problems that I talked about earlier.

I don’t want your Stupid App

I generally don’t like pairing sex toys with my phone because it makes no sense to me that I have to use my phone to unlock all the features.

I hate sex toy apps because:

  • It’s a massive vulnerability (imagine some hacker in Russia controlling your masturbator)
  • I don’t want lube all over my phone, it’s going to happen no matter how careful you are
  • My phone is for watching porn and not watching and controlling dials and buttons
  • They rarely work as intended and is yet another point of failure


  • I love the SenSonic vibrator, it feels amazing
  • Build and material quality are really good
  • The noise level is below the average automatic male masturbator
  • Lots of vibration settings
  • Easy to use
  • It does work without the Lelo app


  • It’s way too small
  • It’s expensive (I don’t mind paying for quality, but it’s so tiny)
  • Why do I need the app to access all the features???
  • Annoying to clean


A: The noise level is pretty good and a lot better than the developer version. Don’t expect a silent masturbation experience because you’re not getting that with any of the automatic masturbators.

I’ve shot a short video of it running so you can get an idea of the noise level. It’s not a high pitch annoying sound but more of a low rumbling sound.

A: First you need to download it from Apple Store or Google Play, then turn on Bluetooth on your phone and press the center button on the base of your F1S V2 for 3 seconds. Now open the Lelo F1S app and press the accept Bluetooth paring.

You can now control all the vibration settings and patterns from the app and you can see battery levels so you don’t run dry or juicy during play.

A: It’s waterproof so you should just rinse the sleeve off with water but please don’t submerge it or keep it wet. A tiny leak is enough to damage your F1S V2. Use a mild soap and massage it into the sleeve with a couple of fingers before rinsing it off with water. Don’t use boiling water!

A: Only use water-based lube! You can get lube from Lelo’s website but it’s expensive compared to whatever basic lube all the big sex toy sellers offer and it’s just as good.

A: Let’s hope so, it has so much potential that it would be a shame if they didn’t make a 3rd and bigger version, but it’s all guesswork, and only Lelo and the future us will know.

My Final Thoughts About the Lelo F1S V2

I know I’ve been very negative in this review, but I really want to emphasize the fact that it felt amazing for the short periods that I managed to keep my dick in it.

There is some serious potential in it if they would just listen to their user feedback and I can’t wait to see if they release a third larger version.

I can’t recommend it as it is right now unless your penis is really thin and short (under 5-inches in length).

I recommend the Lelo F1S V2 if you’re after a unique masturbation experience and have a small and/or thin penis.

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